Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How to do Palm Heel Strikes in Women’s Self Defense

Alright I’m back, just a quick change because
chances are if you get attacked on the streets you’re not going to be in a gee in a black
belt, no sire. So, I’m in everyday clothes and I’m going to show you the rest of the
techniques punches, kicks and maneuvers in day clothes because this is probably what
you’ll be wearing if you have to defend yourself. So, now I’m going to teach you another strike
that’s excellent and easy to use, safe to use also for you beginners, called the palm
heel strike. What I need you to do, my excellent assistant here is going to help out, you’re
going to let’s get in our horse stance. Feet apart, knees bent, knees out, bring your fists
back near your ribcage. Now, for the palm heel strike, super simple. Have you ever high
five someone before? It’s just a high five except you’re trying to hit those vital areas
that we’ve just talked about like the eyes, like the nose, like the groin. Okay, so let’s
aim for the nose. So you’re going to open your hand up just like this and you want to
actually push your heel a little bit forward and pull your fingers back, all fingers are
pulled back so from the side your palm should look like this. From the front it looks like
this, alright. So actually you can have your fist open right now so they’re ready. Alright,
so let’s do a palm heel strike to the nose, let’s extend and push forward, okay and then
switch and switch and switch. Okay, so that’s a nose. Now with a ki-eye; pull back, starting
with this hand, ready 1, 2, 3 and you can help. It’s going onto the other hand now,
ready 1, 2, 3. Other hand, other hand, okay let’s put our fist back.

8 Replies to “Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How to do Palm Heel Strikes in Women’s Self Defense

  1. Palm strikes are good in the sense that they are less damaging to the user as a standard punch is and depending on the way it is used can be equally as powerful. However, when using a palm strike never, ever leave your fingers extended as shown in this vid. This gives your opponent something to grab and disable for one and for two it gives you the chance of breaking your fingers. Instead put the tips of your finger on the top of your palm near the base of your fingers. Try it and you'll see.

  2. I think people would laugh if they heard Japanese people learning to shout by shouting the word "SHOUT!". Why then do so many western schools of karate insist on teaching their students to shout by saying "KIAI?"
    On the matter of practical self-defense, dropping into a horse stance is a poor strategy. You won't have room to do this indoors if you're being attacked, and it presents to much target area to an attacker anyway.


    OK, on the positive side, nice outfit! 🙂

  3. @DonalPhelan I like her she is the best womens self defense persn I have seen. Though still I feel I should make some videos.. My kung fu is weak but I feel my limited wisdom would definitely benefit people. I believe good kung fu is a way of thinking. A mcdonalds chef can make a burger.. but it is just memorization.. not a way of thinking.. you know what I mean?

  4. @MasterNinja1990 It is a family/house style. I am a mutt who studies human body physics as the primary approach and practice with many different styles and listen to their teachings. So essentially I have no style, just what I would call "basics" 🙂

  5. This is NOT save. If you land a glancing blow glancing low you'll have a good chance to break your own fingers. Further the stance is … sorry, it is absurd. In defense during an assault you advice to take a step back to adjust the center of gravity and you advice to put both hands out of defensive use completely and you top it by frontal stance presenting the biggest possible target while limiting your striking power of both arms and giving up a stabilizing rear foot? Absurd advice!

  6. This is terrible.. not how to palm heel strike… the angle should rising from below with surprise and the target should be under the jawline to jam the head back and the fingers in the eyes. Why are they standing like that? Good way to fall over.

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