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  1. i think, it's easier to defend yourself in the most cases. cause people who will assaulted you, are not especially trained. And do not forget that the victim has the surprise effect. Someone who's got a knife will always think that it's ok for him, and by the way get down his attention and defense.

  2. How else can you do a KM video? You can't really kick someone in the groin or poke their eye out. This isn't mma sparring.

  3. Even if you bring a gun you need tactical training to use it. Otherwise the other guy shoots you first. And sometimes a gun can be taken away from you. Also, most people are not so fearing life that they need to keep a gun on them all the time. But it can't hurt to know how to defend your self just in case.

  4. What do you mean by 'gun control has never worked'?

    You could just as easily say that allow everyone to be armed doesn't work, since the result can more easily be bullets flying all over the place by 'heroes'.

  5. @nyclear I will let you in on a little secret – ANYONE can poke eyes and aim for the groin – no training required. The target of your strike is irrelevant! If you can hit an eye then you can hit a chin, temple etc. Sport fighting allows you train to effectively APPLY these techniques against fully resisting WELL TRAINED opponents. Save the "deadly" eyeball/groin attacks for when you are attacked on the street by the average noob.

  6. @marcusorilius Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback. Let's say you were going to fight a guy in the cage or ring who had an amazing guard. You would have to train every possible scenario over and over to feel confident on fight night that you didnt get caught in his great arm bars, triangles, sweeps, etc. Right? To the point it was automatic in your being. Similarly, you want to train against knife attacks, hair pulls, 2 on 1, gun attacks, groin attacks,etc, for the street.

  7. @marcusorilius also, you would want to know that a full mount leaves your groin exposed, that anything on the ground should be avoided if you have 2 attackers, and an endless amount of other stuff that mma trains you for around the rules that you need to unlearn fast if you are getting attacked. Defending a shot to the head if I have a knife better change for you. Do you want to have to improvise on the fly or have already practiced all this?

  8. @marcusorilius Lastly, I am not like you in that I am not passionate about training. MMA takes years to get proficient, right? The rest of us need something that is geared to create proficiency in self defence as fast as possible. MMA takes a long time to learn all the peices and then for me to have to remember which peices i have to drop because there are no rules in a real fight? Let me practice as many scenarios that I might find in an attack, engrain that into my CNS leave the rest.

  9. The first thing a dictator such as Hitler does is take guns away from citizens. Also, most crime is not done by registered guns. The criminals get the guns anyway. I felt a lot safer in Israel when 4 army guys got on the bus with Rifles and uzis. If someone has to think twice about robbing me because I might have a gun, the percentage of robberies goes down. IF they know I cant have a gun, guess what? They don't have to wait till i am not home. That aint good.

  10. i dont think anyone in the whole world looks at the specific number of murders when comparing murder rates with other countries… the US is still ranked 1 when it comes to murders per citizen.

  11. @tangomanx2008 It is well known what dictators do. Just google it. The other stats are pretty easy to get too. I am sure there are links on the NRA site. Think about it logically. Criminals don't use registered guns. That would be to0 easy to incriminate them. So who are you wanting to take guns away from? If you want to make a difference then work towards stopping illegal guns from entering our borders. That takes guns out of criminals hands.

  12. @nyclear In a street fight, everyone knows the ground is a bad place to be. You use your training to GET UP again. Unless you are trained well in grappling, how are you going to get off the ground against a great grappler? You won't – you will die there. How do you train to beat a grappler? LEARN GRAPPLING. Who are the best grapplers? BJJ, wrestling, Judo, etc. Does Krav Maga use techniques from these arts? Yes. Krav Maga IS MMA.

  13. @nyclear "mma trains you for around the rules that you need to unlearn fast"

    Wrong – it is the opposite! You train in various martial arts, and restrict yourself in the sport fights due to the rules. Do you think a BJJ guy would let you go if you tap on the street? In fact, he will gouge and bite like a Kung Fu hero!

    ps. anyone who thinks they can prevent a well trained fighter from stabbing them is going to end up dead.

  14. @marcusorilius I like the way you think: You want to learn it all and be the best. But again you are the except. It would take most of us way too long to learn one martial art like bjj to any proficiency let alone bjj, wrestling, and muy tai or something. Also, I don't think the odds of a criminal with the discipline to study several martial arts attacking me. The odds are low I will ever be attacked period. I am 40 and don't think I know anyone who was ever attacked.

  15. @marcusorilius Most of us need to study what we need to know, not bjj against an opponent with a gi, etc etc etc.

  16. what is a diferent betwen krav maga,tactical krav maga and full contact krav maga and wich one is the best pls tell me??? :)))

  17. what is a diferent betwen krav maga,tactical krav maga and full contact krav maga pls tell me and wich one is the best??? :)))

  18. I mean hard numbers of the point you failed to make. If you can produce a number where a population having more guns resulted in a decrease of crime (eg a correlation between guns per capita, having a decrease of the crime rate) then you would have "evidence".

