Side Control Escape #2 of 3 | ELBOW PUSH with Marcelo Garcia

We have a position like that I was looking to not let him get on my side everything I was looking for to not let him connect this hand but he got in the position where he already has his hands connected I was tired and I let him get that close now don’t think you’re just gonna get out with one move if you let him connect his hands its gonna be super tight you’re gonna have to find your way with time to get out of here maybe if you’re stronger you can just flip him over most of the time that’s not the case so he has his hands connected it’s a gi grip so it’s not gonna be easy first thing just try and make sure your arm stays in front of his face like this just come on the other side its on this side and not on the side close to my leg, let’s put it away from my leg like this so from this position, I have my arm protected now the other hand I will see if there’s room underneath here like this if I get this now I already have leverage to build a frame to get out but maybe there’s no grip over here so this hand now you’re gonna start to push away from you so every time I push him away now I to have more room over here and then we’re here, one more time I can come back here so now I will start to frame, hands together, or I can put a hand on top of the other like this every time I frame, I start to have a better leverage to break his grip break this grip every time I break I’m gonna try to take my head underneath of his arm maybe I’m not able to break the grip, but I’m able to take my head out from that position and from this position right here, one more time I just push his elbow away I push his elbow away, if you have a chance or time to make the grip make the grip behind his elbow if not, just go like that grab like a triceps here, rock your legs and just start to get up hip escape ok hip escape and then get back to like and hand grip so one more time he got that close I couldn’t bridge he’s super tight right here I already like, lost the 3 points that he got from my guard pass so now I need time to get outta here first make this hand under now try to get this hand underneath if you cannot get underneath start to push his head away from you and then have more space I try to break his grip, if he’s not break, at least take your head out two hands one hand his close to him the other hand his far so then hand is far, I do not use to grab his arm just grab his arm with the hand that is close to him rock your legs, elbow on the mat hip escape hip escape and then you get out I got him over here I already protect my arm Have this hand over there And start to push Now they start to push The highest his elbow goes easiest for me to get underneath but now he start put his elbow close, like this so I try to pass (the elbow over) but it’s not working because he just tight his elbow close to his ribs so if you feel like you cannot do that, the position is different now instead just like a hip escape I’m gonna start to push him back if you can’t pass his arm over, I’m just gonna push him back he’s probably going to have to post his hand and you just come back I got over here, I push, try to pass his arm he puts his elbow down elbow back, just want you to go back if he don’t give you the chance to put his arm over at least push him back because you’ll have enough distance between his chest and your chest you’re gonna be able to keep hip escaping from there and if he was on his side it will be even easier to get swept but he’s still on his knees so if you cannot pass his arm, just like hip escape, keep getting out every time we get back to him make sure we control his hands because you don’t want to let him grab your gi or just pass your guard again so make sure you get that control of both hands

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