SELF-DEFENSE – Basic Gun Defense and Disarming

This thing here is drawn and the important part is – hold it, please This here is the area that is most dangerous at a handgun The finger is here, no matter what he does The finger on the trigger is the dangerous part Right? We do not use a real gun for this because it wouldn’t make any more sense here Important is how to deal with it in general Normally with such threads you grab here and push down, so the shot goes into the ground Therefore you grab at the top But while doing so, you must bring your hand directly to the hammer and keep it in place That’s the goal Right – Yes, keep it cocked Yes, and sometimes you can get hurt But here at the trigger finger when the finger is in the trigger guard It always provides you with an opportunity where you can stop him from pulling the trigger If you can lock this here He can not pull the trigger, no matter what He can not pull the trigger anymore Right? Also if the finger is just a bit in the guard This will work press Because if you are threatened Either he shoots But if he threatens it means he only has the intention to threaten you but no intention to shoot It even happens often, that he keeps his finger out of the guard Here Outside But if the finger is in the guard there’s always a gap that if you here, in that moment press on this bone/joint here, right there this is a physiological gap that hinders him to pull the trigger Again, hold it right there Here This side other side press right here and he can’t pull the trigger This part is not important. As long as he can’t pull the trigger you are safe And if it is here .. so .. look Grab here press He will pull the trigger. Release your grip That opens this space Grab This For a disarm or In that moment when you are at this point Why does this work? – Aim with your other hand Because the pressure comes from here to this finger press from here to stop him from pulling the trigger And while there is pressure on his finger His finger is This represents the trigger And if you press here His index finger will bend outside so he can’t pull But my advice for beginners who haven’t practiced this Please do NOT try this Let it be I just tell a bit what those who have to deal with this on a professional level learn Holster the weapon and draw No matter how you want to do it In that moment You can already see the typical bahaviour of those who carry a weapon Draw it So .. now put it under your arm No, inside, right The typical behaviour This Right Then you know there is a danger Again from the pants Here Typical behaviour That means the hands are always if someone approaches you and the hands are not visible, but hidden somewhere it is likely that there is a weapon We don’t know what type No matter what this is Important is In that moment where he draws – draw please He draws and shoots The question If he draws. In that moment push down If you can. If not.. If he draws like this, let him. If he shoots everything becomes illusion If he doesn’t shoot but threatens The important part is not to let him come that close and not to stand too far away. Instead at a distance where your arm fits on a ninety degree angle. Here And the first thing to keep in mind If he wants to shoot or threaten you he looks at you. Looks at you! Distract him, so that he does not look at you but somewhere else For example He looks somewhere else And that is the exact right moment where you can act. Again That’s important Again If he points here Just come up with something like Let him shoot one. Doesn’t matter Right? Look! Here Nothing else needed Here Simply .. he will only shoot if something comes in his direction It’s a psychological thing A warrior needs to learn that But if he Oh! That’s your chance! But don’t come up with the idea to Yaaaaah! You’ll get a hole Decide for yourself The distraction will make him stop focussing on you There’s nothing special needed Here You look at the gun, he looks at the gun too So please look somewhere else Be it his foot Okay? That’s a basic rule for guns. Also from behind It is not so important Important is Look. You only need to do this Boom. Done. All techniques have the potential to work, if .. If the technique .. For example some say: Okay, I turn here and hit him Yes, but only if The biggest mistake is you do not distract. That’s why it doesn’t work. First you need to distract people Look Then everything is possible But never especially with guns If you stand at the wall And he aims here Look His eyes look here How can you manipulate his eyes to look somewhere else? That’s it Okay? This is a very simple concept And don’t stick to the illusion .. please be so wise If there is a gun, do NOT gamble with your life It is not worth it Okay? That’s it for starters Thank you – for those who need to deal with firearms First. Do not evade, nothing Make him look somewhere else No talking And not trying anything stupid Or projecting fear to yourself Instead Create a distraction Automatically he will be distracted He won’t focus on his trigger finger Then you have the chance to to what we spoke about If it’s here with the finger here. Then press here Here. Press. And lock with your thumb Then he can not pull the trigger You can also press here Lock with your fingers .. and (press with your thumb) Therefore it doesn’t matter if left or right hand And if you are in this position Go ahead and shoot. If he can’t shoot During that moment, push the gun into his face Right? And do not disarm That makes no sense Because if you disarm Your fingerprints are on the gun That points at you as the perpetrator That’s not necessary Let him keep the gun Instead you can grab, press .. Like this And release He will shoot automatically Let’s go again Right here You lock the trigger finger off Like this So he can’t pull the trigger Pull this to the other side point at him and then suddenly release Then he will shoot into his stomach. Again Here .. over .. Hey, what’s up Release If he aims here. In that moment If you touch his hand he immediately pulls the trigger Therefore first you need to distract Make him look at something When he starts focussing somewhere else you can start to lok and by locking his finger in place He creates tension in his finger and as soon as you release he will shoot Therefore Lock aim release The best case is lock in place so tight he almost looses grip then hold really tight And due to pain he will surrender and you do not need to shoot him Get some help and you are free Okay? And while he is in pain you can move everywhere All directions All movable, all directions, everything’s possible And here, make him hit himself And then cocking the hammer this is a bad .. variation If you are here and press here It’s a bad version It works only if he If you do it in combination with this Here, press Press here Press the fingers to the gun Right? So this gets pressed until he feels pain But this grip has less power The most secure way is still this Locking off his finger And really safe is to use your thumb to prevent him from pulling And when you are there you can tell him Teach him a bit and tell him to stop this Okay? And if you disarm Do not threaten him that makes you the murderer. Instead Simply, after disarming Stash it away No matter how And then what he does is his problem but the evidence is there his fingerprints are secured as evidence Okay? So Right? If you stand like this and someone approaches approaches you Like this If you are approached Either you draw and shoot Shoot all the way through the whole magazine Right? But if you are approached and threatened Like with the police. They have no intention to shoot. But they will if you resist If it’s the police .. surrender! But if you happen to meet someone in a very dark place Then you can use your technique – go ahead like before Then I can not press And release. Release here Okay? Again You need to dis-tract first! Uh. Okay! Erm Yes Yes and release Okay? Again I carry it here my handgun Carrying positions are here here Here Here Okay? In very rare cases Here Rather uncommon but happens In most cases it’s carried here Okay? Many authorities carry them usually here Right. Except for policemen Right They carry them here Most attackers will approach you more or less like this Like this. Walk up to you And shoot Kind of a ‘stop’ Right, right Okay. Right? For you to teach Never forget First distraction, then action Nothing will work if you try to just start fidgeting around. You get a hole. Okay? Just this. This little detail is very important And you can always find a way to distract Okay. That’s it. – Thank you Thank you very much!

