Sockgate? Taiwan taekwondo competitor disqualified

Despicable! Chinese and Korean judges conspire to cheat Yang The darkest chapter in taekwando at the Asian Games took place in Guangzhou, China, on the 17th. Judges from China and Korea conspired to get rid of Taiwanese medal hopeful Yang Shu-chun. Yang was dominating her first match when she was disqualified, supposedly for non-standard gear. Yang was in shock. Was this a joke? She broke down in tears and protested for 1 hour. But the original judgement stood. Equipment with electronic sensors have become standard in taekwondo competitions. Older designs used velcro to attach sensors to socks. The latest models has sensors sewn into the socks. Equipment vendor: “Both older and newer models are recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.” Yang checked in with officials before the competition. She offered her equipment for inspection, including late-model socks. The judge told her her socks were not sensitive enough. She changed to older-model socks and was cleared to compete. The two competitors tested their equipment in the presence of judges. Only then, did the bout begin. Yang took three points right off the bat. She took more points with a right kick. Then a down kick and a sweeping kick. With 12 seconds on the clock, Chinese technical committee member Hu asked Korean-Filipino judge Hong to stop the fight. They said the two sensors on her socks disqualified Yang. The Taiwanese coach slammed the WTF for screwing Yang over though she followed the rules. 4 hours later, the WTF held a press conference. Secretary-general Yang Jin-suk repeatedly used the words “dishonest” and “cheater” to describe competitor Yang. Yet he refused to say why he disqualified her, saying he is protecting her privacy. Taiwanese media left the presser in protest after verbal altercation with Chinese officials. After Yang’s disqualification, Chinese competitor Wu won gold. Taiwan is outraged by the shocking treatment Yang received. Legislator Huang: “The verdict is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.” A facebook group in support of Yang has garnered 214,561 members and counting. And yet Taiwan’s own government officials are clueless. Sports Council deputy head: “It’s an international competition. You have to accept their decision.” The athlete refuse to accept an unjust decision. Same with the people of Taiwan. President Ma has shown some backbone, saying the gov’t will support the athlete, and ask for a full accounting of events from the WTF. Apple Action News

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  1. supervisor – China
    referee leader – Singapore
    chief referee – Philippine
    assistant referee – China, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan

    Where is Korean ??????????
    I should think you would apologize to Korean.

  2. People of CHINESE Taipei(Part of China, I guess. LOL) are being just stupid in this. The more they direct their useless efforts to blaming Korea, the more damage they will get like when Chinese Taipei's relations were cut off from the entire world. Chinese Taipei media has been criticizing South Korea in 1988 Seoul Olympics, 2002 World Cup, 2010 G20 Seoul Summit and so on. How low of one nation! Many Taiwanese are cowards who cannot put their anger against China, but on comparatively small Korea

  3. Think about it this way: Yang wore socks that could allow her to gain more points, thus breaking the rules. If the referee hadn't noticed it, the game would have gone unfairly. Doesn't that deserve punishment?

    Yang wore illegal socks, and she got disqualified for it. She broke the rules. Yang was disqualified fair and square, and rules are the rules.

  4. tw(.)news(.)yahoo(.)com/article/url/d/a/101121/1/2hjd1(.)html 'nuff said. South Korea does not have any direct link with this bullshit.

  5. What happen to all the chinese kung fu ? Why don't they use chinese kung fu instead of korean kung fu. Now they blame on the korean. This is clearly a dirty trick from China because Yang Shu-chun would be a tough opponent for the chinese later on.

  6. As a Korean person I think what this Korean Filipino ref did was wrong. The match should be decided by the skills of the athlete, not by a decision call at the END of the match. Miss Yang would have won the match with or without the socks. This is what happens when too much power is given to those who do not deserve and and feel that they can act like GOD. The ref not only destroyed Miss Yang's career but destroyed Taekwondo as well. Miss Yang should not give up and go for the gold in London.

