Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Common Self Defense Weapons for Women

These shoes are cut, but they’re not going
to do the trick on your feet when you come to a situation where you need to defend yourself.
Like we’ve discussed earlier if you have time to take off your shoes just rip them off so
that you can fight barefoot and you don’t have to worry about falling and twisting your
ankle. What I do like to use this stiletto for is actually to protect you in case your
attacker has a knife. What you can do is take your shoe, put it on your hand. Now, where
are you protected? I’m protected around my wrist which is essential in case you get sliced.
Now they have to get through that much more of the shoe before they make contact with
their blade and any of my skin. You can also use not only to protect you, but you can use
it in doing your blocks. Turn it around and what’s that? That’s a pretty pointy heel,
what can I do it? I can use it with my hammer strikes, I can hammer strike to the eye, to
the groin. So those are really good uses for your stiletto hopefully you don’t have to
fight in them. Another thing that I want to talk about is safety again, let’s bring it
back to the beginning. When you walk to your car remember buddy system, try not to walk
alone, make sure you stay away from guys that are standing by themselves. But always remember
this, before you even leave the store, the gym, wherever you’re coming from to go to
your car, take your keys out of your purse so that you’re not tumbling for them in the
dark when you get to your car. Take your keys out of your purse and what I like to do is
I have a couple of things on my key chain. The first one is pretty obvious this is pepper
spray that I actually got at a women’s self defense workshop. It will blind the attacker,
make their eyes sting and it shoots pretty far away so that they’re not even anywhere
close to your personal distance. All you have to do is hold down the handle. The second
thing that I have is called a kubaton. You can find these at not only martial arts stores,
but I’ve seen them in some stores, they’ll have them near key chains or something and
actually you need to know if you have a kubaton and you go to the airports or somewhere where
they check security like that, it has to be connected to your keys otherwise it’ll be
considered a weapon. So the way you hold and use a kubaton you just hold it into your regular
fist and now when you punch there’s something really hard that will make impact, they’ll
make contact with whatever you’re striking. So you can go for a front to knuckle punches
with this, definitely hammer striking with this. So it’s definitely something that will
help protect yourself if you are in a situation where you have a face to face combat because
they got closer to you. Just remember if you have to fight take off your shoes if you can
and use what you have in your purse.

73 Replies to “Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Common Self Defense Weapons for Women

  1. What? This girl is asian and her attacker is white, wouldn't she just get on her knees and be submissive like they always are? At least thats how they act in the movies I watch.

  2. i think she cares about the safety of women and thats a good thing , and when an attacker is coming at u i think anything around u that can do some damage can be used as a wepon so u dont have to be a gun !

  3. Good point about being with friends and being observant.

    One thing about knife fights – if he knows more than you, you're dead. That simple. Think you can fight someone and not have them land a single punch? Well, punches hurt, blades kill.

    One thing about pepper spray, is if the attacker can get it off you he can use it against you. Lying on the ground, helpless, clawing at your eyes is NOT where you want to be. That's why it's illegal in many countries.

  4. lol if a man grabs you, there will be no time to take off your shoes and do all of that.. is this bitch the Martha Stewart of self defense?? LOL

  5. Sorry but this one is irresponsible. Defence against a knife attack with the best training is tricky. Telling women they just need to use their shoes is ridiculous. Maybe if every woman had as much training as she does…otherwise this is a bad vid.

  6. wow this is ridiculous, no matter how trained a woman is, she will never be able to defend herself agaisnt a grown man. these videos are so delusional

  7. @thehalflifedude lol'd hard @ ''black belt karate instructor'' this isn't a movie kid. Defending yourself in a STREET FIGHT has nothing to do with doing katas on a mat, dumbass. This woman tells you to go in your ''horse stance'' if you're being attacked, im pretty sure this video is a joke.

  8. @DragonZord90 ya actually i agree, i tried geting a tazor for my gf since she is not trained but its illegal. and i really doubt she can take it out in time.

  9. What if i have 3 knives 2 guns a baseball bat,a black jack,pepper spray …what then u gona do that on me ?

  10. @thehalflifedude Yeah… well, karate doesn't really teach you how to fight tbh, it's in the most part discipline and a way to keep healthy. You want to learn how to fight find someone in your neighbourhood and go at it. Fighting in karate is like a drop of water in an ocean.

  11. @UFCNUTTA Agree even MMA figthers get stabbed to death by knife lol… if we are talking about the girl omg its a joke

  12. @luckyirishrhino
    so many laws, any law can take all your money, and put you in prison to be raped
    watch another way to fight
    (woman's best weapon) if you have time and mood to

  13. Stiletto against knife ? A stiletto offers zero defense for an attacker without a knife. The TV show host has no idea what she is talking about.

    Chuckle. A better female defense would just be to open her blouse. That will buy a few seconds of distraction.

  14. The best self-defense tips this TV show hostess should offer :

    1) Wear footwear that allows running. No heels
    2) Don't walk around half naked in high skirts
    3) Trim your finger nails so that you have a grip
    4) don't watch these dumb female self-defense videos.

  15. "it actually protects my wrist, in case i get sliced." note that her entire arm is vulnerable as she is wearing short sleeves. stupid bitch.

  16. @32qazx Gun, pepper spray, any kind of weapon you need to pull out have similar problems: Depending on how the self-defense situation started and who it is you're defending against, you may not be able to reach for that weapon before you're life is over. There's no arguing, knowing self-defense techniques increase your odds of coming out alright when used judiciously…with extensive training.

  17. I would love a pretty girl to attack me and rub her bare feet all over my face.
    I want to be forced to inhale the delicious stinky stink yumyum xx

  18. Is this all a joke? The new fighting style with high heels. LOL. I'm a man but if I go somewhere were it's dangerous I don't need all these fancy gismos and pepper sprays, I just take a Bowie Knife.

  19. this is so stupid -.-.before you even take off shoes and give it on your hand you are turned into shushi.better stick to kitchen babe

  20. It is offensive that this twinkie gets this many views for simply being hot. Doesn't matter her obvious skill is that of a green belt at best, or that her advice will get a person raped, killed or beaten, or stabbed. Expert Village has just discredited itself by having this woman on it's roster. I will no longer look at expert village as a credible source.

  21. hmm… ur attacker uses a flashlight and ur blind for about 20 sec. and then u trip and fall and ur shoes break ands ur Screwed.

  22. This is dumber than a box of rocks and not nearly as useful. Shoes on hands?! If you want the real stuff that works, Geoff Thompson and Lee Morrison are the guys to watch.

  23. She's already a knock out!! She needs no defense. What guy would want to tamper with the beauty anyway? ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!

  24. Ladies,

    you DON'T to buy any special to use it as a weapon.  You can use almost anything around you as a weapon.  You name, cup of hot coffee, pen, pencil, binder, books, your foods golf club, broom stick etc….!

    You can splash of water or throw your foods in your attackers face (aim for the eyes) and once he can see because of the foods or water in his eyes, kicks or knee them in the balls a couple of times should do the job.

    In fact visit my youtube channel for FREE Women Self defense and Rape prevention videos.

  25. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about cane self defense try Lomonting Survival Situations Mentor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  26. Love pepper spray but we can't use it in the uk, I carry old car keys In my pockets. Not in my handbag as things are so hard to find in there

  27. I know someone who was attacked by a man, this is stupid for example if you have time to put your shoe on your hand, you should be running, even if your a man if he has a knife run.

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