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  1. Meiner Meinung nach steckt hinter dieser Ablenkungstechnik ein gewisses Risiko. Es kann immer passieren das der Waffenführende durch plötzliche Aktionen erschreckt und aus Reflex abdrückt. Dies kann am Schreck liegen oder daran, dass er sich bedroht fühlt und in Panik verfällt. Also vor allem wenn der Finger am Abzug liegt, und zu jedem Bruchteil einer Sekunde abgedrückt werden könnte, sehe ich ein hohes Risiko in dieser Technik.

  2. The "DEUTSCHE LUFTAFFE" shirt 'a teacher' wears in this video can be purchased here:

  3. Omg dude what you doing? you gonna get someone killed, This is a sad man I love this channel. Before I ignore the knife videos but this is not good.

  4. OMG, what the f**k is this….????What the hell is this bullshit….???
    Let's start with the very first flaw I see from this video; why the hell you assume that the other side would not resist….??? If you tell me this is just a conceptualization, you will still need to conceptualize it in a manner that reflect reality. And in reality everyone resist, even good guys.

  5. WOW.. You've got to be fucking kidding .. right ?

    I've been training Martial Arts since i was 8, I'm 43
    I've worked in law enforcement


    here are a few points for consideration

    1. if the guy threatens you , IT DOES NOT MEAN HE WILL NOT SHOOT… fuck no

    2. He is not going to stand within Arms length of you

    3. He will point the gun to your head, not to your chest

    4. if you even try to push the gun down, you can expect a bullet to enter your intestines or groin area or leg
    if you were going to try anything, it's be pushing to the side, BUT DON'T

    5. the finger restraint technique
    I UNDERSTAND BODY MECHANICS and i know what you are trying to say here
    there would be struggle and in that struggle his finger would be able to move just enough and given sweating as well as lubrication, there would be enough movement for his finger to pull the trigger
    IT WILL NOT REDUCE YOUR CHANCE OF SURVIVAL if anything it will guarantee your death


  6. Normally I’m ok with any martial arts that claim to practice for the sake of conservation or for the art itself (not sure which this so called “Thai Art” fits into). No matter how ineffective, impractical or even nonsensical it is.

    But once you cross over to the “self-defense” realm, people are going to get themselves killed if what you teach is not grounded in realism

    First fact of any real life fight: People are gonna resist. No body is gonna stand there and take it like a champ while you do what you please. What about his other hand? what about the rest of his body? What you show would only work on some poor chaps with paralysis.

    Please don’t. Know what your Arts are and do what you will with it. But don’t give people false confidence that will get them killed.

