Shaolin Kung Fu Tutorial #4 – Learn basic punch techniques beginners – Part 1

Hello, my name is Markus and today i want to show you how to punch correctly in Shaolin Kung Fu. First and foremost how to make a fist correctly so There are two ways of doing it. One is right and one is wrong. Stretch out your hand pull your fingers in and the thumb needs to go right beneath your knuckles like this because if you make it like this and you punch on a flat surface you basically break your thumb, so that’s not a good idea. So make a fist and put your thumb beneath your knuckles. Now put your fist besides your waist just a bit above the waistline and press your elbows to your back. So that is a straight line from front to back. now push out the fist and in the last moment turn it around and you want to hit with your both knuckles, so do it again and then get faster and faster So there are also two types of punches you can make One would be a simple stopper and with the stopper ,you actually Something is running towards you and you just make the stopper to stop him So there is no real force behind the punch ,so you do a simply like this your shoulders are straight and you don’t move your shoulders. You just go forward with your fist make sure that your that your arm is always straight. The other thing we can do is a normal punch of northern Shaolin Kung Fu style. So this a bit different, because we not only go foward with our fist, but also turn our whole body into a straight line loosen up your hips and then get into normal stance and when you go forward you turn your hips to one side to make a straight line with your shoulders and your arm. This can put an additional force behind your fist, so you you can actually hit stronger because more of the force comes out of your body and that is also very important, don’t use the force of your arms alone Really push out with your whole body ,all of the force comes out of the rotation of the hips That can then be really impulsive like this That’s was my tutorial for how to punch correctly. I hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next time

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