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So today, I’m taking you all out for a short tour of San Francisco Chinatown, but It’s a little cold outside, so let me get changed really quick. All right much better, let’s go. San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest and largest enclave of Chinese outside of Asia. Established in 1848 it has retained its own customs identity and proves to remain a major tourist attraction throughout the times. Massing a population of over a hundred thousand people in a 3 1/2 square kilometer area. It’s considered the most densely populated urban sprawl west of Manhattan, New York. San Francisco’s Chinatown is world-renowned for its flavorful east-meets-west cuisine and other cultural beginnings. It is also known as the first place to begin Introducing and popularizing dim Sun as well as other food and drinks in the United States. In 1959 Bruce Lee returned to the United States at age 19 and was living in this historical Chinatown for a period of time. Located at 654 Jackson Street, his apartment is located above a now restaurant, which is in the center of this bustling cultural anomaly. And we all know how that turned out he went on to change the world, become a famous movie star and bridge the gap between Asia and the West. Portsmouth Square is known as the heart of Chinatown. There is live music and festivals happening on a weekly basis. Although not many people here could speak English one could somehow understand. There was a sort of unquestionable unique element in the air to this place. Highly suggest anyone looking to tour San Francisco to make sure and stop by here and take a look. Thank you for watching guys just wanted to show a glimpse of this culturally significant town. Please subscribe share like comment. See you next time! Bye

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  1. Hey! I live in San Leandro, we're neighbors (almost). Maybe we will run into each other one day! LIKED + SUBSCRIBED! Keep up the good work. I look forward to your future videos =)

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