Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : Basic Kicks in Women’s Self Defense

Alright ladies, you have to realize that your
longest weapon are actually your legs. They’re not your punches, they’re your legs. Look
at the distance. This is the extension of my fist all the way out as far as I can. And
then there is the extension of my leg. My leg will definitely make contact with an attacker
before my fist ever gets to. So you need to learn the basic kick. Now I have decided to
keep my high heels on because in an everyday situation, most likely you’re not going to
be in a dojo wearing karate gee and karate shoes, or being barefoot. You’re probably
going to be in cute shoes like these. So what I want you to do is, if you can, if you have
time to rip off your shoes, do that because then you don’t have to worry about spraining
or twisting your ankle. But if your shoes are still on and you find that you have to
defend yourself and kick, this is what I want you to do. Spread your feet apart, bend your
knees. Okay, if you can get your hands back here like we were in horse stance, that’s
great. Lift a knee, your knee comes up first, that’s one, extend, two, bring it back in,
that’s three, and then come down, that’s four. Only four steps to a kick. So again, let’s
do that one more time. You’re going to take your knee, coming up, one, out, two, bring
it back in, three, and down, four. In my heels, where do you think I’m going to aim my kick?
You got it. Alright, attacker, if you will. Attacker’s right here. I can’t reach him with
my fist yet, can I? But my legs can. So before he gets into my personal space, remember we
talked about saying, “no and stay back, don’t come any farther”. If he gets into that personal
space and I get to feel, and I get the feeling that I’m uncomfortable and I want him to stay
back, his legs are wide open, his groin’s right there, I can definitely shoot a quick
kick up his groin and disable him with enough time for me to run away. So again, it was
very simple, we just “no, stay back”, one, two, three, four. There is your basic kick
in heels.

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  1. I have seen women demonstrating the groin kick before, but never in high heels. This chic really know how to turn a man up, and then demolish him.

  2. i know sex appeal is not the point of this video but god is she ever hot!! it would be worth getting kicked in the nuts by her just to have any part of her body come close to my genitals….what a fox.

  3. As a male instructor I have to disagree with some of your statement. The key is the element of surprise. Most guys expect a female to somehow go for the jewels. You have shoot for other vital areas at the right opportunity. Plenty of my female students have taken out guys in full contact.

  4. Look, please don't put your hands on your hips!!! Why would you protect your hips?

    Put hands up to protect body parts that are important to your survival.

    Like your eyes and throat.

    Also a Thai push kick is better because it separates you from the attacker.

    A snap kick can be defended just by putting legs together.

    every male has this instinct, we played spack the balls as children.

  5. Sad really. Most men have reaction times good enough to stop a kick like that. Also, if a man want to attack something, like a woman, he would just rush her before she could react. Knock someone over and slam their head into the ground a few times and the fights done. No kick to the nuts will help an unconcious person, high heels or not.

  6. Okay first of all. Alot of guys can take groin shots. second of all women have killer instinct along with men. Its the fight or flight response. As Bruce lee said "If you want to learn how to fight you have to get in the water, If you want to be successful in self defense you have you practice in the most realistic conditions as possible, other wise its just dry land swimming.

  7. Jesus how I would love to get beat up by a woman. Something sexy about it. As long as she…licks my wounds afterwards. Oh god…

  8. WTF???
    one two three four???
    when a guy is attacking you u dont think about your one two three shit.

  9. she's not serious is she? an attacker would most likely come from BEHIND her, or assault her while she's DISTRACTED with keys, phone call, opening a door, looking in her purse, picking up something on the floor, unlocking her car door, etc.. "1 2 3 4 steps in heels?" are you fucking serious? tell me this is a joke, please.

    Want some real advice? Get a handgun, get a concealed carry's permit, get some training in operating your gun. DON'T put the gun in your purse – it can get stolen.

  10. its stupid to take your shoes off, it only makes kicks less powerful. And the knees are better targets than the groin: there's 2 of them, closer to your feet and 99% of men have almost a sixth sense about getting hit in the balls. If you want your leg caught and to be spun around and slammed on the floor, then do your 1-2-3-4- kick. one last thing.. are u on a horse? no? then keep your dam hands up!!

