SELF-DEFENSE – When does self-defense begin? (Notwehr StGB §32)

I just want to explain some basic self-defense rules Of course every country has its own laws But one law is almost everywhere the same The self-defense law what is permitted by law In reality .. that means on the street it would happen you go and talk Suddenly grab him and go That’s reality That means, you have no opportunity Or someone appears and grabs and turns and done That means the situation doesn’t allow for preparation But if someone comes and starts to do this It is not a self-defense situation and wouldn’t become one This is an invitation to fight You need to understand the difference For example walk up and get into fighting stance The situation is he gives me an invitation to fight I have the opportunity to walk away or I choose to fight and also take on a fighting stance or other preparation – come! See that? I am already prepared. What is often missed is the opportunity Come on .. i don’t want this. That means ‘escape’ This means rejection of your invitation If someone comes from a distance as far as you can spot So This gives you an escape window Of course if I stand against a wall And he comes The are escape opportunities Except if someone pins me against the wall and hinders me to move in that moment Come at me – If I am restrained I already can’t do anything This presents an inavoidable attack okay? Decisive is the moment when exactly is there a self-defense situation? Self-defense that is permitted by law is when you can not escape when you can not protect yourself otherwise But if you invite me to fight Get into fighting stance In that moment I stand here If I do this or that doesn’t matter That means in that moment I accept your invitation to fight The important thing is there is no self-defense action present But if you grab me This is a self-defense situation You have no opportunity to decide whether you accept the invitation or not Okay? And now for example if I approach you and say ‘I’ll hit you’ This represents an invitation Do you join? Then get into a fighting stance Now stand .. so Even with hands down In that moment you are prepared That means no self-defense That means no matter which fighting stance you take on Except If you just stand there simply stand around And reject any invitation Silent Okay? And then you are allowed – now hit me to react And this doesn’t mean Do a fighting stance that you are allowed to take the opportunity to attack That’s also not self-defense This is an attack Because even if there is a fighting stance you are not allowed to attack I ask you. do you want to fight? But I do not hit you yet! That means the permission for a preemptive strike attacking is better than defending is not given This is typically for people who say if someone comes with a knife and it is still unclear if he attacks or not you have to attack Grant yourself the permission to do that Because when you are in a fighting stance Do a fighting stance That doesn’t mean that he attacks When does the attack begin? start to punch now Right now in this moment This is where self-defense begins Because I can’t just go away Or if I see someone Again Right when I see this Right before I have to defend Only when the opportunity is given punch again to evade I move away Go ahead The second time you attack But this doesn’t count as self-defense as long as the attacker get into fighting stance This is an invitation to fight To make this very very clear That’s the difference for a fighter And I assume the authorities will agree to that worldwide Because in that moment when you take on a fighting stance It presents an invitation to fight and not a situation where an act of self-defense is permitted If You stand here Grab This is a self-defense situation If you stand here over Here self-defense is permitted Okay? Keep that in mind And in reality it happens only in Chinese movies or theatre plays That someone comes and does a kata and shows what technique he’ll use to beat you up these are all invitations you can’t plead for self-defense in that case Just imagine you stand there And someone just bumps into you Without warning Bumps into you What do you do? React immediately or take a look first? Therefore again. Get over there Bump into me As initial reaction. What do you do? This? Or ..? This is also not a self-defense situation In that moment the bump that hits me is already over That means I clearly have to save myself Either I step aside Either. Go again Try to escape Or I turn around and look at what happens What if you are an old man who is just a bit rickety or you suddenly suffer a seizure and thus bump into me or you were hit by someone else and therefore bump into me Is it necessary to defend myself? Or is it necessary to take a look at what happens? That means No matter what If something happens in your back First – yes, right – first take a look and not just attack Such situations raise question. Self-defense or not? If someone comes and says ‘this man’! Right now he only points at you Or if you argue with someone someone comes and pushes you away He just wants to bring distance between you But you punch him believing this is self-defense Right .. this is wrong This is the situation You do not act solely based on your raw instincts in self-defense That means you need education Necessarily Self-defense with knowledge is always better and more effective It doesn’t matter what you do Now punch me again Zag. I hit here. Come again Zag. I hit there. That’s not so important Important is, to apply self-defense in a situation when it is actually required And not to try to redefine your emotional reaction as kind of self-defense That’s wrong If someone does this there is still no self-defense situation. .. It is only a nascent self-defense situation If someone grabs here It could be a nascent situation It could happen The question is what you do with that Now do that to me That means it can be nascent You have the opportunity as long as nothing happens except you are being touched to put away Again No, please You can take a step back, hello No, leave me alone Please don’t. Please don’t. Please don’t So That means being touched at your body could even be seen that there is no actual need to act but a need to evade An example if someone is of an unsound mind Right. Or drunken. Erm He wildly tries to grab somehing around him Is it necessary to beat him up? It’s certainly not! Is it self-defense? No it is not! Comparable to a situation where someone falls into water In order to safe them. Why do you do this? Why on the back? Why not simply take him like that and simply swim together to the shore Because of his unconscious reactions and he is out of his mind You need protection Comparable to drunken people You want them to calm down Say calm down and he reacts No matter