Sam Hui talks Bruce Lee sudden death 1973 Footage

Sam Hui… well… Bruce Lee well… suddenly passed.
We all know the news. When did you start to hear of this… news of his death? In the morning, the day after I knew. Ah, the next day morning. Right. So, that night… you didn’t know. Didn’t know. So… you and Bruce were in the same company perhaps, of course, you haven’t made a film with him, but you knew him. Usually, how did you feel about of his… uh his… attitude and the aspect of it? First of all, I feel Bruce had great personal loyalty. He really likes to help people. He also helped me a couple of
times… before. And… his character was very clear and bright. Then sometimes, his temper would flare up a little… but his character was very upstanding. So then… And… I feel he was… Hong Kong’s first hero on screen and after… Like he was only able to… Like, like many heroes on the silver screen… when they’re not making movies… actually… Might not be a hero. Or might even be a normal person, who knows. Or even be a bad person, who knows. I feel Bruce Lee was the first silver screen hero… and, also himself, a true hero in real life.

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  1. I'm not sure where you can buy it or if it's even for sale. There were links to the full documentary in Cantonese on YT awhile ago but appears to have been removed… sorry I can't be much more help to you.

  2. It's no secret that Sam Hui (and pretty much other HK actors/singers of that era) is a big Bruce Lee fan. He even mimics him in some of his films.

  3. man everyone was shocked bruce lee died suddenly that day. Who wouldn't be. A healthy man that didn't exhibit any ailments ahead of time. It would be odd.

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