  11. how can a kick get stronger with your shoes off? thats like saying a punch will be more powerful when you take off a pair of brass knuckles

  12. I don't see how, I'm not trying to be argumentative, explain it to me. The typical karate/TKD kick relies of either spinning or snapping the leg. Maybe your talking about conditioning the heel or ball of the foot, but even then shoes would make them stronger, especially a pair of boots.

  13. Ladies,

    Once again, dangerous advice. Adrenaline blunts pain, shots to groins are not always effective.

    I have delivered groin kicks and toe kicks to the femoral nerve/artery to the same partner. Dropped him both times. He told me that the femoral nerve attack was much more effective, Use pointed shoes or heels.

    Go after the femoral nerve or take your heel and scrape down his shin bone, then stomp the heel into his foot. Both attacks work well.
    If you like the guy, don't draw blood.

  14. Really bad advice re: taking shoe off.

    Pointed weapons (especially pointed shoes and heels) are very effective for striking vulnerable areas. This woman does not have a clue about realistic scenarios.

  15. I went back to watch to see if I was being too harsh. I wasn't! Her advice is negligent.
    Her hands are too close to her body when kicking. She is not maintaining a defensive sphere.

    As to the kick, no discussion of hip extension, snap, and focus. No follow-up.
    Use pointy weapons (fingers, elbows etc) for multiple fast and hard hits to target soft areas (i.e. throat, eyes, etc.) until he is "down and out". Importantly, go train with a legitimate and realistic combative arts instructor.

  16. Yeah SHB, most women kick like, well, like girls. Women kick guys there without provocation so frequently we either get used to the pain or learn to defend ourselves. I've been discussing the weather with a girl who kicked me out of the blue! Needless to say I didn't even wince. Even if it had hurt there's no way I'm going down. If these videos were serious then they would teach women how to fight with knives instead of portraying thugs as severely retarded sissies who never defend themselves.

  17. So true! I'm sure it works sometimes, but I would think that there are more than a few thugs out there that know how to fight and are used to pain. I mean if you can survive getting beat up by MEN in prison then I think you can take a punch or kick from a chick. I don't mind defense courses teaching women to protect themselves, but I do have a beef with unrealistic training that lulls women into a false sense of security. I also think the woman in this video enjoys kicking guys a little to much.

  18. The sad truth is a lot of rapists just tackle the girl from behind. I haven't seen any techniques that deal with that scenario. Actually this video isn't that bad. Watch her other videos and you'll see just how ridiculous they are, such as her palm heal to the ribs or her ice cream scoop block. And as you mentioned, she's being attacked by nice guys who don't even try to hurt her. You play how you practice and if you don't practice realistically you're not going to be ready for the real thing!

  19. Course, no guy's EVER been kicked in the balls, and wouldn't have a CLUE what to do! He'd never even THINK of, say, twisting his hips and taking the kick on the thigh! He'd go OUT for the COUNT!

    5 stars for humour. Actually, not really that funny, and some girl might take her seriously and think her crap's effective. One star.

  20. @TheGreatEscapes Where did you go to see all these groin kicks in action? I've been trying to learn the scoop kick and noone would volunteer.

  21. Yes, you are in cute shoes, of course everything you have on is cute on you. If we sparred I think I would end up humping your leg, haha

  22. @TheGreatEscapes I'm one of those type of guys that don't feel it immediately and normally I can do good damage without being pissed, with me pissed, 230lbs of muscle charging and 5-6 seconds is all I'd need to break the other persons bones.

  23. I'm not saying I would ever hurt a woman, i would protect any woman I saw being attacked. A man who attacks a woman is a coward.

  24. Well the moves are nice…It's beginner class though but still can help in a street fight…The majority of common rapers or thieves don't know martial arts so these moves will work…But they won't work against trained people…It's good to know some basic self defense anyway…!

  25. @IAmOpenMinded
    I don't know everything, but I do know enough to know what is good and what isn't. I know several women that could give me a hiding or at least a serious run for my money. One was a kick-boxing instructor, others were kung fu, Judo or BJJ students.
    THIS technique is crap. It's telegraphed, it's got bad posture, and there's no guard up in case it goes wrong. Thus, it's bloody dangerous.

