Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Morning Ritual of a Shaolin Monk

In order to become a good martial artist,
we all have to go through intensive training everyday. Starting as early as four-thirty
in the morning. So, let me show you what we do when we get up. So, right after we get
up at four-thirty the first thing that we do is meditation. So, we sit cross-legged
and start meditating. What this does, is basically to get rid of all the distractions outside
from the outer world. So, basically we are at inner peace with ourselves. We calm our
mind, our body and our spiritual. And, get it ready for the daily practice. That’s the
first thing we do is meditation. Afterward, we run. So, every morning we run around the
mountain for a half an hour. Running around the mountain. I mean, from the top to the
bottom. We’re going to crawl down to the temple again. So, crawling is like getting in a push
up position. So, you crawl from top to bottom from the mountain all the way down. Probably,
for about a half an hour. So, running up on the mountain is basically it trains our dedication.
It trains us to overcome our fear. On average, it takes people two hours to walk all the
way from the bottom of temple to the top of the cave that we run up every morning. For
us, running up there only takes twenty minutes. And, crawling down probably takes about thirty
minutes. Running up there, basically builds the strength in our legs and it gives us the
endurance. Crawling down there, crawling down from the top of the mountain to the bottom
builds up the strength in our whole body. Which gives us a stronger mind, body and spiritual

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  1. what can u tell me if I used chi gathered into a punch to break a punching machine? The kind that they have at the fairs. Because I was punching one to test my strength, but then my last one I gathered energy into my forearm to attempt to break the record on the machine but it ended up breaking it and the needle kept spinning when I hit it…what can ya tell me? real or coincidence?

  2. Not just Jet Li, Jackie Chan came from the school who is under estimated. The school is not all about fighting. Vjoroa you need to educate yourself.

  3. they learn that to defend them selfs…they will never start a fight first but they will defend them self from any atack…that is what I think…

  4. hes a fucking imposter i looked this vid up to watch a SHOALIN MONK not a fucking imposter teach his bullshit this is false fucking advertisement and dont blame the worlds ignorance an hate toward there fellow man on me you fucking coward i call you a coward because you are the type of person who complains about the world an does nothing to improve it you worthless peice of good for nothing shit

  5. Is it just me… or does he slightly sound like tony montana from scarface? OBVIOUSLY montana has a hispanic accent, and this guy has an asian one, but… i unno… he just sounds similar.

  6. Believe it or not, but I did that whole "mountain routine"-thing way back in 1981, up and down the stairs, during lunchbreak at school. Not to show off my agility or extraordinary reflexes, but just as a welcome exercise. I was a practioner of Wado Ruy Karate at the time, and heavily "into" the "Kung Fu" series with David Carradine and ofcourse The One and Only Sifu himself Lee Jun Fan; better known as…BRUCE LEE. And now I consider both Shaolin Kung Fu AND Tai Chi Chuan as the most beneficial.

  7. @aauke You never know. Some punks might think that they are better than the monks and challenge them. Or another temple might have a competition, or looters and robbers might come up as well.

  8. @aauke they may not fight now but they used to fight a lot because of war and thats the reason why they started to train a lot and learned kung fu to defend themselfs from the invasors.

  9. @parawhore87 yes, I agree. I like this martial art but I can not train it. But already, I see the world a whole different way.

  10. even though im a white canadian, i wish i grew up as a shaolin munk, so much self discipline, your mind is focused and balanced, you know how to defend, plus you're at peace with the everything. awesome

  11. I think they are the most deadly opponents in the world….you dont actually get into a battle with these guys…they talk you to death instead…= they win….xD

  12. Just because you were not born there, does not mean you can't become a Shaolin Monk. You'd need to learn Chinese which may take you a few years, then move to China and there are various schools in Henan, where the Shaolin Temple is situated. Yes, it's easier said than done but if you want it (it isn't too late) it's possible.

  13. ive always wanted to go to china, korea, japan, they are all wicked places. im only 17 so i got my whole life ahead of me =D thanks for the reply, i would like to start learning a foreign language such as chinese.

  14. I'm 17 myself friend:) Yes you have your whole life ahead, so do I it's just good to look deeper into things if they interest you. That way you can be sure what you want. Good luck (Y)

  15. In a real fight can not see how a UFC could win. In UFC they probably would. But in a fight without rules I think they would lose, the munk would brake there arm in 10 sec. They train 6 h every day since they are very young.

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