Shohei Ono’s counter attacks

In the Olympic Champion Profile series we’re going to have a look at Shohei Ono of Japan the under 73 kilos Olympic Champion Now everybody thinks of Ono as a stand-up guy – and somebody who throws all his techniques being from a stand-up position but sometimes when he’s in danger he goes very very low and defensive and he is able to take his opponent backwards for the tani-otoshi or the ura-nage Now let’s have a look how from a really defensive posture he makes this work for him Have a look at it Everybody looks at Ono and thinks of him as a stand-up guy Somebody who throws with big uchi-mata, big osotos all the time But I’ve seen him in danger and when he’s in danger he tends to really lower his center of gravity and the defense comes into play So what we seen in the past is him in danger against Sainjargal for example Where Sainjargal had this big arm over-the-top there pulling him in and so what he did here he went around the waist and as soon as Sainjargal started to move in here he came across and tani-otoshi to the back The other time we saw it was when An Changrim was trying to again dominate this big arm over the top and again we saw him in defensive mode but what he did this time is he came onto the back of the jacket here and started to pull down he then got his hips right the way underneath his opponent here and took him backwards for the ura-nage So Ono one of the biggest throwers in the world not only has big techniques to the front but he has great defence and he also has great counter techniques and that’s what makes him a brilliant champion

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  1. Not to sound like a know it all douchebag, butthe first one was an kosotogake. Tani otoshi would have taken him to theback, but this was towards the front. We were taught this counter in our judo class

  2. could any one tell me how much time it takes to be a judo black belt? , maybe if i train 3 times a week

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