  19. You stated the following " If someone has to think twice about robbing me because I might have a gun, the percentage of robberies goes down. IF they know I cant have a gun, guess what? They don't have to wait till i am not home. That aint good.""***I asked for evidence and all you've shown, at best, is that guns scare people away once you pull one out. And I am not going to bother looking up the NRA over this. If you make and assertion, you provide evidence, not ask me to do that for you.

  20. This is not full contact. I have done a Krav training day and it was very interesting. After a few weeks you would get bored. Stick to a good Karate Club, far more to learn. All these moves are Karate based. Incidently 1 or 2 day courses a waste of time, unless you practise consistently.
    Bill Wheeler 4 th Dan Kyushindo Karate

  21. I know that. What I am talking about are the strikes, no groin or eye shots. I think if a person knew what they were doing they would clean house.

  22. I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying KM strikes are no good? They're not supposed to be like the strikes in, say, boxing. You don't wear gloves when you're walking down the street so you don't want to throw full-power punches that are more likely to break your hand than to knock the guy out. You just want to strike fast and often to stun the other guy for long enough to get you out of trouble.

  23. @Norrin82 his left fist isnt the problem the gun is, getting on the inside of him is better and lets you smash the shit out of em + did you see the smash to the face he got as he turned around

  24. @raingun79 hahah you dnt get bored trust me one week your defending knives, the next guns, then bats, then chokes and you get to smash shit all the time, hows that get boring, karate you do a lot of chopping and leg twirls hahah krav kills karate

  25. @JoeJedi75 note where his left arm/hand is, its protecting his head from as you said a high kick with his other leg unless you can kick low and high with your left leg at the same time

  26. @BigUriel i saying this fighting style seems to be more effective when its close action. but i do see your point

  27. @raingun79 man, you obviously don't have skilled instructors! I have taken Krav for a year, and still can't get enough!! I LOVE KRAV MAGA!!!!!!!!

  28. i just found this one… who the hell would say that what i was doin for all those years is called krav maga….hehe i love this technique…i made it up when i was a kid then perfect it in the army n now i find out in age of 27 that it is a martial art….hmmm made me think…are there any competitions??

  29. @lighttekku I am guessing because when karate was used in ancient Japan people knew what honor meant , but today there is no honor on the streets … you are fighting to keep your self alive.Karate is an awesome sport but the street doesn't have any rules and any referees.

  30. Krav maga . I am training Kung Fu for 5 years and i started Krav Maga few months ago and i gotta say that i use both of them combined … and its awesome combination , but you start with Krav Maga because you learn it very fast and it is based on natural responses , so basically you already know it xD But remember not to underestimate any other style … because sooner or later that will cost ya .

  31. @add4never there are some good attributes to be taken from karate but krav maga is just a very practical art, theres no flashy stuff in krav maga…just effective fight ending self defense thats straight to the point!

  32. @collegeboy112 dude they wont actuilly hit a guy in a training you moron, you really think they will start braking bones there?? they only do a "Fake" hit to teach you how to do it but they dont really hit in the training ofc

  33. Not bad, but not impressive.

    On a side note, funny to see that at 1:20 the guy litteraly cuts himself trying to disarm…not good.

  34. Répondre àthe real very diferent from this actor if u don't trust gve me a knfe and come to teasing your chance wth me

  35. yeeaaa i agree with you sam, archer and kestrel do the same movements like this video and others

  36. And this guy is a master (retired Israeli Defence Force) And trust me, even though he looks a bit like a slob. , he could probably kill most martial artists.

  37. Did you know ? Krav Maga is actually much much much similar to street gang defense?
    The movements are meant to be short, very simple direct and clean. The sloppier you are the more mistakes you make. That is why short , simple , direct and precise techniques does the job well. Takedowns are not recommended as many had mentioned – the assailant could be hiding a knife or a gun. Even if you throw him down he can stab or shoot you still./

  38. shit sucks when someone with real intentions with a knife comes at you. Not like these stupid demos of people doing huge slow wind ups… retarded

  39. @Ork4life yeah, in a real situations its different but, if krav maga wasnt good as it looks, the israel army wouldnt create and teach it to their privates

  40. @Ork4life After a few weeks of training sessions the sparringpartners are instructed to attempt a stab at their opponent properly so that the training would be as close to a real life situation as possible. (We used steel propknifes) This was allso the case with punching. We were supposed to try and hit our opponent so if we missed the block we'd get punched in the face.

    The trainers allso rented a nightclub occasionally so we could practice in that kind of environment. (Dark and loud)

  41. well, when you are surrounded on all sides by people who want to kill you, then you simply need the best method of self-defense. this is very impressive stuff.

