Setting Effective Goals for Sports Performance

Hi Everybody, welcome to GOAT Sports Performance. My name is Dr. Tim Baghurst, and one of the things I wanted to talk
about is something I’m presenting next month at the Arkansas Ortho sports
clinic. Topic is goal setting, and it’s something that we do every day and we
may not even realize it. The problem with that is sometimes we make ineffective
goals and we don’t achieve what we’re capable of achieving. So what I want to
talk to you today about is three different types of goals and then how we
apply them. The first one is outcome goals and the focus here is on winning.
It’s about defeating somebody, winning that trophy, that metal, whatever it is.
The problem with that is sometimes we focus on that outcome goal, and we walk
away defeated, even though we may have played extremely well. So it’s something
we need to be careful of there. The second one is performance goals. Now performance goals are really about ourselves. They’re things that we can
control, and therefore, they’re more flexible. An example might be running a
certain time in a race or having a set serve percentage in tennis. Again, these
are things that we can control and are not dictated by our opponent. The last
one is process goals. Process goals are very different because it’s focused
specifically on technique. It’s about learning the process of something rather
than on the product or the outcome. That’s something that makes it unique. It’s about focusing on something specific within a technique rather than
on the whole technique, for example. So a good example there might be a follow
through in a swing. So how do we apply these? Well, one of the challenges is that
we don’t want to set too many goals. That’s one of the dangers that we can do,
and so outcome goals really should be limited to one or two. But we do need all
three goals. If we just set an outcome goal of “I’m going to win a gold medal at
the Olympics,” then we’ve got four years of training with just one goal in mind,
and that really doesn’t work well. We need to set those goals in-between to
help us to get there. Performance goals can be set during
practice and competition. It depends on the situation, of course, but process
goals should really be limited just to practice. So one of the things I do want to mention, though, is that if you set the
goals in the wrong situation it can lead to anxiety. You don’t want to do that to
your athlete for sure, and so that’s partly why I created GOAT sports
performance, because I want to be able to help you. So here’s my information. My
website is and my contact information is on the site. So if you
have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me there. And until next time
thanks for watching.

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