Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

100 Replies to “Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

  1. 1:59 Stupid kid: "this scorpion is actually quite friendly"

    Really kid? Just like that sting ray was "quite friendly" with your stupid dead Daddy?
    Fuck this kid, spreading misinformation!

  2. I would like him to find his own Identity, as much as he's a cool kid and follows after his dad. There is only one Steve Irvin – he would be more awesome if he had his own style instead of trying to be 100% like his dad.

  3. spending time with animals gives you joy and happiness.
    while spending time with humans gives you nothing but hatred, anger and stress.

  4. Cringy how…he's doing exactly the same things Steve did in his interviews…as if he has studied his clips… man I think too much

  5. Oh me, oh my. Lordy Lordy Gawd. I squeeeeeed out loud when those lil black bears came on. Tooooooo cute! I'm sure there's a lot more of them to hug and squeeze now they're over two years older 😀

  6. this boy is the spittin image of his dad,this is how you act when you are born excited,i think it is marvelous that he takes after his dad,good show

  7. Groomed for american tv.bindy speaks american but he spesks aussie.they live in thier own little world at beerwah lol.same house but different dad was a champ but

  8. I like how jimmy unlike some other people ahem ahem lets robert talk properly and even asks about them while conversating with a good sense of humour and not interrupting and mocking all the time

  9. Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, and Mr. Rodgers: die
    Steve Irwin: aight, but before we leave and be nice to the people in the clouds, I’m a leave a clone for everyone back on earth
    The clone:

  10. Then there is me and my friends with combined about 200 crows u should see it when we call all of them it is like an army arriving for a piece of corn or something

  11. Watches dad die prematurely from messing with dangerous animals, decides to follow in in footsteps and also mess with dangerous animals

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