Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 2 – Fighting Spirit!

Howdy. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. I said in Lesson #1 that physical fighting
techniques—punching, kicking, biting, gouging—are actually the easiest part of self-defense. So, what’s the hardest part? Ah. The hardest part—especially if you’re
a good, kind-hearted person—is hurting someone on purpose… even a bad guy. Of course, if your safety is threatened, you’re
going to try to escape first… and you should. If you can’t escape, you’re going to try
to talk down the bad guy… and you should. But if your efforts to escape or prevent an
attack fail, and you suddenly find yourself with two hands squeezing your throat, you
can’t say— “I can’t believe this is happening! I don’t want this to be happening! Hey, he’s not stopping. I might need to hit him. But I don’t want to hit him. I’m a nice person. Oh, BLEEP. Now, I’m dead.” Bummer. When you’ve trained your whole life to be
patient and understanding, there’s a good chance you’ve also trained yourself to be
a little slow to fight back when necessary. There’s a good chance you’re a little
slow to give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to survive. But make no mistake—training to flip that
switch from no to go, training to unleash holy hell on a bad guy in a life-threatening
situation is crucial to the self-defense project. Part of the problem is that good people think
that fighting is rooted in hatred and anger, but that’s not true. Fighting, in the context of self-defense,
is rooted in love. You’re not seeking to destroy the bad, you’re
seeking to protect the good. Remember that—fighting for a good cause
is noble and beautiful… and you, my friend, are a good cause. So, if we can agree that the root of self-defense
is love, that you have every right—dare I say the duty?—to fight back against bad
guys, then we can now move forward to figure out how to develop our power. You should know what it feels like to commit
100% of you to a task. So, here come two simple drills to help you
flip that switch and build your fighting spirit. Drill #1—Sprinting. No, I’m not going to ask you to go out in
the street or off to the track. Just go from here… to here. Six to eight feet. That’s it. Start off tall and relaxed, like you’re
hanging out at someone’s birthday party. Ah, but then they bring out a tray of hot
pies. I know that looks easy, but it’s not. Going from nothing to everything as fast as
you can will make you feel like a big bag of potatoes. This super short sprint is a great drill for
self-defense because it’s all about exploding forward. You have to commit yourself physically and
emotionally the moment you make that decision to go. Just like if you’re under attack in real-life. You don’t have time to warm-up. You don’t get 50 yards to hit your stride. You have to pick the moment when you decide
to fight back and then BOOM—it’s all you, right now. So, that’s your sprint challenge—how fast
can you turn on all of you? Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, good-looking
guy—I just want to learn how to punch and kick. I don’t care about running six feet.” I get that. But here’s the thing—learning self-defense
techniques is a complete waste of time if you don’t have the fighting spirit to back
them up. A wild five-year-old with a knife will kill
a 50-year-old Black Belt if the 50-year-old Black Belt doesn’t fight back. Not me—I’ll drop that kid. Once you tap into that feeling of exploding,
once you feel your full speed and power, well, then you can funnel that feeling into ANY
movement you want to. If you want to throw yourself at a heavy bag
with elbows and knees, go for it. But if you don’t have a bag or you can’t
make it to the gym, that doesn’t mean you can’t train. I recommend that you pick a task—at least
one task every day—that you can attack as if your life depended on it. Like what? Okay. How about lying on the ground and seeing how
fast you can stand up and throw two punches? How about tearing apart a cardboard box? Just go after it. How about picking up a chair and carrying
it across the room? How about just making the bed? I know these tasks all sound really easy,
but they’re not if you attack them with 100% of your speed and power. You’re not convinced. Attacking the bed still sounds pretty silly,
right? Just don’t lose the big point here. The better you get at flipping that switch
from no to go, from freeze to fight, the more successful you’re going to be in a self-defense
situation. It’s all about exploding and committing. Commitment is the secret sauce of self-defense. If you want to practice some simple self-defense
techniques, well, then Drill #2 is for you. After you make the bed, try pounding your
pillow. You can use hammer fists like this or you
could even throw some elbows. Now, if this is newer for you, then obviously,
start off slow to make sure your body feels good when you’re hitting the pillow. I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Got it? Good. Now, flip that switch and attack. I know, it’s going to feel a little crazy,
but that’s the point. I want you to tap into your crazy so you can
bring it up and start to control it. Now, I’m going to be straight with you—if
you feel a little weird or uncomfortable attacking your pillow, get over it. Your life may depend on your ability to do
this. I mean, if you can’t give yourself the permission
to attack a pillow with 100% of your fighting spirit, then how the heck are you ever going
to give yourself the permission to fight back against an evil human being? Think about this—bad guys have no magic
powers. The only difference between the bad guys and
the good guys is that the bad guys have no problem hurting good guys. But once we—the good guys—allow ourselves
to go after the bad guys, well, well, well…then things get a lot trickier for the bad guys. So, don’t worry about being bigger, and
stronger, and faster, focus on committing 100% of you into any task. Focus on building your fighting spirit. It ain’t how much you got, it’s how much
you can use. Now, I’m not saying that committing 100% of
you will make you invincible, but it will make you the best you can be. That’s important to understand because if
you think you can’t defend yourself until you’ve been training for years and years,
that means you’re walking around every day thinking, “Oh, my God… if somebody attacks
me, I have no chance,” but that’s not true. Not at all. The fact is every day there are good people
fighting back and surviving. They’re not black belts, they’re not experts
in self-defense, they’re just good people who said, “Hey, that’s not okay,” then
they flipped that switch and fought back. Please, remember this—it can take years
to earn a black belt, but it only takes a moment to change your mind… to flip that
switch from freeze to fight. No matter who you are, you can go from scared
to scary in the blink of an eye. You are transformed into a powerful, effective
fighter the moment you decide to fight back. Okay. So, between Lesson 1 and Lesson 2, you now
have a simple self-defense workout you can do every day. Wake up, sprint to the bathroom. Then use the mirror to practice telling someone
how you feel. Then sprint back. Make the bed as fast as you can. Then beat the hell out of your pillow. Crazy or genius? Give it a try and let me know. Hey, if you liked this video, if you’re finding
value in this series of self-defense videos, please share them with someone you love. Until next time, keep smiling, my friend,
and keep fighting for a happy life.