  7. @MT323able Yes Koreans cheat, lack sportsmanship, but they invented everything in this world such as toilet paper and Roman numeros so gotta give them a break.
    But ya burning Korean flags and beating the tourist are uncalled for.

  8. @zaq1012 = = this is a sensitive issue, taiwanese doesn't really admit themselves as "part of china", they believe that there is only one republic of china and its taiwan, not the current china. they almost got into war once. so…..taiwan isn't really a city of china. to taiwanese, taiwan is their country, and taipei is the capital city.
    oh but i do agree that the media here has a bad influence to the people(for exmaple this "its korea's faulth") they broadcast news just for higher ratings

  9. This judgement is very weird, maybe this referee set another sensor on his head. why is his head so shining btw? lol

  10. @babypiyo I read it somewhere, I am not sure if its true, i hope not, but burning flags still wrong as cheap as Koreans are, they werent to blame for, they just got it bad cuz they have a bad reputation.

  11. And now ppl are just making up stuff and lying thru their teeth on youtube, like how TW is not liked around the world… HA! These idiots are just mad that Koreans bad rep finally caught up to them, remember the match where the TW guy got punched in the throat, that was Korean judges as well. I dont like what Tw ppl are doing as they are not protesting rationally, and it was the Chinese behind all this.

  12. @valkyrieXX watch?v=cSuh2Gv6YCE
    Koreans' wrong doing, need I say more? ya maybe they should give up TKD, Koreans would get their ass kicked in a real fight anyways using TKD.

  13. @valkyrieXX K now you're just trolling, or you cant read, i said punch in the throat, throat, throat, throat, throat. Are you telling me that's legal.
    Why are Korean ppl so stupid? No wonder everyone in my country hates Koreans.

  14. @valkyrieXX Ya not as much sense as you're making from lying right in front of clear cut evidence. Are you even Korean? why do u troll like you mom didnt breast feed you enough? Your English is horrid, type in Korean.

  15. @valkyrieXX Troll more noob. Come on youtube just to talk shit, even tho the evidence is against you, at least I dont pretend to be right.
    At least I know what race i am, I dont even think you know who your dad is. Look at all the related videos beside these comments, thats what I thought.

  16. @Superstarrockmetal I didnt say it was ok to burn flags, and what is it to you who started this quarrel? serves Korean right for being ignorant, self-absorbed win at all cost nation. Yes China was behind this for the most part, but this stems from years and years of frustration. Most TW ppl are like me, they have nothing against Koreans they just wanted justice for their athlete, some of their acts are uncalled for, I am just defending against retarded comments some other ppl are making.

  17. @Superstarrockmetal
    "Wait, wasn't the referee also a Philippino? Why don't you burn their flag as well?"

    Very simple, because we think he is Korean!!
    And he even let us have no chance to appeal, but also told us to shut up!!
    watch? v = YEI9YA17wP0 at 2:51

    I burn the flag incident was very sorry, sincerely.

  18. @TheKorChn Do you remember Apolo Ohno incident? And the Australian ref. I think it is something similar. The mistake here is that the floor ref should have asked Miss Yang to change to regulated socks before proceeding. Instead, he allowed the fight and reported to higher authorities who ran down the staircase and called off the match. I frankly think this whole Asian Games is nothing more than "play my national anthem" gong show. Cricket, dancing, chess, etc etc …it is a flee market.

  19. There are bad calls in sports and there are blatant schemes. To be disqualified after passing the pre-match examinations, with the sensors removed before the match, and having clear cut evidence that you did not cheat, only to be smeared by the committee that would not review the evidence, constantly changing statements about their accusations, holding up these sensors that wasnt even on her feet during a match a call her a cheater? Thats a disgrace to all humans.

  20. @ndagd I agree, burning flags is uncalled for. I hope most TW ppl can act rationally, I think the burning of the flags was just a way to get votes, I personally do not condone such an act!

  21. @deadmonkeytooth There are products that say "made in Chinese Taipei"? I doubt it, AFAIK it's either "ROC", "Taiwan" or "Taiwan Province"

  22. @zaq1012 China was liberated by Mao (he said so). Formosa AKA Taiwan was not liberated by Mao there it's not part of China.

