Self-Defense Standing Grapples : Self-Defense: Low Catch Wrist Lock

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant Melissa and this is our Standing Grappling. Okay,
this one is called a Low Catch Wrist Lock. So this one is going to come, we’re going
to start this one from a basic push. So Melissa’s going to use her right arm and she’s going
to push to my right side. My right hand is going to come underneath the body this way.
Okay. This is going to come here and my right foot is going to step back, okay, giving separation.
As this separation happens, my right arm is going to slide all way down and grab her hand
itself. I don’t want to grab to the fingers, but I want to grab right pass the thumb. My
left hand is going to come up and it’s going to hit in the groove of her elbow, this way.
Okay. I’m going to lift and twist the arm upward. As I do this upward twist, I step
up with my left foot and I push my right hand up. Now prime position, you want elbow here
and hand here. Now, as I rotate, I’m not going to push my hand this way, pushing back, but
I’m going to rotate the little, her thumb inward, so my forefingers in, locking the
hand this way. And then applying pressure up, she feels it, she’ll tap. Okay. Again,
she throws the push, one, two, three. Now basically what you’re using is you’re using
an upward force and their body weight pushing down on their wrist to lock it. Now some people
you’re going to have, they’re going to have very flexible wrist so you’re going to go
like this, okay, and they’re not going to feel anything. So this little torque of pushing
the shoulder, the elbow this way, and lifting the hand up behind it this way, okay, they’ll
feel it right away. This is called Low Catch Wrist Lock.

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