Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Training for Kung Fu Iron Body

Welcome back on Expert Village. My name is
Bruce Wen. On this section of the video, I’m going to show you another higher of Shaolin
Kung Fu, Iron Body Skill. Okay. Iron Body Skill is one of the toughest you learn from
Shaolin. And after practising, one can extend, one can take like powerful stroke without
hurting themselves. And the people that show you they might hurt themselves while attempting
to hit you or something. Okay. So, Iron Body is one of the toughest, one of the highest
level of Iron Chi Gong. It takes many years of practise, takes many years of self-abusing
or hitting yourself, with the bags, with a stick or with your hands, before you can actually
reach this level. Now I’m going to show the basic of practising Iron Body. Now every single
thing that we do, we always warm up. So you always want to do some stretching, warning
before, okay. So, now I’m going to show you how to practise Iron Body. The first one is
hitting the body. You want to, you hit the body with your own force. So basically, hitting
the body, you need to loosen up the whole body, okay, loosen up the whole body, okay,
from arms, legs, back, back. Hitting the body, okay, hitting the body. Okay and don’t cheat
yourself okay. So hit your body whenever, don’t just slightly slap it or touch your
body, you know. Okay hit it so it feels special, okay. Yet, you’re not hurting yourself, okay.
So hit it in a state that, you know, it’s not hurting but you’re not cheating. Okay.
And this concludes this segment.

90 Replies to “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Training for Kung Fu Iron Body

  1. is the theory behind it just that your tensing your abbs to take it the punch and therefore it gets stronger?
    maybe if i hit my penis a lot, it'll get iron strong!
    then turkey slaps will hurt!
    cmon guys, u kno u want a iron turkey slapping penis.
    i think all kungfu training has something to do with hitting urself, i bet there ain't 1 for iron testicles!
    right guys!?
    thx for the tip kunfu panda.

  2. I tried it! i hit started hitting my own body but one hit went too far… i retaliated and almost knocked myself out! be careful.

  3. i was looking for a master in the states where i could study stuff like this from…not one of those water down "self-defense" classes with lil kids but one where u train like a true warrior, pain, blood and discipline

  4. i been doing different kind of martial arts each month like ninjitsu,tae kwon do,but i got to say shoalin is best for chi/ki


  6. lmao!!! "hit it and make yourself feel special" lmao this guy is a riot 😛

    p.s. whoever thinks he is serious is kinda funny because i'm pretty sure he might be in a highschool gymnasium 🙂

  7. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,it avalable for the hiting body thing (in a more twisted way) so yes,belevie it. And good skill for parent's anger evasion to

  8. i didn't assume he knew nothing because vocabulary (english wise) was less than average. I assumed he knows nothing because i know he knows nothing 🙂 If you sincerely think this is the type of excersice you would give yourself or to a student than by all means do it up…

  9. nope i don't want him to do that… i want him to stop making pointless videos that no one should listen too.

    p.s. if your taking lessons off youtube for something as complicated as shaolin kung fu… you are pove.

  10. i said "if" your taking lessons from youtube your pove. Taking shaolin kung fu doesn't require you to go to the shaolin temple and train (although i have for two months)

    from this video you should not be taking any moves. but hell if you think something from this video will somehow help you, do it up… no way in hell i will

  11. every 2 years i'm pretty sure they open there doors to some experienced martial artists who have been doing kung fu their whole lives to come and train like they do for 1 month or two months in the summer.

    Very hard training, if you can't keep up your pretty much left behind, intense.

  12. You'll be surprised to know that I, like everyone else on the internet, can use a search engine! That means it takes about 15 seconds to prove you wrong with absolutely no effort. The guy trained at the actual Shaolin temple and is an actual monk with the Abbot's blessing.

    I never claimed you can learn the shaolin arts from watching training videos. You don't have to make things up to argue with, I already disagreed with you remember?

  13. Real Shaolin arts did not die out they only came to North America. You can get the best ot the Shaolin arts in New York City and various Chinatowns around the country. You do not have to go to China to get the best as it is here in the United States. That is why you see the real fighting art Sifu's opening up schools in Mainland China.

  14. Frank Yee's Hung Gar now has a school in Mainland China. Shaolin never died out as the sifu's moved to different parts of the world.

  15. I am not disputing your claims. I am just saying that you can get good Shaolin Kung Fu in the United States, and that Shaolin isn't dead.

  16. Iron Chi-Gung was contrived long before people understood internal medicine and human physiology. Iron body training as an adult is meaningless as the bones will be unable to produce the calcium and other minerals necessary to grow thicker. All in all, you're just deadening your nerves to no real advantage other to be able to bypass intense or distracting pain during combat. Children, who are still developing, benefit BIGTIME from Iron Body, however.

  17. he-hem… you can't WRITE normal… "is this dude handicap" lol "move moment are weird"… i don't know where to begin with. Oh and yeah… make fun of someone who's primary language isn't English

  18. ok but anyway it sounds like bruce wayne! you pronounce it bruce wayne and as you said his name is bruce wen! but he's not batman! lol!

  19. @NeutralArtist94 flex throat, always breathe, focus energy on throat area, start hitting, i suggest hitting very very lighting and hit the sides of your throat and sides of neck, try not to hit your throat straight on at first, you can move up to that after a while,…. hit lightly

  20. I do traditional shaolin kung fu and iron body training is ridiculous. we do a lot of training to deaden nerves and just take extreme pain.

  21. This man is surely one of the most best martial artists ever 🙂 videos prove nothing! he is much better than he looks

  22. @LilBohemia when u can like 2 days for week, thats really works im ninja now the punchs of my sensei doesnt hurt me so much as before =D

  23. @fenderwangcaster It is like what we did in karate. You punch a makiwara board for so long, eventually you can put your hand through a brick without feeling it.

  24. I know everybody wants him to be there teacher but I want to know what he is like as a person.

    My Master is a 7th degree black belt but the most enjoyable thing was learning who he was as a person.

  25. Dude, look around. All these shows about fighting, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Kenichi the Mightiest Deciple, they're all based around the idea that we have an energy inside us that allows us to do amazing things. And where did that idea come from? Kung Fu. Chi, Balance, discipline, come from Kung Fu. Its the most ancient form of fighting in the world. It deserves more respect then most HUMANS do. You dont like Kung Fu? Kung Fu dusnt give a shit.

  26. Htting a microphone while hitting a body makes its plastic stronger and its internal cables able to carry more energy.

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