Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How to Get Out of a Front Choke in Women’s Self Defense

What do you do if you’re being choked? There’s
a simple technique to get out of any front choke. So what’s going to happen is if your
attacker is coming at you choking you from the front. The first thing you want to try
and do is drop down to your horse stance. It’s going to bring the attacker down a little
bit and it’s going to make sure that you have a very even end balanced center of gravity.
After that put your chin down so that you can try and breathe a little. Now, what I
want you to do is you need to twist. Twist to your left, okay. That alterers the grip
of your attacker on your neck. Do you see how his hand shifted? They were here and now
they’re like this. After that you’re going to raise your right hand, okay so you just
twist to the left, raise your right hand, pull it down as if you’re pulling the stop
for the bus, the bus stop. It comes down and then see how his tempo is right here, I’m
going to side hammer strike his tempo right there. That’s why we learned the hammer strike
earlier. So let’s review; you’re getting choked, drop, put your chin down so you can breathe,
twist, come up, come down with your elbow, hold onto their hands with your other hand
so that they can’t get away, knock them in the tempo and that usually blind sides them
and gets your attacker off of you. So that is the front choke release move.

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