Shorinji Kempo, as a University Discipline. 少林寺拳法 [SUBTITLE]

This building… I’m scared. See here the lion, and here the lion too. I’m afraid… Mr. San Gyo, this is the building, the building of the university. There is a Shurndji Kempo. Let’s quickly go to the training area, where the martial art of Shorinji Kempo is practiced. Mama Moore, arrived at Osaka Sangyo University, in Daito, Osaka Prefecture. We will immediately go to the training area. I hear screams, what is it? I know what is it. I ran… This is the real Shorinji Kempo from Sangyo University. I took part in the World Championships Shorinji Kempo. Which took place in California last year. Seven of the participants who participated in the group performances won gold and silver medals. This is a strong team, in which all participants of the championship won. And this is a steam room kumi ebmu by Shorinji Kempo, which received the highest mark for the performance. Shorinji Kempo. These are people who are thinking about improving the present. Is this the image that came from China? The founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma.
Or is it different? Shorinji Kempo is the martial art of the founder of Doshin So in the new time. Which was born in Japan, and has been going on for many decades. It’s amazing, but Shorinji Kempo is originally from Japan. After studying the martial arts of China, the Founder creates a combat system and philosophy based on Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Shorinji Kempo was founded in 1947.
Currently, about 220,000 people in 40 countries of the world actively practice this art. Shorinji Kempo has many advantages over other martial arts.
What is special about Shorinji Kempo? Shorinji Kempo is the art of self defense. I only do defense against enemy attacks, and after that it is necessary to make a counterattack. What is the meaning of self-defense?
Now we will show you. The best feature of Shorinji Kempo is that you react to the attacks of the enemy, and return him to his own attacks. You beat him like a little kid … I can do nothing wrong.
 Shorinji Kempo is to prevent enemy attacks The technique, called the Hard Method (Goho), which strikes back, on an enemy attack. Then, after preventing an attack, throw the opponent and immobilize him, painful techniques on the joints. This technique
 – Soft method. (Juho), These are unique self defense skills like this. For example, the enemy wants to attack in the eye or groin. Our skills allow you to protect yourself and properly counterattack. Please give up! I didn’t have time to understand how your skills made me fall to the floor.
 And how do you protect yourself from such an attack? I can’t do anything, how you win me right away … What is it? Mr. Kitamura, ranked 4th last year at the World Championships Shorinji Kempo.
He began studying Shorinji Kempo as a student at the university. Shorinji Kempo sets the mind in order, and the necessary skills for self-defense and a decent life. This allows you to take a step forward to improve yourself and the world around us. It is necessary to practice skills in a pair with a partner. The study of combat skills is gradual, from stage to stage. Each new level is not only new methods of self-defense, but also a philosophy of life. Shorinji Kempo has a universal methodic manual called “Goal”. Technique of self-defense and the order of training is explained in detail. Thus, you can gradually increase your level, feeling your growth. In addition, we become strong and alone, under the guidance of a coach. I will improve my skills by working diligently with each other. They took 8th place on the kumi embu in the world according to Shorinji Kempo. I will show you Mr. Futamur and Tomita Kakumi. Feels real strength and power. You have such strong blows. Doesn’t it hurt you? All right, we can properly defend against strong attacks. We are not afraid of pain. Do you not have bruises from the blows of the enemy? In our practice of Shorinji Kempo there are small bruises and bruises. But with the growth of their skills is becoming less and less. Therefore, Hanamura can easily teach the children of Shorinji Kempo, and tell the truth. Thanks for your support. Now it will be easy for you to cope even when a strong man attacks a woman. Thank. First is the principle of protection. First, this medicine, when you first grabbed your hand. When grabbed by the hand, just turn the right hand. You can also correctly turn your hand in another direction. When gripping from the outside of the shoulder, or when gripping from the inside, turn your hand in the desired direction. And shake off the opponent’s hand. If you grab me well.
I can easily break free. Even if you grab your wrist, raise your hand in the direction of your opponent’s thumb. When you are grabbed by the wrist, it is easy to put an effort in the direction that the opponent’s thumb points to. So you can easily get rid of the capture. In the direction of your thumb. I squeeze my right hand to the maximum, and it hurts so much. I managed. It’s true. Very easy, yes! When you are so caught. You use your weight correctly and conduct self-defense. I’ll hold my hand like this.
That is why, I can do this self-defense technique. Try it.
Correctly do the capture and movement of the elbow and body. I get it. I like it. I can protect myself from attacks. Yes it is. I’ll try again. You will be able to defend yourself against such an attack, whoever attacks you. If you learn Shorinji Kempo even more.
You will be able to fight with many enemies. This training is called the basic relevant law. This is just one of the methods of studying Shorinji Kempo, in which you will defeat enemies attacking one after another. It was not so bad.
I already like. Do not you really hurt? I did the necessary self-defense techniques and did the necessary counterattacks. Returning the power of attacks, who put them. So you do not hurt! I am determined to protect myself
 and do not feel pain. Proper training and self-defense skills protect me from pain and bruises. Sometimes there are small bruises. But they do not hurt and do not bother me. Now once again look at self-defense a little slow. Thank you for the story about Shorinji Kempo. Thank you for having people like you, strong and wise. What is your goal for students? We all enjoy training Shorinji Kempo. I would like to help the teacher to adequately prepare students for the tournament. So that we show our best side in competitions. It seems that you will achieve your goal. It is perfectly clear how the students’ skills have improved since last year. Thank you very much for your support and for Shorinji Kempo.

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