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  1. Dear Bruiser,
    You are an amazing fighter!!!
    I find it incredible that you use a variety of different styles when it comes to dominating other scrappers. I know I will never be as great as you, but I just wanted you to know that you are my idol. I watch ALL of your training videos, and one day hope to train just like you!
    – Colin

  2. Good tip men and you haved studied maritial art for 24 years bit that is not enough if you want to work with them you must have emotionall felling

  3. I love how Bruiser's smile slowly vanishes when Punchy describes her version of the toughest in town lol

  4. "Let's see if you are tough enough to do my laundry!" Why do you have to be tough to do that? Too much underwear? Too many clothes worn in a day? Too much sex appeal that it is hard to properly focus on clothes washing? Or does she poo and pee in her pants? Nah whatever the point is, I would be tough enough to do her laundry, in fact I would love to do her laundry!!

  5. Subscribed while ago. Finally got around to watching these funny and amazingly choreographed movies. Now part 2!!!!

  6. I like all four of the Slug Street Scrappers – Ong Bak / Streets Of Rage Action Comedy Movie Slug Street Scrappers 1, Slug Street Scrappers 2, Slug Street Scrappers 3 and Slug Street Scrappers 4

  7. Gotta love how the women barely have any muscle definition and pretty sloppy movements that put them as novice/intermediate in traditional martial arts yet they have no problems getting work doing stunts in this industry. I notice you also practice double standards where the guys have to meet a certain body type or skill level. Of course the entire series is some major bullshit.

  8. I know all the fights and gym like splits doing it will standing up or down hands stand cartwheels and more I am not showing off

  9. Bruiser, U may be skinnier than a girl, but u got the combat skills of a real combat expert in the United States Armed Forces. Please tell me u get paid for this? This is good. Real, not so fake, mortal combat type shit. Keep it up man.

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  11. maybe you guys can get Tatiana DeKhtyar in the new season of Slug street scrappers. That would be cool. Katelyn Brooke and Anna Ranoso returning would be cool. Amy Johnston joining would be amazing too.

  12. Wow. Another season would be awesome. I'm sure you'll get plenty of support. Gotta have the crotch kicks in it though! They're like a trademark scene now!

  13. I hope you never take this down because of your reedits. This first episode has that garage feel because of the King Legend soundtrack. I love it.

  14. these guys are really funny and have good character and I love the part how bruiser finishes peaches

  15. القتال روووعه اني لو ماخذه ضربه وحده يغمى عليه أسبوع 😂😂

  16. This series never gets old, seen it multiple times since it first came out. Actress who plays peaches has an amazing voice check out her vids.

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