Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Palm Heel Strike to Vital Areas in Women’s Self Defense

Now, if you could turn around please, stand
up towards face me. You can aim this palm heel strike to areas other than the nose.
The second place I want to show you where you can go with your palm heel strike is actually
to the ribs. Now, to go to the ribs you don’t want to keep your palm straight up and down
like we were doing it to the nose because you can see right here how that’s perfect
for hitting the nose. You want to rotate your hands sideways so that your fingers are pointing
outside, okay sideways. Now, aiming with heel still you want to direct towards the ribs
and it will hurt, trust me. Getting knocked in the ribs with a palm heel strike doesn’t
feel pleasant. So then you just go like this, like this, like this. So a little combo action
for you; you can go 1, 2, 3, 4. For the third palm heel strike, you’re going to love this
one ladies. Where do you think it’s aiming towards? The groin, yes the other vital area
that has no muscular protection. To adjust our palm heel strike for that area you’re
not going to go like this, you’re not going to go like this, you’re going to turn it upside
down. Okay, fingers are pointing straight down. So with our fist pull back you can be
in somewhat in a stance, you just need to aim down directly and hard. So, pulling your
fist back, fingers are pointed down, you’re aiming with the heel, you’re going to go down
with focus and direction. You don’t want to like miss because you’ll hit belly button,
you might hit like thigh and that’s not going to do anything you might hurt your wrist.
You want to make sure that you’re aiming right here and put some shoulder into it. Okay,
so let’s review palm heel strike to the nose, to the ribs, and to the groin. That’s palm
heel strike.

100 Replies to “Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Palm Heel Strike to Vital Areas in Women’s Self Defense

  1. Somebody else was expecting a mouth atack at the end?
    Girls: just hit low and run! Do not ever try fancy slaps on a hard to die male.

  2. The guy is quite tall here, better be sure that you won't miss your shot on the nose and groin
    or the situation will just get worse.

  3. well,i'm a guy but i know there are a lot of my kind who are agressive to you if they attack you(ONLY if they attack you) here i am giving you a tip & technique…just kick 'em in the balls >.>

  4. haha nice and so cute. If you can, why not squeeze the whole ball sack. That will do it for a while. And if you like to hit the head, use ya thumbs/fingers to gauge those eyeballs out. If that's not enough just bite them in the neck. Hell, just bite everywhere. Whatever works ^^

  5. Everything your teaching is GREAT and helpful. But what if you were walking to your car at night?? Can you tell us how to protect ourselves if anything was to happen at night?

  6. listen i agreee with all that but the groin strike and the postioning of the hands and feet. self-defense should not be techinque based but tactic based!

  7. This is full of shit you do not know how to teach self defense. If this was a real fight against you and a man or even a woman this technique would not work because no one is just going to stand their and let someone hit them in the rib normally people move around. And by the way this really doest hurt i let my girlfriends try it on me and i rarely felt it. DONT LISTNE TO THIS WOMAN

  8. I'm not saying this woman knows her stuff. She obviously doesn't. But you hardly seem an authority on the matter either dismissing what she demonstrates like that. Adding one little ingredient to this technique will make it devastating. Let's see if you can tell what that ingredient is. That one little thing she needs to do in this vid to have this technique do what she says it would do.

  9. Why don't you women just do a proper martial art? If executed properly, it's very effective. All this 'women's self defence' just seems to be a load of rubbish. I'm a female and I do judo, it's great fun and obviously self defence, do it!

  10. Who told you anyone in right mind doing this rubbish ?
    And most important and you know it is repetition in anything you do, so everyone saw it here and they will do nothing, and you know why….

  11. I love to watch it, and I love it but reasons is different. Some trying to find something that will help them I rather doubt it, some just like to see some new funny stuff that come up randomly. And dose she look nice with red dress doing some moves is she adorable ?

  12. ^^ Is this English? I don't understand it at all.
    I'm not trying to dig at you at what you do, i'm just saying that I don't understand why women don't take up a martal art instead of this?

  13. I did assumed that you semipro in judo, and my English expressions was based on that fact. am sorry, some time I do express myself a bit vaguely. Reason simple I have a lot on my mind but when I type I do assume that you have same thoughts in yours so you may get it and this is a problem 🙂 Anyways I did sad precise this that you implying. Anyways have not time gtg

  14. @dbzoexg yep i agree. before I started eating right it didn't matter how much I exercised my abs were still jello. Listen My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. get to know here >>

  15. I do not feel one bit of authenticity in this demonstration, nor do I feel that she has ever been in a real fight in her entire life.

  16. Good move for tv shit, a women should never try to go heads up with a guy, after the first palm to the face will send his momentum back your next strike to face would hit like a jab then u would be almost chasing him to follow up wit the rib shot thats when your joke of a strike would get u knock the fuck out

  17. which is somewhat the idea, if your distracted enough by arousal an unpleasent amount of force might not be what your anticipating next

  18. I just dont see smacking my ribs as much of a deterrent. Go for the nose and eyes then run like hell and scream…..

  19. OK here we go. Don't waste time on the ribs. Palm heel to the chin in an arc motion to push his head back. As for the groin, don't think slam. Think scoop up (from under the groin) and twist. If he does have a cup, well just grab it and let it snap back. That will do the job.

