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[CODE RED DEFENSE] Hi guys. Nick Drossos here. So today I’m going to teach you how to apply a choke-hold. Now, I remember when I was working in a club, because people might say, how effective is it? The reality is once the choke hold is put on properly, there is no escape. And I remember one time there was a huge fight at one of the clubs I was working in and as the doorman was fighting with the client going down, I’m coming down the stairs and he was chest to back with me scrapping it out with the doorman and all I did was this, applied the choke. Within a few seconds, lights out. So, you have to be careful how to apply it. Because, if you use your forearm and do this, you’re actually strangling and crushing the windpipe. That’s not what you want to do. You want to stop the blood flow to the brain. You want to go to the carotid artery, you want to stop right over here. You want to put pressure both sides. Where you’re stopping the oxygen. So what you would do is… What’s very important is that the elbow has to be underneath the chin. Your biceps and your forearms are blocking the both arteries. The other hand comes around and you’re squeezing, pushing the head forward. So I’m not using my forearm to hurt him, I’m going elbow on their chin, I’m squeezing the bicep and the arm and I’m applying pressure. And what I like doing, is even put my head, its tucked in and I squeeze. Now, in reality what’s going to happen with the first two seconds, the person is going to do this. Now, if you put it on tight, there is no way he’s going to be able to open up. So think about once you’ve put it in, once you’ve applied it, imagine like a vacuum, you’re sucking out all the air, you’re taking everything out of it. Like a python and I’m going right here, so what you’re doing is, you’re blocking all the oxygen that’s going to the brain like a python, you’re sucking out all the air. You’re pushing, you’re squeezing the biceps and you’re pushing the head forward. I love this position too, because I’m also able to use him as a shield if there’s multiple attackers. Now, what’s going to happen within a few couple of seconds, There going to try to open up. By a third of the floor, they’re going to feel the body getting a little bit heavy. Now, what you want to do, and what I did is when I applied the choke and I felt the body, I took a step back and I leaned and at one point I had him like sitting and the guy was huge, he was like a little kid, like sitting like this passed out to the point, that I had to put his head down. Because, what you don’t want to do is put on a choke, have them and then let them drop because just the back of the head, slamming on to the floor, well that could cause a concussion or possibly even injure him, because his weight is going straight onto the ground. So when you do do it, when you feel the body is starting to get heavy, bring him down slowly. Don’t keep it, as soon as you feel the person about to pass out, go down with him and let him go slowly. Let it go slowly, and if you see the guy is fighting, boom, put it on again! I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you wan to learn more self defense, go visit our website, If you want to buy the Bob Dummy, I love this training tool, click the link below, we’re going to leave a link for you guys. So, I hope you enjoyed the self defense video.
Stay safe and stand strong. [BLANK_AUDIO] [CODEREDDEFENSE.COM]

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  1. I'm pretty sure that anyone that's gonna do this in a street fight is just gonna drop the opponent and won't worry bout them gettin a concussion, cause if ur r fightin someone u probably don't care bout them

  2. I have two questions. The first, is this choke fatal? Secondly, what is the most non-lethal way to choke and How do you apply it?

  3. I was doing this technique slightly wrong on the bob squeezing instead of pushing the head forward. I guess that's why I'm refreshing a lot of stuff I haven't done in years…cheers Nick

  4. I love the RNC. Learned it first in BJJ years ago, still practice to this day. Thank you always Mr.Drossos!

  5. Theres 2 last ditch efforts you can do when a chokehold is placed….
    1) life both knees up to your chest like youre doing the fetal position in air. All your weight withh throw him off balance and when you guys start to fall his instinct will be to catch himself with his arms. That half second where he releases his grip is when you need to act.
    2) try and stay calm… dont try and scratch at his arms. Go for their eyeballs and gauge his eye out. He is trying to kill you so now you must be a savage. Its not a fucking joke. Take their fucking eye out if you can reach it. If not, next, reach for the nuts. Get a nice handful and squeeze as hard as you fucking can
    Trying to get a grip through jeans is difficult… so before he knows what youre trying to do…use the element of surprise amd reach into his pants and grab his testicles, not penis, testicles and squeeze. Its not an easy reach but it can be done.
    Not everyone doing this choke is a Marine. Theyll make mistakes.

  6. This guy doing it wrong, there's no need to squeeze, you lift your shoulder backward and let the pressure choke him out

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