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  1. You certainly had me cook my soup in no time tonight!! (I'm just glad I didn't chop my fingers off 😀 :D)

  2. Amazing video sensei. I know why I never faught back , Why I didn't punch those guys or kicked there ass , bcs I don't have fighting spirit. Its like i stop my punch just before their face. Self defense is a mind game.

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  4. Thank you for another great video. It's a very important thing to be able to tap into your darker side. One I still struggle with a little bit during training.

  5. Brilliantly simple self-defense concepts! Much appreciated.

    And so basic! My first instructor emphasized the basics are the most important to learn. And yet they are often overlooked.

    In this video, the basic concepts — not even movements / techniques — can even more easily overlooked!

    Thanks again for this video!

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    The pillow is no danger and no bastard … (aproxomily … ) … the bastard get all what I speare by the pillow … added …. with pleaseure … each hit, each kick makes the world a bit lighter … that is living kife and living in life of origine kausal energyeffect … cheers …
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  9. I tried to make the bed with 100% but the bed won and now I'm made. I tried to wake up and sprint to the bathroom but I didn't make it and a 5 year old with a knife got to the toilet first.

  10. BTW, when you fight a bad guy, make sure 5 other bad guys are not hidden behind the bus shelter! Once I gave the bad look while saying "No" to a drug dealer at the bus stop! "No" again. "No" again. Then I told him: "Does a great lady like me look like she needs your shit!" Just finished my words that 5 other bad guys appeared from behind the bus shelter! My escape!? I jumped in the first bus just arriving at that very moment, and told the driver: "Ride! Those drug dealers are after me!"

  11. cant agree more,it has been our experience on street,well…..once upon a time i was not an old man then we made it a point to declare that good students inside dojo are not that good on street,avarage students made much better street fighter,street fights are nothing but modified self defence

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  16. You don't need to master a system to use it effectively in combat. If I can defend myself or attack someone adequately after a few months of training in your system, that's good. If I need to spend ten years getting a black belt only to be told that my training has just begun…then unless I have an interest in your system and I'm not taking it purely because i need it, no.

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  20. Hi Ando, is it possible to train your body to withstand the Taser/Stun (Taser Gun)? Friend of mine who happen to be police officer was telling me that he know this guy that was a welder and he was having bad day and did something that got him arrested..before that happen police officer came to his work and use taser gun on him and it didn't have any effect on him.. After they use it few time, he decided to walk up to them and tell them he'll cooperate, so they took him in.. They just couldn't believe that it didn't work on him.. Its like he was immune to Taser gun. They assumed its something to do with lot of welding job that got him toughen up.. Is there some kind of training Martial Artist can do beside welding? lol Just that everyone nowdays use Taser gun, so I was wondering how can we toughen ourself up to withstand it?

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  24. Sir Ando, again awesome video but i have one question. I am a big fan of meditation, so my doubt is does the meditation helps to accelerate the mental training that you have mentioned in first and second video?

  25. Yeah! Being slow to react is really risky! My new training is to … get up faster out of my bed every morning with an outstanding explosiveness! Then I attack my day and my other trainings!

  26. Easier said than done. I’ve been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years now and I still have trouble hurting someone. I alway think when in a real situation, my skills aren’t going to be good enough to defend myself. What can I do about that?

  27. Yes, yes YES!! This is the BEST video for newbies EVER!!! Yay, Ando. "Tapping into your 'fighting spirit'" beautiful, Ando Sensei! Punching pillows! Like I have said about my ANGER BOX, I am in control of that lid on the box and what goes into it. Flipping that switch is a perfect analogy. Practice going from a zombie to a warrior under a second.

  28. My attitude is doing whatever is necessary, if that means I have to hurt/injure or even kill someone (just hope I never have to) in order to say alive / Protect myself or my loved ones, I will do that. Still the best defense is not getting into a fight at all😁

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  31. Hey I thought of another one: if you sit in a big chair or on the couch take 30 seconds or however long you want and go as hard as you can jabbing back with your elbows! Don't forget to turn your torso toward the elbow you're elbowing with. And you most likely won't get hurt because of the cushioning. And then you can rest and watch TV or whatever.
    Try it XD just don't have something on your lap. I almost dropped a Chromebook XD

  32. This is very true. To draw a parallel, taking self defense classes is like taking a class in public speaking. You learn techniques but if you cannot overcome the fear of the actual event, your performance is going to suck. Some of the best street fighters I’ve met had zero martial arts training, but they did very well for themselves in real fights because they did not hesitate to hit whenever the opportunity called for it. It’s natural for a “normal” everyday nice guy to not want to throw down (even with significant training) and as a result may miss the right time to strike first and then is left defending a blitz, or sucker punch. Know your space – keep your distance – but when that is breached and someone starts to “get in your face” he’s there to do something to you. Time to turn on the switch.

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