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Okay so now we’re going to speak about pressure
points in self defense scenarios. Like first, I would like to clarify that there
are a lot of pressure points Okay? The word pressure points suggests that you
have to press it but not all of them you are going to press, you can hit something and
you can actually rub those points, so it’s not only against pressure, Okay? That’s very important. The second important thing that you need to
know is that there are like, these things how to press some points and knock some out. In reality that’s probably not going to happen
because you have to be very precise. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to explain
to you today, three points, three basic points where you can use them in self defense as
targets by hitting them, by rubbing them or even pressing them, Okay? So, I’m going to face Mariposa, so the first
pressure point that we are going to locate is very easy, when she flexes her arm, we
see the line of flection, Okay? We’re going to measure on the inside, three
fingers, Okay, three fingers from the inside, and we’re going to do the fourth one, the
pressure point, Okay? So again, three points and the fourth is going
to be the pressure point. So, you are going to press and look at her
face, that’s how she will react normally, Okay? So again, you can use it, not only by pressing
the point, just imagine that you’re going to grab me, this is a real situation, she’s
threatening me, she’s pushing me away so what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab and I’m
going to let it go, Okay? Again, press the point and let it go. I’m not only going to use by pressing, I can
also use this by punching this part, very easy. Imagine that she’s going to punch me, I redirect
and at the same time I punch that spot, Okay? That’s very important that you know that not
only can be pressed but it can be hit or even, what I was saying, it can be rubbed, you rub
the point, Okay and it caused more pain, Okay? Very important, careful when you’re practicing
with your partner, Okay? So the second point that we’re going to see
today is going to be located on the knee, Okay? We’re going to see the knee cap, we’re going
to go from the inside, four fingers up and now we’re going to press to that side, Okay? Okay, that’s what we’re going to get, Okay? So again, the pressure has to come to this
direction, very important, not down, not up, just this direction, Okay? Exactly, Okay? We can use this by kicking, put one foot in
the front, like this, Okay, boom, kicking that, Okay? We, that is how or we can even use our knee,
very useful, here boom, devastated Okay? That’s another pressure point. And the third one, Okay? We’re going to go again to the leg but this
time we’re going to go above the ankle, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to locate
it and then we’re going to go four fingers up and then we’re going to use the fifth as
a point, Okay, and we’re going to press. That’s exactly how we’re going to feel, Okay? So again, you can do the pressure, you can
actually rub it, Okay and in this case, you can also kick that spot, Okay? It’s actually a good target to hit, Okay? Very important, you can hit this, Okay? You can hit this or you can hit this one,
Okay? You can hit all of them, not only press them,
Okay? And that’s how you normally use pressure points
in a real scenario.

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  1. So like if u are getting attacked by a smaller woman you just go like, wait hold lemme measure about four fingers from your foot. Does that hurt

  2. I see lots of self defense moves but it is always guys defending guys or in this case guy defending girl. I would like to see girl defending herself against a guy…I have small hands and I fear that using pressure points on a strong guy would be ineffective. Thanks

  3. You need to be vicious with these attacks and they will hurt like hell. If you want an effective one, go with your finger vertically from your eye to your jawline and then press your thumb into the soft flesh underneath the jaw. Then imagine someone pressing in there with a vengeance when you're in a grapple. That's what good pressure point attacks should feel like.

  4. Here I have a really powerful pressure point: It usually only works on males, and it's located around crouch area. Super effective if you can land a solid hit there.

  5. There’s one in the palm and in my opinion is the most useful since it demobilizes from your hand to your shoulder and some how makes your legs weak.

  6. Bro the first is what happened to me when I was using my bow staff in teakwondo class I almost fainted I hit it so hard

  7. Bru I tried in my self it didn't hurt for a second and about 10 sec it hurts like hell like getting a leg cramp

  8. No one asked u perfect question. How pressure point hit works to remove pressure after hitting tell in scientific way

  9. I think some of these pressure points are impractical in most scenarios, most commonly pressure points are used on the arms or head. Also this man says ok 31 times in 3 and a half minutes.

    Yes I counted.

  10. Bwhahahahaha.. "Grab me" *then gently moves her grab from a bicep to the forearm.. What a joke!

  11. Imagine becoming a master at hitting the funny bone. You'd be the most brutal and feared warrior of the lands.


  13. When I uncontrollable, my brother took his thumb and pressed down on the side of my neck and it made me stop. It basically told my body to accept defeat, than my arms gently and slowly move downwards and I feet my body slowly stop moving. The pain from my neck, slowly stopped me…
    IDK how he did that…
    I have autism and it stop me from having a continuing mental breakdown

  14. "Was that a tickle, that was a nerve bundle in yoir deltoid might not have hurt but your not going to be moving that arm for a while"

  15. Ouch 😫Didn’t work for me. !!!When I bent down to locate the pressure point by the ankle . The mf#%* kicked me in the face!!🤕

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