Robson Moura welcomes new BJJ program in South Tampa

what’s up everybody Anthony Kuntz here
and every facet of life you got to have mentors whatever it is a physical
fitness financial and this is one of our good friends and mentors they call him
Hopson more I call him hobby you know yeah so hello what’s up dude buddy so I
wanted you to see him we’re having an open house on Monday and South Tampa our
jiu-jitsu programs from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
hope you guys can make it yeah it’s gonna be a great train I took these guys
cannot miss that guy there’s another professor Bob professor Bob any coach
Jamie’s amazing Judy’s I’m a struck the internet for many many years and now
they’re gonna bring you guys the best in the business
good guys thank you Fester take care

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