  42. I have trained Krav Maga in Stockholm, Sweden (, I was very Disapointed! I felt like it only works against people with absolutely no fighting skills and are pretty obese..They did dispize ground-fighting moves and ..well , I think that the Drag "lafayette" in True Blood Would kick most krav maga practioners ass world wide..and certainly all the instructors there.

  43. @BlackShinobiShozoku
    Well have you even tried fighting someone or a group of men on the ground
    with a gun or guns or a knife/knives?
    I know , my close friend did and he died on the ground bleeding to death
    on – 19 May 2010 on the roadside. He was a BJJ Black Belt instructor and was a Kyokushin Black Belt 4th Dan trainer. But he according to police and eye witness reports – fought 2 men and they went to ground and was stabbed and shot 10 times. Sadly he was fighting 5 armed men.

  44. @lastbil1972 Then that wasn't Krav. Krav maga has been proven in real combat and I have taken some and have used it againts martial artist and well it is very effective.

  45. Krav maga improves your basic instict that's it. When some one points a gun at you move a little to the side and punch them in the throat with there gun, that is Krav, not wrestle them to the ground. In self defence a attacker should be dissabled as quickly as possable.

  46. @Godisthebest9 it was what they called it "modern Krav maga". Not the traditional style. It only has about 100 moves in total..compared with 1200-1500 techniques in the "older" style.

  47. Well the video said it all.. They don't train for competitions.. how can it be effective it's it's not able to be proven.. competition is what provides evidence to the effectiveness of the art.. this is traditional Asian Martial Arts being hijacked. By the way, the arm twist on the knife attck was wrong.. it should be two hands against 1.. and then twist.. and the deflect rear neck attack reversal against the wall is the simple YinTan formula.. nothing to do with SHORT! Jokers!

  48. @MrDmsir – They are effective on people who don't know how to fight.. civilians, ofcourse it's effective on them. Is it effective on people who do know how to fight??? what happens on the day when someone who is well trained in similar arts faces them? You can only measure effectiveness if it's faced with something equal and supercedes it!

  49. @foonfoon1 Competition trains you the wrong way. Your body/muscle memory is training for points. A couple of punches, and you're waiting for the ref.

    Real fights do not work that way. They are messy, exhausting, and brutal. Krav Maga trains for situation that will help you not only survive with 2 or more assailants, but to control the adrenaline dump that causes many people to freeze up.

    There is sparring in Krav Maga (also the associated Fight class), but mostly, we train to survive.

  50. @SilasTomorrow – Not really, the best of the best don't train for point's and the forget the ref is actually there. They are training to master the art.. it's the same for Krav Maga.. i don't know why they call it that, it's just the same as asian martial arts, there was no point in changing the name.. all the techniques are from asian martial arts mixed.. some from tai chi, some from kung fu and tae kwan do… it's not a new creation, it's just copied and mixed.

  51. @SilasTomorrow Adrinaline is supposed to come out, you have to control it, but you don't need only Krav Maga to teach you that, it comes also in forms of meditation and correct breathing… but without adrinaline you would lose the will to actually fight or defend yourself. The freeze up is caused by fear, not adrinaline.. the fear of death or getting hurt… this is something in people who have no courage or are not brave.. you have to overcome your demons yourself.. lets face it, it's copied!

  52. @airbrush4you Being a sport doesn't exempt an Oriental fighting style from being a martial art. In such a case as Tae Kwon Do, it is both a martial art and sport.

  53. If things are this much simple why train crav maga. This video is enough isnt it ?But the things are not as easy shown in this video, on real world then u have to think about some practical methods of training not the fancy movements.I am not criticising this art.Might be the problem of the person who present this.its all depend on you.doesnt matter which style you are training the only thing matters rather than practice is who u are and what is your inborn talent.

  54. @jv1985m25 Also it's popular too show cool and flashy moves in videos, so this may not be a truly accurate portrayal of what they teach.

  55. @sub7viet

    I rather say that your full of shit tbh… I've bin training krav maga for the last 6 years and well i must say that sure… this is coordinated… but hey… its a movie? how often do you think they run around with a camera and "oh hey, lest go out someone will come and try stab us then we put it out on youtube!" i mean cmon… think a little… Krav maga is one of the best martial arts. Its damage output is higher than most other martial arts like karate or kung fu.

  56. @sub7viet you are full of shit, what you don't realize is that when you get trained in martial arts you learn how to read your opponents movements in a split second, a friend of mine was the victim of a mugging TWICE, both times he incapacitated the prospective mugger with his martial arts training. not just knocked down, but KNOCKED OUT with multiple fractures. You try taking on a krav maga expert with a knife and just see how well you fare 😛

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