  20. for the average over weight guy, you with be palm slapping fat rather then ribs and even groin area. Your better served if you have a gun and train to use that over using your 90 lb frame and kung fu skills to over take a 6foot + 200 to 250+lb dude!

    oh yeah, remember to load more then 7 bullets cuz there could be more then one guy comming after you. the average home invasion uses 2-6 armed men!

  21. yep, they actually train for it as well as slaps and punchs to the body. good luck using your youtube kungfu skills on someone or group of men intent on raping you…

  22. yep, what happens if they turn slightly to the side and throw a right hook or even jab at your weight which will probally knock your ass out?

  23. no martial arts training will prepare you for an all out street brawl where there are no rules, no one standing and posing for you allowing use your praticed moves, and no tap outs! ever take a pipe to the head or some dirt/rocks to the eyes followed by 3-5 guys pounding your ass relentlessly? yeah its more like that in real life!

  24. these techniques would rarely work in a real life situation where the man is constantly in motion and he's much stronger than the woman. if the woman misses, and with these techniques that is a very likely, the man will be consumed with so much anger and violence the woman will be certainly be dead meat.

  25. I was front kicked in my groin once, it missed my balls but hit my stem and there is no way i could continue sparring after so when your hitting the groin its not really about where you hit but about your force coming into the body

  26. I was speaking from personal experience, maybe you didnt hit very hard because i dont know anyone who has been kicked in that area and not been fazed

  27. Women who do that are retarded and need to go to a special school because there are other ways to self-defense and women just say it's self-defense as a excuse to hit guys in the balls and not get in trouble. Seriously you dont see guys kicking women in the private area because apparently men will get arrested if they do that, but when women do it the cops are just like "Ehh its alright its just a girl doing that its not like a man is doing it"

  28. Great point. Women get this false idea from a lot of "pseudo self-defense instructors" who always emphasize aiming for a man's groin, when in fact the possibility of missing this target is very great considering most men are very protective of their groins. Not only that, but the man is most likely moving around, so getting him in the groin area (which is only about 3 percent of his entire body area) would be a very hard thing to do.

  29. Oh, lord, the ineffectiveness. A palm heel strike against the ribs doesn't work because of the angle. The hand is a lot softer not far up from the heel, so the hard surface area is much too small to do anything serious against a muscle-protected area like the ribs.
    Doing it against the crotch will only cause the penis to create a hot dog effect with the testies, and throughout all this the guy can easily hook punch you in the head.

  30. She is showing extreme expression for groin kick, it means she is using is an attractive and enterainment factors to women.
    If so what is the difference from rapist, they hurt womenhood, but this woman happy when she is kicking mens groin.
    Rapist are men, but not ordinary and unable to have natural relationship with women, that is why they abuse.
    We cannot appreciate the defense technology that seriously downgrade the mens identiy, because genuine men are not accepting violence

  31. True, this works if a guy is a total douche and just standing there like the demonstrator. Guys don't just STAND there. They usually stalk you and grab you by surprise or if you try to fight may strike you hard enough and get the rest of the anger out in the assault.

  32. mines is bigger than your husbands and this will not work very much. A front kick done correctly is much more effective for women to use.

  33. 1:40  Waitaminitwaitaminitwaitaminit….  so, you're teaching me a move that, if I miss will hurt ME?  That's helpful!  Cuz everyone knows that in a stressful situation like getting attacked, I'm totally going to nail every strike right on the button.  Please stop spreading defence "techniques" that are ineffective at best, and can hurt the person defending herself at worst!

  34. I love the strategy of womens self defence assume your attacker is going to be male and piss him off. what is step 3????

  35. Hey! Getting kicked in the groin hurts; regardless if your male or female. There's a lot of pain receptors located near the groin.

  36. how do people think this'd actually work seriously? i can think of about oh 25-90 different reasons not to use these palm stokes. maybe of a trained female mms fighter but not your average person.

  37. This is so stupid.   Videos like these should be banned for "teaching" feeble techniques that only serve to endanger people instead of protecting them.

  38. Ladies. If he is in front of you, wait for his advance then go for the groin. Kick him straight in the balls, don't worry about anything else. If he grabs you from behind, bite anything you can get your teeth into whilst attempting a testicle grab.

  39. I took Karate for 4 years and trust me ball kicks are extremely effective.
    But to be honest awareness is far more valuable than physical SD.
    Never go to Walmart or other places late at night.
    Be intuitive.
    If something doesn't look right run, get out.

    And girls if you're stupid enough to be in a bad neighborhood trying to buy drugs you are taking a terrible chance.
    Never do that.
    TY, and be safe by being smart.

  40. Woman hit harder with palm strikes but you should only aim at soft tArgets like the neck eyes under ears underneath the chest dead center ect.

  41. I like it, when women learn how to defend themselves and I liked that pretty lady.
    But what I really hated was her sentence:
    "You ladies will especially love that technique" (that aims at the genitals).
    Again: That hit/kick is allright in the case of self defense and in an emergency.
    But presented with the line "You ladies will LOVE especially that"???
    Lost me right there, no matter how important those self defense things are and how pretty she is.
    Such women, who LOVE and are EAGER to hit men between the legs and are finding it funny, are the cancer of modern times.
    Hate to say that about that pretty lady…but it is time for men to say STOP to that behaviour.

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