  23. taiwan is such a psychotic nation. they do not care whether YangShuChan was cheating or not. they only care about their 'anti-korea' belief that was brainwashed by their retarded medias.

  24. @caseyspaos Really? so why cant Koreans ever not cheat or play dirty and not be biased in officiating? are they not incapable either?

  25. @cleanmusic213 Yes, miscalls happen in sports all the time, but this is something serious and needed investigation before they can make such accusations, they didnt, they cant even explain themselves cleanly during the press conference. The guy during the press conference citing those 2 pieces of sensors are what caused the disqualification because she was wearing them trying to gain an advantage… but its clear that she was not wearing them! Is that fair?

  26. @eliburneliburn Ya there is a lot of "wrongs" in this incident. The way Taiwanese ppl are reacting is just uncalled for.
    But, ya if u watch the video, the guy in the black suit and glasses is Korean, and main chief that spoke in the press conference afterwards is Korean too, Taiwanese ppl are just angry, the whole thing might be set up by the Chinese, they are pointing their fingers at the wrong direction.

  27. @eliburneliburn but it also stems from other incidents i am guessing that ppl have encountered with Koreans before…. which is sad really….
    but they still have refused to come up with clear evidence in regards to her "supposedly" cheating

  28. Well first of all, why are you guys saying Japanese? It has nothing to do with the Japanese. It was held in China!!!! CHINA!!!! NOT JAPAN!!! Second, the Referee and the officials are Chinese and Korean. NOT JAPANESE!!!!!!!

    Again! They're not Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @NoNoSpice
    Japanese troll what do you know about justice? Your pathetic gov't still can't admitt to all the atrocities your gov't comitted in Asia.
    Besides loser, it was the Chinese official who brought it to the attention of the Filipino judge. Koreans weren't even involved. LOL !!!

  30. ●●●
    ALSO ANOTHER a Taiwanese Karate male player was disquailified due to similar reason.

    TAIWANESE should burn Japanese flag !!
    And boycott Japanese products !!

  31. @NoNoSpice Can you stop making Korean ppl angry? They are going to get offended and start being unfair and biased in international competitions. Do u really want that?

  32. @bladerpaul10

    I don't know what kind of news do you watch or read but The judges were not Japanese. They're from Kuwait, China, and Tajikistan. The Referee is Filipino. The reason the Taiwanese protested because the WTF Secretary general is of Korean decent.

    and I'm not Japanese……its just stupid to see false accusations. 😛

  33. @iedat1 I'm among Koreans who want to see Japan and Korea's relationship improve – I'm sure most of the current generation of Japanese are not like their grandparents who supported Japanese imperialism, and I'm glad there are ex-Japanese soldiers (who are now old people) regret about what they did in the past. I know Japanese are nice people in general – the reason why a good number of koreans are furious about the past is: (continued)

  34. @iedat1 1. Japanese right-extremists claim, Japan modernized Korea. I don't think this is true – Japan tried to integrate Korean economy into theirs, but in the end, korean peasants suffered a lot from economic hardships, (I'm not accusing Japan of it now, but it's a fact) everything was destroyed in the Korean War. and, It was the blood and sweat of their grandparents that made today's Korea. US helped them in rebuilding the country.

  35. @iedat1 2. plus, some Japanese even accuse Chinese, Koreans of participating in war atrocities, of which they didn't take part in.
    3. The Dokdo/Takeshima issue.
    There are other problems that causes conflicts between Korea and Japan, but please understand that, we don't dislike people of other countries for no reason.
    I'm sure more Koreans will have positive attitude toward Japan, if you prove to us you are not like the generation that supported imperialism.
    we can be very nice people also.

  36. @iedat1 what I'm saying is, although you may think koreans dislike Japan more than they're should – it's the things we hear of Japan that actually makes us do that. how the current generation in Japan view Japanese imperialism, for example.

