Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How the Horse Stance Works in Women’s Self Defense

I have these 2 fine gentlemen with me to show
you, now watch what happens. I’m going to get into my horse stance, feet out, heels
behind my toes, I’m going to come down and put my fist back next to my side. Shaun is
going to try and push me over that way. Okay Shaun go for it, give me a good push. I feel
the pressure on the outside of my foot and that’s what is preventing me from going over.
Okay thank you very much. I also can not be pulled. Louis come on over, grab this arm
right here, you’re going to try and pull me towards that wall. Here we go, again the pressure
is going from the outside of my feet and apparently it’s doing more magic than I asked to do because
it made him fall over. Little girl, big guys lots of potential and power. Here’s the other
thing; this is what happens if you don’t stand in your horse stance. Let’s have Shaun stand
right where I’m standing, come on over here and Louis can you just push him, try and topple
him over, just push him. Shaun was easily moved because he was not in the horse stance.
Just to make sure that we weren’t tricking you do it again. Or why don’t you do it, why
don’t you stand, don’t let Shaun push you over and try your hardest. As you can see,
if you’re in a horse stance it’s like security, you are not going to be pulled anywhere, you
are not going to be pushed anywhere. The last thing I want to show you about the horse stance
is that it will get you out of the grasp of an attacker. Now this is really cool, don’t
blink you might miss it. So, let’s say I’m standing and all the sudden Shaun or Louis,
someone comes and bear hugs me from behind to take me away to god knows where and I am
scared. So I get bear hugged from behind, do not panic. The first thing you want to
do is drop into your horse stance, it’s simple as that. Ready 1, 2, 3. What happened? I slipped
underneath his grip, I could of stomped on his toes and his center of balance, center
of gravity came forward so that he was off balance and after that there’s a bunch of
things that you can do and then you can get away. Alright so that’s the horse stance.

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  1. you would fall down quite easily and also if i was bear hugging you that wouldn't work in the slightest and there are alot of guys out there that are bigger meaner and stronger then me.

  2. WTF? You will never be moved if you are in a horse stance? Huh?

    All stances have weaknesses. What the hell is she doing with a black belt if she doesn't know this basic concept? Who is her instructor? How many years has she trained? I have seen some of her other videos and she is putting out really bad advice.

    Her instructor should reign her in and tell her to knock off the b.s.

    By the way, her escape move from the grab wouldn't work if the attacker drops with her.

  3. This vid could be way better if, instead of flashy "horse stance", she just teaches the principle of lowering the center of gravity (or sinking the body, so to speak). It does gives you extra stability but the scenario shown in this vid is too much simplified.

  4. not necessarily a horse stance is strong with force coming to the sides of a person but back to front yes you wouldn't fall over if you were nudged just a little but if a attacker were to give you a solid push from behind you would fall down quite easily and also to further illustrate my point of the bear hug escape technique if she tried that and i was bear hugging her i would just hold her there lifting her weight rendering her technique useless

  5. true or if the guy was just strong enough to one hold her tight and not let go so easily like the guys in the vid and also if the guy just lifted her up. there is stuff you could do but based on what she has shown i some how doubt she knows 🙂

  6. @kilibe023, no stance is meant to resist push from behind 🙂 I agree that the bear hug defense here is not complete. As you said, timing is important. If she's already lifted, the technique becomes useless. But if she can react promptly, sinking the body is the right first step. There should be follow-ups too, since a committed attacker wouldn't let go so easily, but this is not shown in this vid.

  7. Yeah – this is bad.

    I have also been training in traditional martial arts since I was a child which is well over 30 years.

    This technique, as demonstrated, is just not practical. All the attacker has to do is either pick her up off her feet or drop down with her when she drops. Try it and you will see what I mean.

    The horse stance will work in some specific circumstances but not in all circumstances. It is not invulnerable.

    Experienced martial artists know this.

  8. I respect her intent but I agree that a horse stance is not practical in street situations. In goju we don't even use this stance and our sempai emphasizes real world applications of what we learn. No sport, just self defense.

  9. This video is absolutely worthless. Anyone who tries this in a self-defense situation is going to get seriously hurt.

  10. Oh my God! Pathetic & DANGEROUS for people to use such "techniques". God, awful. She says the horse stance is very strong, TRUE but it has NO mobility. You don't want a horse or a straight legged stance. You want something in between,similar to a boxer's stance so you have stability AND mobility. You further will not(as she shows) DROP yourself out of the attackers grip by just doing a horse stance. On the street..NO. & if she got lucky and did a thug would've strangled her when she went down.

