Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : What is the Iron Palm in Kung Fu?

Hi ladies and gentlemen, my name is Bruce
Wen. On behalf of Expert Village, I would personally invite you to watch this video.
In this video, I’ll be showing you some of the most devastating move of Shaolin Kung
Fu. And one of the hottest and perfect out, the Iron Skill. Other word, it’s breaking
skill. This kind of skill takes years to perfect. And it may take a lifetime to get to be the
best. Okay. According to legend, one of Shaolin Master Kuo You Chen once slap a horse and
horse died right away. His internal organ was damaged. While his external looks, the
horse external looks perfectly okay. But the horse internal organs everything was damage
due to slap of the hand. So that’s how powerful it is of Iron Palm. And in the past, when
people practiced Iron Palm you could be slapping somebody, but the outer body you don’t see
anything, but inner, a couple of days later, the hand print will personally go into the
person’s body and either killed him if not cured on time. So it’s pretty deadly technique,
so if you learn it, please don’t go around looking for trouble. Okay. And now, let me

18 Replies to “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : What is the Iron Palm in Kung Fu?

  1. You live in a society where anybody who wants to can purchase a gun. There is absolutely no reason for "secret techniques." Besides, the kind of dumbass who couldn't resist using this is generally not well-disciplined enough to learn to do the technique well in the first place.

  2. Yep, someone would have to invent a martial art technique capable of eliminating the advantage a person with a gun would normally have. Can't think of anything that could realistically accomplish that though.

  3. @lilarreola27
    Actually, expert village never used an expert for these. this guy is a joke in the kung fu world. He's off balance, he can't break planks etc for real etc etc.
    He has a basic kung fu knowledge but would never have a chance at a higher level.

  4. isnt iron palm in tai chi as well? cos im gonna be going to those classes and i wanna be able to do brick breaking involving absorbing chi through the body.

  5. @saidadib And he will laugh at you if you try kung fu, followed by a dissertation on what you were doing wrong 😛

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