  37. @100808jojggassi Let's stop the fight – I'm korean myself, I detest Japanese imperialism, but – haven't you heard of the Japanese girl who volunteered to keep vigil for an old Korean woman who suffered during Japanese occupation? Not all Japanese act, think in the way their right-extremists do.
    We'll not forget the past, and make sure history never repeats itself – but what IS TO BE GAINED BY DETERIORATING THE RELATIONSHIP between Korea and Japan?

  38. @iedat1 don't take everything 100808jojggassi says seriously. While I sort of agree with some of his points such as the issue of the past, but what he says is mostly trollish nonsense. (ie. Japan is not hated by the rest of Asia) There has been a trend of koreans, Japanese calling each other monkeys over the internet. This should stop. It's not ok when whites call us monkeys, but ok when we call each other monkeys?

  39. The fondamental reason of anti-Korean sentimnent in Taiwan is that Korea has become a Greater Power nation during the last decade while Taiwan's competitiveness has decreased. Taiwan had a much better headstart-all forex & gold from the mainland, UNSC seat, and a massive pro-Taiwan representation in the US , and OEM manufacturing for Japan during the '80s and '90s. Korea had nothing at all and many people starved. Now it is 100% different.

  40. Things that I learn by this past experience is that Taiwan Really Dislike Korean?! Why? very good question.. Koreans Hate Japanese mainly cuz of history and over 40 yrs of occupation in 20th century, that is legit reason? Why Taiwanese Hate Korean more over China? Didn't Chinese Red Army kick them out of the Main land? Wasn't China block trades, marketing, use of flag of Taiwan? I don't see any Koreans even mention Taiwan in the sentences when they talk about Asia, Product, Sports, historyetc

  41. Also The coach and Player know exactly what was going on in that game.. I see that Taiwanese use the bottom of the foot to score points. TKD only get points when they kick top of the foot and don't have censor on bottom part.. that is very basic fundamental of TKD and watch this game again? that girl was pushing with bottom and keep use bottom? now they are saying Police(Ref) didn't say anything when I enter the game? so I am innocent lol.. so if you didn't get caught,it is no wrong? Pathetic

  42. @NewYorkNYKer
    U got it all rong u racist fk
    dude taiwanese people adore korean stuff
    we have korean restarauants we admire them becoz they are very determined people
    but da fk
    u make up all this bs
    noone holds a grudge this long agenst koreans
    geez learn ur facts ive got lots of nice kroean frends we are just angry at the koreans wen it comes down to taekwondo coz they can't admit themselves losing a sport but this time most taiwanese are actually angry at chinese for bribinto maup up bs

  43. ALSO just incase u guyz dont realise
    taiwan is a country a democratic country just so u know?
    we have our own everything
    china has no interference with us nothing at allno contacts no nothing
    its like calling new zealand part of australia like wtf? wats on ur minds people
    learn some facts
    stubborn people even americans times magazines agrees with taiwan
    nobody likes chinese trust me
    koreans jtsu have some sort of anger mangament problem lawl

  44. You guys should hate China with all the blocking they have done since Communist become more of Capital Marketing in 1980's.. BUT I have friend in Taiwan and some like Korean Movie, Drama, Pop artist BUT Many hates Korea Generally.. Even poll suggest in Taiwan New paper said that Korea is more hated these days over China.. And I heard from Taiwanese here saying that it is one of hot topics in Taiwan?.. I think Only reason They hate Korea is that Late Development of Korea and now they feel behind

  45. If Taiwan want to become more respected and known to others, You should do things that can be impressive in world competition.. either Politic, Education, Commerce, Sports, Entertainments so on. Korea has all these things going very well.. Korea is G20 Nation and Head of UN is Dr. Bang Ki-Moon Korean. We were one of the poorest country in 1960's and with things that they improve locally and globally (send labors to others). I was envy of Japan's economy/Entertainment but Not anymore, it changes

  46. @NewYorkNYKer Taiwan is not allowed to be part of UN due to Mainland China. Mainland China will declare war on Taiwan if the country ever declare independence. So Taiwan will never be a G20 country and will never have a member become Head of UN. Don't compare CAN to CANNOT.