  11. @qqqQeenOfHearts And as misogynistic as this sounds, it would help immensely for women to just have a "guy-pal" help them around the city, especially at night. At college parties, I Sharpie the names of all the girls who carpooled with me onto my forearm. Then I get them to "sign out" of the party, with their own hands, once it's over. It's to make sure no drinks were spiked, girls abducted, etc.

    And the nut-kick has to be extremely precise (fortunately for you, yours was) to be effective.

  12. @FemFootPower And if the assailant's "bear hug" was too strong, and she "dropped" into horse stance, in essence she would just be lifting her legs up, making it easier for him to CARRY HER AWAY.

    A long time ago, I wanted to start a company that assigns "male guardians" to women who were alone in a big city, were scared of being assaulted by an ex, etc. Call me misogynistic, but God knows it would go a long way towards making America safer for the (1 in 6?) women sexually assaulted annually.

  13. Well the horse stance is cool but what about these 2 scenarios ladies…?

    1) You squeeze out a nasty piece of crap while resisting a pull/push.
    2) He kicks your nuts.

  14. This is stupid, incompetent, don't follow this instructions,if you want to now something rather train like cyborg santos or gina carano or other woman fighters . this video is far away from reality

  15. This is the first video I've seen by this teacher demonstrating a concept that works. Decent presentation overall. The main problem is the legitimacy of the teacher. You don't want to learn self-defense from someone that doesn't fight regularly or doesn't have a past of fighting, be it street or ring. Pretty women don't fight. It's like taking driving lessons from someone that has never driven a car.

  16. I've been in real street fights. The kibadachi has never been one of my stances. Great conditioning and for kata. Not for the street.

  17. Why would you resist a pull? You're wasting a lot of energy against someone a lot bigger than you.

    Bruce Lee said be like water and flow with your opponent. If a person pulls, you can use that momentum to go with it and an elbow right to the face. If someone pushes you, you use the momentum to run away.

    In any self-defense situation, it is wise to run away when possible.

  18. Karate has a lot of technique that amateurs can use without hurting themselves. For example, killing the power and striking to the weak spots. But most of yours are for trained martial artists or for people at certain level.

  19. yeah. She is cute. Should be a gi model. And yeah, the horse stance has its strengths. But don't trust anyone who says, "do this to me, but not like that." first sign of a fail.

  20. @chrismanweb I totally agree, and what you said applies to virtually every self defense video I've seen on youtube. Some of bas rutten's stuff is good, and so is some krav maga, but you must practice many hours on fully resisting (furiously attacking) opponents on the mat before you're ready to use even the high probability moves on the street. At least she isn't some beer belly guy lecturing on psychology, adrenaline control, and the legal issues of lethal defense. Plus, she's cute.

  21. This is bologna! I have been in martial arts (Various types) have seen what works and what does not and this is one that does not! an attacker would have followed you lower to the ground if you dropped essentially moving the fight to the ground where a female would be in a situation where she is far worse off at.

  22. um, see, when you're in that stance, aint it difficult to get out of?
    he could push you from the front, knock you backward, and you crack ur skull open on the ground.

  23. Women– If grabbed or punched –YOU WILL PANIC.

    Unless you train all the time. Do this. Get a Spyderco Delica model. 3 in serrated.

    Learn to open. Keep hidden.

    If you are in a choke hold – open knife and slice his arm to the bone — again and again.

    Never threaten with knife or show. As a secret weapon — when touched or grabbed – use it with panic and it will get you out safely.

    If punched – hold as block with both arms up — attacker hits knife. Then swing, slice. Never stab.

  24. Yo MasterN,
    The spyderco is less than 3 in. and thus a legal pocket knife. It is only for the extreme when one is attacked. Good luck with a Karate class in that situation.
    This is for when one is really in trouble – when not having an effective weapon is very deadly.
    If no one touches you – it is just your pocket knife.

  25. F the horse stance, all it is is about lowering of the hips that makes it harder to manipulate the upper body to cause loss of balance and manipulation. Most people have this instinct already when some is trying to push them. FAIL

  26. I was bear huged and I dropped in the horse stance as you said..then he kicked me from behind in the nuts! It's all your fault, damn it!!

  27. Slipped…. underneath… his grip…

    Think of all the things that must be wrong with this world for this woman to become so deluded as to believe she is teaching self-defense.

  28. This is where something like judo or jiu jitsu would work far better as the guy who is giving you a bear hug could be thrown and knocked out on the ground. I believed the karate myth when I was younger as it was some invincible martial art until a brown belt who was coming up to his black belt exam told me a lot of styles were useless on the street and the club was run by someone who was only interested in money.

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