Saber Fencing : Saber Fencing Positions

In this clip we’re going to look at those
pares much more closely, and I’m going to thrust as well as cut. Now he’s going to demonstrate
though three positions. First position he’s going to demonstrate is that of three. That’s
the position three. Now he’s going to go to the position four. There. If he’s a little
too wide, he can correct that eventually. Then, position five, that protects the head.
Position three protects the flank, position four protects the chest. Alright, now we’re
going to demonstrate it with thrust and cut. Back off a little over here and look at me,
Bob. Alright, so we’re standing this close, here I go., and he immediately reposts. I
go to the head. See, I tried to cut, but it was late. Now I’m going to go here to his
flank, ah he’s reaching out again, just keep it there. Again. Good, now back up a little
bit, can we do that. Right there. Now, if I do this it’s not good enough, I have to
move forward. That’s what tells you the attack is happening. See? That wasn’t a real attack.
That wasn’t a real attack either. So you’ve got to learn that. If not, you’re going to
be in trouble.

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