Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Walking with Purpose for Women’s Self Defense

It’s all about walking with purpose, ladies.
Here’s the thing, if you are walking around looking like you don’t know where you’re going
next or you’re daydreaming your eyes are up in the air you are so likely to be targeted.
And, taken and maybe attacked. Because, obviously someone knows that you’re lost. So, what you
want to do is even if you’re lost you always have to look like you know where you’re going.
Remember, sometimes it’s all about impressions. So, make sure that your shoulders are back.
Make sure that your head is up. You’re not looking down at the floor. You’re not looking
up at the sky. You don’t look day dreamy. Shoulders back, posture nice and your head
up. Look at the difference from the side. Like I don’t know where I’m going. Shoulders
shrugged, head down. Kind of look slightly scared and shy. But, look at the difference.
What if I just had my shoulders back, my posture nice and my head and my chin up. Don’t I look
like you don’t want to mess with me, right? That’s right. So, we don’t want someone to
come and mess with us. I have a story about this lady I knew. She was traveling in New
York. She didn’t know where she was going. She got off the subway and knowing that she
didn’t want to be attacked or taken by someone that wanted to take advantage of her, because
she might be lost. When she got out of the subway, even though she didn’t know how to
get to her destination she made a right. And, then she made another right. She just kept
making rights or lefts or something until she found her way to a liquor store and at
that point that’s where she asked for directions from the shop owner and looked at a map. But,
until she got to a somewhat semi safe haven she wanted to look like she was walking with
a purpose. Do you know what I mean? She didn’t look like she was lost. She didn’t look confused.
She just kept making a right or a left. She just walked with intention and walked with
purpose. And, that’s so important in her not being attacked or harassed. Somewhere where
she didn’t even know and she wasn’t familiar with the territory. So, remember shoulders
back. Chin up. Walk with purpose.

4 Replies to “Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Walking with Purpose for Women’s Self Defense

  1. Very nice teacher and of course very important comments. Sometimes we don't even think about things like that 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  2. While it is important to look like you know what your doing, it is even better to actually know what you are doing ahead of time. The woman from the story could have just as easily ended up in some scary part of New York where how you walk doesn't matter. Before going to an unfamilliar place, it is always best to actuall know where you're going. When you get to your hotel at night, figure out where you're going tommorow and plan ahead. Its smart, not cocky.

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