Shaolin kung fu basic moves

sfts El árbol de boxeo original de Shaolin Kung fu tradicional Serie 47 de Shaolin Kung fu tradicional dieciocho métodos A continuación vamos a aprender habilidades de Sholin Kun Fu. Dividimos las habilidades de Shaolin Kung Fu en dieciocho métodos. En realidad son habilidades Shaolin básicas. Hay un refrán “Conjuntos de rascacielos … en la base” un buen edificio debe ser construido sobre una base muy firme especialmente para el Shaolin Kung Fu es muy dificil practicar Cuanto más difícil es el kung fu. el nivel más alto está en ¿Qué es la bondad de eso? buenas mentiras del kung fu es trabajando duro y estudiando Nunca podrías procesar buen kung fu solo por imaginación y pensamiento aunque las edades El templo de Shaolin presta mucha atención a la práctica del Kung Fu Tradicional. La práctica del tradicional Shaolin Kung Fu Puede consolidar nuestro Kung Fu

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  1. 03:38 gōng bù { 弓步 } bow step
    07:39 mǎ bù { 马步 } horse step
    11:05 pū bù { 仆步 } falling-prostrate step
    13:37 xū bù { 虚步 } empty step
    15:22 xiē bù { 歇步 } resting step
    19:10 dīng bù { 丁步 } T step
    20:43 jīxíng bù { 鸡形步 } chicken-style step

    21:51 tán tuǐ { 弹腿 } flicking leg
    23:32 dèng tuǐ { 蹬腿 } stepping-on leg
    24:58 zhèng tītuǐ { 正踢腿 } straight kicking-leg

    25:51 cè tītuǐ { 侧踢腿 } side kicking-leg

    27:10 shízì tī { 十字踢 } cross-character kicking
    28:06 lǐ hé { 里合 } inside joining (kick)
    29:09 wài bǎi tuǐ { 外摆腿 } outside arranging leg
    30:20 èr qǐ jiǎo { 二起脚 } second rising leg
    31:54 xuànfēng jiǎo { 旋风脚 } revolving-wind leg

  2. 🌻Very beautiful, the art of Shoalin is so very graceful and elegant🙏I can't wait to show my two granddaughters ages two and three, they are already practicing the art, I bought my granddaughter Leah Camille her first gi before she was born😌. Thank you for such an instructional demonstration very grateful🙏 many blessings and sending lots of positive energy. From Northern California🌻

  3. added some extra weight in hands and legs and it aint no joke of a workout. May Buddha bless you Shaolin Kung Fu. thank you.

  4. Wow, this is such an amazing video. This video is great for beginners who's study Shaolin Kung fu before they join (Like me). My Discipline is increasing and flexibility. Ever since i heard of this i have been meditating, practicing Kung Fu, practicing Monkey bo staff techinques, learning, studying, and taking note on important details in these moves. This is my first time watching this tutorial video. I'll keep on practicing and watching more tutorial videos about this. Keep it up guys, you've just earned yourself a member, subscriber, and a like.

  5. Какой практический смысл в стойке лошади? Можно сильно упереть ладони друг в друга? 9:00

  6. Kung fu moves:
    1. Bow stance 3:37
    2. Horse stance 7:38
    3. Crouch stance 11:05
    4. Empty stance 13:37
    5. Rest stance 15:21
    6. T-stance 19:10
    7. Chicken-style step 20:43
    8. Snap kick 21:51
    9. Heel kick 23:32
    10. Front kick 24:58
    11. Side kick 25:51
    12. Cross kick 27:09
    13. Inside kick 28:10
    14. Outside kick 29:08
    15. Jump and Slap foot 30:20
    16. Whirlwind kick 31:54
    17. Outside lotus kick 32:51
    18. Leg sweep 33:55

    Shaolin Baduanjin Appreciation of Excercise Methods: 35:28

  7. Thank you so much. I love kungfu, Im going do this whole thing every morning. I cant afford classes but the basics will take you far as you stated

  8. I don't understand why they don't bring skateboards in kung-fu schools (for trying, After work) ; after the casual meditation and yoga, it's like the modern quest of searching kung fu with Infinite possibilities, only mind and body.