  26. @IAmOpenMinded
    If a woman wants to learn to defend herself she should join a class that teaches techniques and also has sparring. She needs to become intimately familiar with the basic strikes and blocks, and preferably also good at attacking/defending balance. Karate is probably the worst there is as the hands are always pulled back, leaving oneself open to a counterattack.

  27. @IAmOpenMinded
    When applied at full speed, there's plenty an adversary can do to protect themselves. As I already said before, a simple twist of the hips will eliminate all effectiveness. Most guys have been hit there before and can see it coming and react in time.

    Granted, a good quick kick to the nuts can be effective. But the "horse stance" and pulling the hands back like that removes all chance of surprise. Far better to keep your hands up in a "back off" or "surrender" position

  28. and throw a kick – then it's at least surprising; and you've got your hands up in position ready to scratch the eyes if you need to keep going, or to block a counterstrike if there's one coming.

    There are people out there who teach dirty and effective "self defence". There are effective martial arts which can be used very effectively for self defence. Karate really isn't the best – too obvious and bad at blocking. There's much better stuff out there. Plus, I hate her attitude 🙂

  29. @IAmOpenMinded
    You're contradicting yourself. You can't say "the man doesn't know whether she will defend herself" and "the element of surprise is very much present" AND "the horse stance will communicate that she isn't willing to be a victim". One or the other, you can't have it both ways. I fail to see how going to into horse stance, a ridiculous and vulnerable position when used wrong, as it is here, would be any more effective at communicating "unwillingness to be a victim" than a

  30. (contd.) loud yell. As far as I can see, horse stance here only telegraphs that the woman is about to attack – thus making a kick to the balls less likely to succeed. Especially as that's exactly what one would expect a woman to do.

    "can't judge a technique unless you've seen the combos that can be used afterwards"
    With an arm bar or wrist lock I'd agree with you. But a kick to the twins? Puh-lease. IF it works, you can do anything, if it doesn't, nothing.

  31. But one shouldn't have the attitude that "a kick to the balls solves all problems as this "expert" seems to teach.

  32. @IAmOpenMinded
    I agree with what you say about the psychological aspect of self-defence – that of having confidence, and attacking the attacker's confidence. Sometimes if a woman defends herself with spirit, that's all that's needed.
    But my concern is when that's NOT enough, and defensive skills are actually needed. My position is that women should learn something effective. I strongly disagree that "the woman in the video could take out most men using these techniques",

  33. (contd.) and I'm warning women that what she's teaching is not actually effective. If you want to believe she's Wonder Woman, go for it. But please don't tell people that it IS effective, when you don't know, because you could get someone raped or smashed.
    My opinion is that she's giving women what they want, rather than what they need. A 2 min demo telling them to kick someone in the nuts, which gives them a (false) sense of security. No effort, no sweat needed. I think its false + dangerous.

  34. @SophieFilomena

    "Learn" self defense??? Learning unarmed combat, seriously we believe that??? Few people exist with real skill and what you are referring to is a dangerous fraud. You "learn" unarmed combat if you participate in unarmed combat and this does not happen. I do not know what you believe about the video but I think it is shitty, misleading and concerns something that might be no joke…

  35. Holy crap, she's gorgeous.

    Seriously, though, go buy a Bersa Thunder .380 and shoot the crap out of it, then take a CCW course, know the legalities, get your permit, load that thing up with decent hollowpoints, and move on.

    Staying in good shape and good body awareness can't be knocked but I think some of her techniques are less than field-expedient.

    And yes, I would never spend this much time commenting if the presenter wasn't super-hot.

  36. in heels she won't get away even after a good kick in the balls. Groin kicks usually give u an opening to do more attacks to other vunverable spots, or even a follow up more powerful groin kick…and yes kicks to the balls can be lethal (at least in 2 instances I know of).

  37. @nihonjinonnanochitsu ahh that explains it! so you have balls but yet barely any.
    oh and not only will her legs be kicking your "ballsack" but so will I.

