Segal, Shiri Final Video Project Chinese Martial Arts

Hello! My name is Ming Yang Lee. You can call
me Lee. I can from Northeast Normal University in China. I am a Chinese Martial Arts teacher
at the Confucius Institute at UAA. When I was 6 years old, my dad took me to park, where
I saw grandpas practice broadswords. Their broadswords were flying around there bodies.
This was so amazingly…I was totally struck by their practices.
I was told that was called martial arts. At the time, I did not fully understand exactly
what martial arts was. But I knew that martial arts made my blood boil and that I had to
learn in. There are lots of different types of martial arts. Martial arts has lots of
similar names. Such as, Wushu,…. its offensive and defensive movements.
Such as. Punching, Throwing. Holding. Shooting. Stabbing. And so on! Wushu is also Chinese
traditional sport. There are more then 2000 different kinds of Wushu
among….there are different types of martial arts Today I will show you some examples
of different types.

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