what. In that moment he is not sane all of his actions are based on reflexes Comparable to having a stroke Comparable to epileptics There is absolutely no need for punishment That’s why you join courses Act somehow like a drunk Where you learn to hold someone and restrain his movements without attacking In worst case you bring him to the ground So he can not move anymore But you are not allowed to hit him Okay? that means I want to make clear some basics When does a self-defense situation exist? For a self-defense situation you need First – No escape opportunity No protection opportunity No escape opportunity also means no evasion possible If I stand here And you grab me with both hands I can not simply escape No matter what you do Its an attack. But this still means no self-defense situation for professionals Look Still no need to attack And if you can escape but leave him a present is not allowed Again Look Here. If he grabs me like this Here Over Again Just come at me and grab my shoulders I’m already away That means. Of course. In a fight I would – throw me to the wall and come at me This is a fight But no self-defense Okay? Again Self-defense means If you are here This is self-defense But throwing a punch into his face is only allowed to avert and only to avert This leaves him harmless and stops his attack Look. Again. That’s already enough And this is self-defense since I easily get some distance Again. Push me. Why? Again slowly. The force directed at me gives me the opportunity deflect here over pull him down and he restrains himself In that moment self-defense ends Adding a punch? Not necessary! Or if there is a fighting stance In that moment it is more of a fight If you stand there and I go preemptive Or fighting stance again a already accepted that fight That’s where a fight starts But that’s no self-defense On no account! No matter how you put it A warrior doesn’t see this as self-defense Each hit Hitting the opponent is only allowed in order to interrupt the opponents attack That means only one punch You only get one granted Right here It’s over It’s not about carrying on until he stays down Not necessary. A ‘can be’. But this ‘can’ leads to the question ‘can you defend’? If you can defend once, you can also defend ten times That’s what it’s about Please make sure self-defense classes should teach that way Of course it looks unreal looks impossible For example Defend that way .. pull Looks almost impossible Some may say this doesn’t work in reality Of course It won’t work just from seeing But if you are trained and know such situations If you punch Come again with a punch I can defend I can defend I can defend that too This one too And this one I can defend this one too I can defend this one too So. Again If I can defend once I can do it twice That gives me room to find out the right moment in order to pull this off in the exact right moment When it is possible But you need a school for that Otherwise it would be sufficient to watch some videos and to be able to fight and do proper self-defense As some people tend to claim In reality this just gives you some basics and ideas The Pahuyuth (channel) shows you singular techniques We just give them away Just for everyone to see that there are possibilities. No need to be afraid. But in order to become capable of doing such techniques you need to learn in a martial arts school Learn more than just doing techniques in an appropriate manner in relation and with knowledge when to use them and when not I prefer it when people say Pahuyuth self-defense doesn’t work as long as we are on the right side of the law And being able to use our techniques means we have experience And you can learn in our school why these techniques are used Hit me again I decide for this techniques. Again. I decide for this techniques. Again. I decide for this techniques. That’s secondary It can be different It can be something else That means at any given second a warrior from Pahuyuth must be capable to produce a technique appropriate to the situation This means we teach know-how to our students And also explain whay you learn self-defense It is not difficult. Take on a fighting stance It’s not difficult Everyone can fantasize But Yes. That’s that Precise, exact and no need for erm fidgeting around That makes the difference between knowledge and wannabe knowledge Everyone can do self-defense But with law in mind the question is When is it self-defense? When is it about war .. a fight? Right? I want you to think about that decide for yourselves Please, if you want to learn self-defense Go to a school where people know what self-defense means Self-defense is not about preemptive striking and arguing later that it was self-defense That’s not right. Instead you must be capable to overview every situation If I stand here Some people may say, keep your distance So what. Also a friend could tell you how much he likes you and zag .. done. This stuff happens That means you have to be able to cope with situations such as someone stands here and goes This happens In order to learn the concept. Again if I stand here and argue with you And if you are unprepared you don’t see this coming If you are unprepared you don’t see that coming But if you are a trained person and see ‘Ah .. .. this is a risky distance’ You change stance to a fighting position And close combat is the most normal thing in the world which is trained every day The very moment I move, you react automatically And this is what is worth to ba called self-defense The very moment when there is no other choice except for defending except for protecting yourself It becomes self-defense And not stuff like if someone gets close Grab my hand starting to hit or do lots of other stuff That’s not necessary Look. Grab my wrist. If I see the intention That’s sufficient for you to know I do not want you to touch me Grab me again No, please. Let it be. Now with the other hand This is an attack Push Over and trap into there And say ‘I’m telling you again’ Please don’t touch me And done You clearly announced That you do not want to be touched Look at this. This is what just happened And say ‘good’ Again. Try to hit me. Ey Please. Let it be. Look Push him away That’s enough No need for additional punching And this legitimate behaviour must be learned too And that’s why I strongly recommend seriously go to schools Instead of watching videos or just listening to someone And such schools make sure that they really understand self-defense instead of telling stupid things all day long If there is a self-defense with counter-attack it is not self-defense anymore And if the teacher doesn’t even know the laws Not even being able to read the law text or explain it. Then you know .. it’s a risk For everyone There you go That’s it

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