  38. No. Your longest weapon is your extended hand, and your hand has greater accuracy than your foot and can be thrown faster, recover faster and target the eyes. Only a touch is needed to tear-up an eye.Stand upright, take one step forward. Measure the farthest distance you can launch your body and extend your hand. Compare with foot.

    The cute Asian chick is correct that a leg is longer than a hand, but not in an attack. A chick kicking with high heels is sure to land on her ass.

  39. After watching several of these self defenses video's for women! I think the moves are good if the attacker is distracted long enough for her to pull out a knife,gun,tazer or mace. But don't count on these type of techniques to save your life alone. Most adult males are not going to be stopped by one or two hit's and women should carry some sort of weapon for protection.

  40. Dont belive the myth that one kick to the groin is enough to stop a man – you will be disapointed. Most men instinctivly protects the groin and only a quick twist can make you miss the mark completly. Even if you hit the spot right on with full force a man pumped up on adrenaline may not feel it until later (when it hurts like hell and he vomit) and will not stop him (with no adrenaline he goes down for sure). The foot, the lower leg or side if the knee is easier marks and will slow him down.

  41. I think doing a soccer kick (call it muy tai if you feel you need to do a martial art thing) is much easier and it has much more power. About aiming for the private parts it has been mentioned before: Way to small target, much to easy to become a moving or protected target and finally most hits will simply have the balls move further in between the legs doing no good at all. My suggestion for targets: go for a solid shin kick if you have no training or for the knee if you have.

  42. 1. Kick him in the nuts HARD.
    2. When he falls to his knees, he'll have his hands cupped on his balls.
    3. Kick him up into the chin HARD while he's on his knees. He'll fall back on his back.
    4. Run.


  44. Again a worst culture, the commercial world is maintaining rapist and abusers amongst men and promoting vulgar sex defense classes to women.

  45. what if he grabs your leg ? what would you do in this situation ? ( just asking… could you make a video of it ? 😀 )

  46. Because I know it is making you wet between the legs.. I'd like to stand at the 50 yard line of a football field and have you or that cuntal hair in the video take turns kick me in my balls. I hope you and this lovely cuntal hair in this video will kick me through the goal posts.. i'd love to see a YouTube video of her gettin raped.. I'd masturbate to eat nightly.. Love when she says," his legs are wide open.. I can shoot a quck one up his…… and disable him.. Disable me bitch.. destroy me

  47. my g.f from Hokkaido is visiting next month. I m going to fuck her so hard.. I am not going to use a condom..she is 50 yrs young. dont think she can get pregnant.. Lets hope I am right cuz Id make a horrrible father.. im lazy and don't know how to fix things.. I am going to force my 3" into her even if she is not lubed.. it will feel good forcing my massiveness into her an the look of pain on her face..maybe she will grab my liitle sack and squeeze and pop a nut of mine.. I'd like that

  48. This isn't effective in real life, just saying. Those type of women have a better chance of just screaming in the hopes of attracting attention. Now that sounds just like real life now, doesn't it lol.

  49. I feel like these vids are gonna turn me into the girl who over reacts and nut kicks a dude coming in to shake my hand at a meeting

  50. Added bonus of wearing high heels; if you knock him out, you can stomp on his testicles with your heal until they are punctured, ruptured and permanently crushed into a pulpy, bloody mush.

  51. I love getting kicked in the balls in heels 😉 would happily be a practice dummy for her to kick away at :p

  52. I never took karate but my sister did and I have seen these groin kicks
    at tournaments.
    They are unbelievable effective.
    Most of the time the guys get carried off the mat and they are wearing cups.
    I would hate to be a guy and get in a fight with her.

  53. If he has not put his hands on you or touched he has not attacked you and you DO NOT have the right to kick him and you are the attacker and could be charged under some states laws.

  54. I am from Russia: Спасибо большое за видео – урок.) Теперь, если на меня нападут, то я смогу постоять за себя.

  55. You are so sexy and strong. You could fully rupture my balls with one kick, and yet there is so much more you could do to me. Will I ever get laid thinking like this?

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