Singaporeans Try: Reacting to Viral Kungfu Fighter Video

Hi guys! Hi! What kind of advertisements capture your attention? Actually, I like those with storylines. Mmmm. All those Thai ads, the very pull-the-heart kind, I will watch. The very sad ones. If I have the option to look away right, the very loud ones. Funny ads I will remember. Oh ya, funny ads I will also remember. What are some of your favourite local ads? There was this advertisement in cinemas that I remember. It was about a teacher who really looked after a kid, and then the teacher was appreciated by the kid many years later. It’s one of those like make you… *makes crying noises* Chris started crying even before the movie started. No. There was this one for Chinese New Year last year. Is it the olden times one? Ya! I remember the bakkwa (barbecued pork) being sliced off, the orange juice spilling like… And then the hair also. I think it has something to do with like… you have to eat healthier during Chinese New Year. On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, you will be reacting to a new local advertisement. Okay… Wow! Wah! Bamboo forest. Omg it’s Japan. Sugar-reducing darts (in Chinese). Woah. Wah wah wah. Eh! She pretty. This one like the… Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Rice-reducing darts! Shifu (Master). His eyebrows. Omg… Diabetes. I get it. I get it. So, they are trying to prevent diabetes. Oh my God, rice! I love rice. I love rice. I must say that it is very well-made. So that’s the bad guy! He’s the rice lord. Oh ya, it’s overlord (in Chinese)! Rice-sweeping swirl. Eh, I like the martial arts things. I like the fact that it’s a female character. Ya. I love this fight sequence. Wow. I like the… I love how kungfu dramas always slow-mo the action. Oh! Wah! The auntie they all like “Ohhh yaaaa”. I want to learn that dance. What is that called? Aces day! Oh! I see. So, brown rice… So, what do you think of this kungfu flick? I really liked it, ’cause I haven’t watched old-school kungfu stuff for a very long time. I think for a local production right, I was quite surprised – like “Oh, wow, they even got the whole set!” On first glance right, might be hooked by the visuals already. Yes! Actually the first scene. Ya correct. Ya they show the bamboo, then you’d be like “Oh what’s this?” Ya maybe a new movie right! ‘Cause it’s very power-packed, then it’s like tstststststst. I would say it looks like a Stephen Chow movie. All the moves have ridiculous names. Like Buddha pump. But that’s how it’s funny and you’ll watch it. I remember the rice-sweeping technique. Chris! Rice-sweeping technique! But nope, the ad is just something completely different. Yeah I wish I could use those kungfu techniques on myself. Sugar-reducing darts! Then I’m like, yes! But instead of dodging, I’m like, welcoming the darts. Just hit me! Which part captured your attention the most? When the man is moving through the forest, because that is such a typical scene in any kungfu movie. When the shifu (master) came. His eyebrows are amazing leh! This shows that he’s very fit and healthy! Exactly. Because he’s glowing. You know what, I loved it when she went to do this poke eye thing. The fight la! Poke eye, yes! I think it’s the two characters that kind of caught my attention first, and then the storyline came and I was like ohhh okay. Why does this ad stand out? It’s very different from a lot of the, I would say, local ads we see. Yeah. They injected something different into it. Yeah, versus just doing a like, “Oh, this is how you can fight diabetes.” I like that it’s not too draggy. Because it’s so action-packed, it kind of captivates your attention at that point in time. What are your takeaways from this video? Replace 1/4 portion of your white rice with brown rice. Regardless of the ad, I think the message is important. I feel like diabetes is an increasing problem today. Definitely! I feel like we know that white rice is not so healthy, we have to eat it in moderation, but it’s just that white rice is just always there. So we have to make the conscious effort to substitute things out. Okay so the idea behind this video is that with the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, Singaporeans are indulging in their favourite Chinese glutinous rice dumplings. Omg I love bazhang eh! Dumplings are delicious. Once they make it glutinous… It is more delicious! But more unhealthy! What you eat is more rice than you think, ’cause it’s compressed. This advertisement encourages people to take small steps towards a healthier diet. For example, by mixing brown rice into their rice serving, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes and also provide other health benefits. I honestly eat a lot of rice and I
always go for white rice. I always associate carbs with fats but I never really process that it’s sugar. Actually I like brown rice leh. I like brown rice! I love brown rice!
I love it eh! If you’re someone who is hesitant to try brown rice, ’cause it can be a little bit weird when you’re first eating it, you can try mixing both together, ’cause you won’t really notice.

45 Replies to “Singaporeans Try: Reacting to Viral Kungfu Fighter Video

  1. or like react to like famous celebrities of another country (*suggests philippines bcuz i pinoy* and also for Julian to be in it #makejulianfamous)

  2. Hahas speaking of ads, i remembered the mocca ads.. especially the bodybuilder guy ? that one was super funny.

  3. thanks for these videos that help raise awareness about social issues! you guys actually can be a huge influence for subscribers

  4. Have any of you clicked on a video, excited to watch it. Then there's an advertisement that's around 3 minuets long, but it's really interesting. Then, when the advertisement ends, you totally forgot that you were watching an advertisement and not what you came for. After that, you casually proceed to look for other videos to watch.

    (It can't only be me, right?)

  5. I actually prefer brown rice over white rice for texture and taste haha ( i like to remove the rice part from the "husk/harder skin" part of the brown rice then eat them both ) i dont understand why some people hate brown rice, at first i was hesitant to try too but you just have to be a little more open minded and you might find yourself liking brown rice ?

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