    They are real masters and infinite possibilities. Search : Gou Miyagi, Joe Moore/Any skate, Rodney Mullen, Killian Martin, Richie Jackson.. Today "pros" are like MMA Fighters, no mind, no style, not grace.

  9. Started practicing these today as I prepare for my trip to China from a year now. I have this DVD since my dad gave it to me but I haven't practiced anything yet.

  10. I used to do the horse stance for months, it really showed a difference and change.
    Gonna start again.
    Hope I don't stop this time

  11. All the moves and their names in a list:

    弓步 – Gong Bu – "Bow Stance"
    弓步推掌 – Gong Bu – "Bow Stance Palm Push"
    马步 – Ma Bu – "Horse Stance"
    马步冲拳 – Ma Bu Chong Quan – "Horse Stance Punch"
    仆步 – Pu Bu – “Crouching Stance"
    仆步切掌 – Pu Bu Qie Zhang – "Crouching Stance Cutting Palm"
    虚步 – Xu Bu – "Empty Stance"
    虚步架拳 – Xu Bu Jia Quan – "Empty Stance Block"
    歇步 – Xie Bu – "Resting Stance"
    坐盘步 -Zuo Pan Bu – "Twisted Sit Stance/Coiled Sit Stance"
    歇步冲拳 – Xie Bu Chong Quan – "Resting Stance Punch"
    丁步 – Ding Bu – "T Stance"
    丁步抱手缩身 – Ding Bu Bao Shou Suo Shen – "T Stance Shrink Body Wrap Hands"
    鸡形步 – Ji Xing Bu – "Chicken Stance"
    鸡形步练习 -Ji Xing Bu Lian Xi – "Chicken Stance Exercise"
    弹腿 – Tan Tui – "Snap Kick"
    蹬腿 – Deng Tui – "Heel Kick"
    正蹬腿 – Zheng Deng Tui – "Forward Heel Kick"
    测蹬腿 – Ce Deng Tui – "Side Heel Kick"
    正踢腿 – Zheng Ti Tui – "Front Kick"
    侧踢腿 – Ce Ti Tui – "Side Kick"
    十字踢 – Shi Zi Ti – "Cross Kick"
    里合腿 – Li He Tui – "Inside Kick"
    外摆腿 – Wai Bai Tui – "Outside Kick"
    二起脚 – Er Qi Jiao – "Jump Kick"
    旋风脚 – Xuan Feng Jiao – "Whirlwind Kick"
    外摆莲 – Wai Bai Lian – "Outside Lotus Kick"
    扫堂腿 – Sao Tang Tui – "Leg Sweep"

  12. Great detailed explanation. A solid foundation is needed. The more difficult the study is the more important it is. Xei xei

  13. I really wanna learn kung fu but i got problem in my vein of gluteus medius (upper part of thigh.) Someone please help me…..

  14. Is it not disrespectful to interrupt the teacher, for shameless material marketing?

    Would disturbances which break the continuity of knowledge, not be rude to the teacher and student?
    If so, why is YouTube any different?

  15. it'd be interesting to see the practicality in these movements. How to relate to actual combat if we put the kung fu guys in a cage

  16. Those moves are not cupcakes they sweat me out . Although thank you and love from India 😍 I always fantasized to learn it thanks and keep posting the tutorials 😄

  17. I am from indian occupied Kashmiri I love sholen Kum fu I am a big fan of it so finally I realised to learnt kum fu from the videos that u all loaded is imp plays an imp role for some one may allah bless u all my ideal heros ok dear

  18. Didn't know these exercises required so much leg strength. I'll will most certainly be trying them out!

  19. It's crazy when you do these and realize how strong and disciplined they are. And I love how when the disciples come in you can see the master with perfect form, the black belt with good form, and the yellow with not so good form. It's a big distinction and shows how hard that master has been working on this stuff.

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