  47. I konw it is really a horrible thing to spread hatred,but I can not stand Chinese people! They are so dirty,cheap,disgusting. They are soooo freaking rude and ugly too. Sub race is what they are.

  48. Taiwan had a much more advantageous headstart when it moved from China to Taiwan-all of the Chinese forex and gold reserves at that time plus UNSC membership until 1970. But how is it now? Korea is a G20 member and Greater Power nation with a powerful military and industry infrastructure while Taiwan has neither. Korea has 21 nuclear powerplants and will have more, including nuclear fusion. How about Taiwan? Now the DPP wants to abolish nuclear powerplants.

  49. Even in Europe, only Germany and France have similar economic capabilities to Korea. Korea has also paid tremendous efforts to build up a powerf ul military, with most weapons produced domestically. However, Taiwan doesn't do anything and just waits for the impossible US weapons sale. Koreans also have much more extensive overseas experience(incl. economy projects and military deployment) than Taiwan since the '70s.

  50. Unlike Korea's strategical route,Taiwanese economy went the merchant route and the result is disaster. One of the most important reasons the world abandoned Taiwan while Korea became a Greater Power nation is that Taiwan has little strategical economy assets while Korea has a strategical industry base-steel,petrochemical, nuclear energy, shipbuilding,infrastructure etc. Sweden and Israel are much more competitive than Taiwan.

  51. Taiwan…. I think that Taiwanese are suffering from lack of anger. And this was a event staged by Taiwanese to trigger that anger they needed desperately. Taiwanese politicians can speak of economic directions and reforms but without the anger nobody would listen. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

  52. Korea has had a much stronger indstry infrastructure since the early '70s. The key difference is leadership with long term strategical vision which is virtually nonexistent in Taiwan. There is an article in Taipeitimes showing the difference between Korean and Taiwanese companies. CKS was far behind Park Jeong Hee in terms of strategic vision. Korea has globally diversified its economy while Taiwan has become overly dependent on PRC.

  53. Taiwan will have to rely on agriculture and tourism in the near future since it has no strategical industry. Abandoning the already very weal nuclear power generation infrastructure(Korea will have 35 nuclear powerplants) will even more severely weaken Taiwan's position in the global economy.

  54. Taiwanese have no right to be anti-Korean since Koreans worked very hard to reach Greater Power status from nothing at all. Taiwan started with a lot of gold and UNSC seat but has nothing left now; at least Koreans don't do things like selling F-16 engine to Chinese, which a Taiwanese did. Taiwan never was a reliable ally of the West, nor did it bother to develop a strong industry that would save them from isolation. Besides, Korean economy is globally diversified.

  55. So which Korean semiconductor was exactly copied from Japan? Japan can't make great SoCs like the S5PV310 which is not a Japan copy but based on British ARM license for which Samsung pays license fees.

  56. The Taiwanese have no right to have anti-Korean sentiment. The reason of Taiwan's downfall was detailed long time ago on Korean military forums-Taiwan never behaved as a trustworthy ally of the West and thus was discarded by the US and lost UNSC seat and was derecognised by all. Even in economy,Taiwanese always went the "merchant's easy way" and thus are now left with nothing while Korea is a Greater Power nation.

  57. Korea's per capital GDP is over $20,000 and thus higher than Taiwan's $18,000. And Korea has FTA with EU and soon with USA and not just some agreement with China. Unlike Taiwan, which depends too much economically on China,Korea has a more diversified economy with factories and resource pools globally. Koreans earn twice more than Taiwanese in average. In addition, Korean planes have national flag on tail and begin with "HL" while Taiwanese planes begin with "B" like Chinese planes.

