Smosh – Boxman’s Christmas

(dramatic rendition of “Carol of the Bells”) All I hear about is Christmas spirit f— that s—, Man, I don’t wanna hear it Christmas as a box sucks and I fear it Not this time; I’m not gonna be near it I need to find a way to get away from it all The mountains would probably be a good call Only snow and trees is what I recall I need to get there fast. Oh sh–, there’s a wall I’ll tell you why I hate this time of the year Last Christmas my family came to spread cheer They gave me a bunch of gifts that teased me None of the presents were aimed to please me So that’s why Christmas is spent by myself No more Santa and his f—ing elf But now I’ve reached my destination And I can have fun without hesitation Boxman Boxman’s Christmas It’s the Boxman Christmas Boxman Christmas Boxman Christmas Hey man, why’d you hit my girlfriend for? Want me to flatten you, use you as a floor? No, no, no, I was just trying to have fun Oh, you have a bat? Well, I have a gun Calm down guys, no need to fight I can give ya’ll some — tonight That sounds pretty good, my hoe is right Yeah that’s a great way to settle this plight Just hurry up and get into our ride There is even some free candy inside Hey now, what are those shirts you’re wearing? And what are those box cutters you’re bearing? It was your kind that changed our life, you see Our family we killed in a box factory Now we’ll remove you from history Look over there, I think I see Bruce Lee Now you see the kind of crap I go through But now I look at life with a different view My faith in my family’s been rebuilt At least they won’t try to get me killed (“Carol of the Bells” plays tenderly) (dramatic chord)

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  1. Before youtube drama was a thing
    and Ian and Anthony were more imature.Smosh is pretty bad now in 2016.Its because Ian and Anthony are more mature,plus the new people added to the cast was an unexpected thing.

    Fuck being mature i will never think like an adult

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  3. i just fuckin thought about this again and had to look it up lmao. ahhh man, 11 years ago. im 23 which doesnt feel that old until i put it in terms like the fuckin fact that boxmans christmas is more than a decade old ?

  4. This is the first video I ever watched on YouTube, I was in first grade and my friend showed it to me at his house. Good times! ^^

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