Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Combo Moves

Okay so after all those basic rolls and flips,
now we learn how to do forms. Basically a form is a combination of the hands, legs,
eyes, body and movements. Basically practicing the forms enables us to get a better posture
and it gives us a better reflexing in the case that we needed for attack and defense.
The first form that I’m going to show you is called the Shaolin Continuous Boxing. It’s
one of the basic forms of Shaolin. Basically it’s pretty easy so every single form afterwards
it builds from there. Then, the second form that I’m going to show you is the Shaolin
Little Red Boxing, which according to legend is the Mother of all Shaolin Martial Arts.
And it’s required for all Shaolin practitioner to learn the form. The third form that I’m
going to show you is the Shaolin Long Fist. Long Fist is one of the most traditional fist
of Shaolin. It’s been around for more than a thousand years and it’s been practiced worldwide.
Ah Mi Tou Fu!

29 Replies to “Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Combo Moves

  1. @fastlight007 its not all abaout that! its about discipline, balance and spirit! y dont you just pick a fight with him, u knithead!

  2. This is difficult to learn on the internet, but I mean it is a good thing they post these videos online so that if u feel u want to learn it u can watch the videos 1st, and have an idea of what its like, then if u are interested take some classes later. That is a way these videos can help, think about it that way.

  3. Thx dude ur awesome at fighting i know that its not all about fighting i should know i have studied shaolin for almost a year

  4. a week ago this kid kept acting like he was going to hit and i warned him and he kept doing it and finally i got mad and went up to him and wrapped my arm around his neck took my foot and swept him off his feet and slammed him on the concrete and got up and walked off and he hasnt messed with me ever since

  5. well, its all in your hand. i did started when i felt like you i searched and found a place and now it has passed 5 months in my training 😀

  6. Just wanted to say great movements I never seen the form done with a faster way of flowing in between moves n such ….also u have great understanding and stance work ……i don't practice Shaolin but I do practice baji,pigua,taichi,bagua,shinyi….. Hope ur training has been well for u my Chinese brother

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