Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Stances

Now I’m going to talk to you about the different
stances. According to the Chinese or the Asian belief, the stance is very important in Martial
Art or any type of Martial Art training. So if the stance is not strong, when you kick,
it doesn’t become focus. So you want to have the strength in the legs, okay. First one
we’re going to do is the Horse Stance. Horse Stance ensembles somebody riding a horse.
So one, two, three, four and you bend down. Everybody we probably do this about half an
hour, standing like this for half an hour. This is a Horse Stance. Now let me show you
the second type of stance which is called a Bow Stance. Seventy percent of your weight is
on the foreleg and thirty on your leg. Whatever you do to one side, you want to do to the
other. So let me switch. Bow Stance. Now Empty Cept. Whatever do to your right, do to your left.
Okay, so now let me introduce you to the Crouch Stance. Crouch legs seated. Whatever we do
to one side, we do to the other. Okay, so stance is very important. We also learn how
to punch. Forward punch, block, hook, this way hook, upper cut, push palm. So of the
similar tradition that we do is that we would like to punch in a Horse Stance. This basically
builds up the legs and the arms power.

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