  7. Once upon a time, I went to explore a sacred cave in Thailand. Upon entering, I happened upon a Great Hermit, in a strange meditation posture. I respectfully asked the Hermit what he was doing. The Hermit replied, "This is the most ancient and prehistoric Thai Yoga. It consists of three master asana. These three are the Triceratops asana, the Tyrannosaurus asana and the Velociraptor asana. Learn these most ancient and glorious asana, then continue down the cave path." And so I spent 4 hours there, which was actually 4 weeks, but the Hermit stretched time. And so I continued, noticing my steps starting to splash in water. I began spelunking when suddenly a great Naga appeared! I was frightened, but I knew to appear calm outwardly. The Naga shape-shifted to it's Hermit form. He asked me to show him the master keys. I imagined he must mean the asana, and did so. To be brief, the great Naga then instructed me in the greatest of all, most ancient and prehistoric Thai Naga martial art. This included the ability to shape-shift into a giant Cobra, but not a Naga. I can not share this or show this as I swore an oath to the Naga not to. Most important, this story is every bit as true as the "Ling Lom" martial art story. In fact, the Naga told me it was often used to defeat Ling Lomists in those ancient times, as well as used to defeat unruly dinosaurs. If you pay and and are accepted to receive the ancient Muay face punching initiation, I can teach you a limited portion of these great arts.

  8. Kein Wunder,dass ihr nur 500 abos in 8 Jahren geschafft habt. Mit dieser Technik würde man ganz sicher sterben…

  9. Eure Tritte und Schläge im Slow-Sparring finde ich gar nicht schlecht (insbesondere dieser Tritt nach hinten, mit der Fußsohle an den Hinterkopf). Diese Schusswaffen-Abwehrtechniken überzeugen mich jedoch überhaupt nicht. Bei Schusswaffen hört für mich der Spaß (und das Heldentum) auf. Da unternehme ich gar nichts und rücke bereitwillig meine Wertsachen heraus.

  10. Du vermittelst hier technicken die niemalw funktionieren, sondern welche die vielmehr zu einer niederlage (und damit mein ich verletzungen oder tod). Zudem würden diese technicken nie funktionieren. Und vorallem übt ihr das fallsch. So wie du das simulierst,wird das nie was,wenn man es auf diese art trainiert,wird man im ernstfall mächtig versagen…mal abgesehen davon dass deine technicken bullshit sind

  11. Bevor du so ein Video machst ist meine Frage an dich hattest du mal eine Waffe auf dich gerichtet bekommen ich kann wetten nicht also mach keine möchtegern Selbstverteidigungs Videos womit du die Leute nur in Gefahr bringst

  12. Wenn euch jemand eine Pistole an den kopf hält, dann is das nur eine
    Bedrohung… da muss man noch nichts machen.
    ERST wenn er abdrückt, weicht ihr der kugel ("einfach langsam") aus und
    schubst den schützen verhaltensgerecht von euch weg… er droht ja in
    dem moment wieder nur xD

    Wenns nich traurigerweise ernst gemeint wäre, dann wärs ein super comedy-channel. Habt ihr schonmal daran gedacht ?

  13. Alter Falter, ich kann ja kaum noch mitzählen, wie oft der "Meister" im Verlauf des Videos tatsächlich erschossen worden wäre. Leute von PAHUYUTH – the art of Thai Fighting, mal ganz im Ernst: Trainiert ihr so einen Bullshit tatsächlich oder war das Video jetzt nur kurz als Aufheiterung gemeint?

  14. Junge pass ma auf, ich bin 16 Jahre und 1,85 m groß und drücke meine 110kg beim Bankdrücken. Und in Selbsverteidigung hab ich auch ein bisschen Ahnung, und das was du machst is lächerlich! Ich kann dir versprechen auf der Staße würde ich dich auseinander pflücken wie Baumwolle:) Du kannst nix außer in Slomo "trainieren", "hust hust". Wenn jemand kommt wie David Russel der sich und ander auf Real Speed trainiert hat bist du tot Kollege! Du raffst wohl nicht das ein Gegner sich nicht einfach so abweheren lässt aber ok dann trainier deine Schüler halt grob fahrlässig du kleiner fetter Spa..

  15. First of all: No one is faster than a gun. And second: If you go for the gun, you should not pull it toward yourself. This is the real art of dying.

  16. Kann man dieses Video löschen? Das ist ja tödlicher Unsinn der hier vermittelt wird.
    In den 90ern durfte ich beim besten militärischen Nahkämpfer (Frank Pelny) der ehemaligen Nationalen Volksarmee Selbstverteidigung trainieren. Meine Erfahrung sagt mir, das hier grob fahrlässig gehandelt wird bzw. gezeigte Verteidigungen sehr wahrscheinlich den Tod bedeuten. Und das ist sehr traurig. Luftballons helfen da wenig…

  17. Eine Frage an diesen Meister da glaubst du das selber da was du deinen Schülern da bei bringen möchtest? Hab mir jetzt einige Videos von dir angeschaut und bin jetzt geschockt wirklich mir tuen deine Leute da ziemlich leid das die das abkaufen meinst du in einer Realen Situation geht das in Slow Motion außerderm kommt das alles so ja einstudiert dein schüler was da jetzt kommt . Also ganz ehrlich lass bitte denn misst da , mir fehlen wirklich die worte dafür wie kann man sowas ins Netz hochladen ??? Nicht zu fassen sowas

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