  58. Korea has many F-16C/D s and will also have 60 F-15Es.Korea also has a dozen subs,some of them with AIP. Korea also has own-made tanks and self propelled guns which are best in the world. And a Korean company will build a 1500m long ship which will be the largest in human history. And Korea is the only maker of LCD,DRAM and flash. So which is better?

  59. Now Korea has FTA with US ,Europe and some other major countries and this is much better than ecfa with China. Korea has natural resource and manufacturing bases wherever it is suitable and thus does not rely excessively on China. This is much better.

  60. This means that Taiwan is economically dependent on China. Taiwan cannot build large ships,skyscrapers,LCD,DRAM,IT infrastructure,trains, nuclear reactors,tanks etc. Korean companies operate and invest in 5 seas,6 continents,not just in PRC. So how is Taiwan going to become an independent country if dependent economically on PRC?

  61. Strength as a country is measured by nominal per capita GDP. Here the well-being of the individual is not considered since Korea is, unlike Japan or Taiwan, a highly collectivist society where the individual is not defined.Show me example of any Taiwanese product except for mainboard. I already had enough maintenance issues with that "industrial grade" mainboard made by a Taiwanese company. Am switching to a Samsung PC.

  62. All the situation Taiwan is facing is 100% own fault-failure to establish a strategiocally relevant industry base despite having more advantageous headstart, failure to prove itself a staunch US/Western ally during the Cold War ,no real identity to name a few. A Taiwanese is neither Chinese nor Japanese. Even people of very poor countries have their perception of identity.

  63. We rememer the arrogant attitude of Taiwan back to the time the embassy in Seoul was closed and then handed over to China,such as the anti-Korean reports of Taiwanese media back during the Seoul Olympics. Now, Korea is 3 times better economically than Taiwan , a G20/OECD country and within 5th in terms of military power and nuclear power generation. How many nuclear powerplants are there in Taiwan? There will be 3 dozen in Korea within 10 years.

  64. @xxwzaebd
    Well the attitude expressed in your paragraph is consistant with the idea that the P.R.C's ongoing economic isolation of Taiwan which prevents Taiwan from signing Free Trade Agreements and Beijing's ongoing intimidation of international corporations attempting to co-operate with Taiwanese industry is inhibiting the development of hi-tech industry in Taiwan. Which of course is of great benefit to South Korea a major competitior with Taiwan.

  65. Korea is not Taiwan's competitor; Korea is widely ahead of Taiwan in all aspects except for forex reserves. I have seen very very few Taiwanese products so far while nearly everything visible is Korean-made,including heavy equipment,buildings and ships.

  66. @xxwzaebd
    Now, now it is unsportsmanlike to gloat over a victory when one competitor has both hands tied behind their back. It would be kind of like gloating abouting breaking someone's nose when he was being held by two of your croneys. Its just not decent. I can't help but feel that the reason why that Ban Ki-moon blocked the raising of Taiwan at the U.N is because Taiwan's isolation by Beijing aids South Korea immensely. Admit it Ban is Beijing's Bitch he sucks C.C.P cock

  67. Then why didn't Taiwan develop a strategic industry infrastructure when it had a significant headstart above Korea in the past?Aside mainboards, I remember no Taiwanese products but Korea makes almost everything from LCDs and DRAMs to high speed trains,supertankers and nuclear powerplants. Even much smaller Israel has a much better industry. Taiwan took the merchant economy route while Korea became a strategically important industry platform. Significant difference.

  68. At least Korean industry leaders are not as dependent on CCP as the Taiwanese ones. Just see how pro-China many Taiwanese company leaders are. Korean companies are much larger(here it is a doctrine that small companies should be sacrified for the few large ones-this has wide consensus) and have factories,design and R&D centers and raw material bases in 5 oceans and 6 continents. Taiwanese companies have overly invested in PRC,however,

  69. So much BS in the comments. The bottom line is that Taiwanese girl won this fight. She knocked down her opponent twice, and you don't need censor pads to tell you that she was dominating the fight. If anything, this speaks to the ridiculous rules of TKD in comparison to real full contact martial arts.

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