24 Replies to “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Shaolin Head Stand Practice

  1. it doesnt, ur brain is inside, not enough pressure to break your head, total surface area of your heads+hands is bigger than your foot. use your brain.

  2. @crazynoob11 Blood rush will happen. Please do make sure that when you come out of headstand that you keep your head closer to the ground. If you come up to standing right after that and are not used to it you may get very lightheaded and fall. In all sorts of work trust your body to tell you when to stop!! Baby steps 🙂

  3. doesn't matter if this guy is kungfu master or not but trust me he is as stupid as he looks. Please do not listen to him . Head stand is one of the best exercises in the world but SHOULDN'T be done more than 8 minutes in a row other wise there is a huge risk that eyes which r sensitive and small part of the body can't take such a huge flow of blood towards them for longer period of time and due to severe nerve damage big risk of u going blind. so guys no more then 8 min.otherwise endup like him

  4. @powerfulstar1 your so stupid, i used to train wit these guys, theyre stronger than u could possibly imagine n if u werent so weak, maybe u would know tht if they do this for a long time, they wouldnt b injured n hes not so stupid, he just has a chinese or korean accent, he has more knowledge than ull ever have

  5. a guy died from hanging upside down for like a week i think he starved to death or got dehydrated before anything actually happened from being upside down but he WAS found that way, dude was stealing a car using some mission impossible bullshit rope trick through the ceiling and got stuck and it was a collectible car so the dude didnt go check on it for days.

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