Riga Kendo Open 2011 Kyu Cup Galiaskarovs vs Rutkovskis FINAL

Fuck each other UP!!! *Inadequat yelling* I’m going home, bye! Wait, I changed my mind… Oh buggers πŸ™ $&^&*#$ more $#[email protected][email protected]$ *Internal Rage* I should have gone home… More inadequate yelling! SLIPPERY ^_^ *Morning Breath no Jutsu* *Wild animal sounds 1* You suck! No You!! BITCH! What did you call my mother!?!?!? Woohoo! Doing kendo with closed eyes=PROFIT! *Wild animal sounds 2* Jumping will totally intimidate him! B*tch it didn’t work! No Ideas… Going head first! SPAARTAAAA!!!! *Wild animal sounds 3* Psst… I’m tired! You? DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!!! Well f**k you too!! πŸ™ Ok… I’m out of ideas… Whoa Deja Vu… I liked that movie… I wonder whats on TV now You? DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!! You so boorin… πŸ™ I’m walking on sunshine… FUCK YOU SUNSHINE! You scary… I run from you nao Y U follow me? I has mail for you!!! Something important? SPAAAAAAM!!!! Bitch you will pay for that! Bamboo stick take him down! REJECTED! Staby staby! x_x can’t move…. That’s for spam! Hey stop bleeding on me! EWWW! blood have to run! *Wild animal sounds 4* I kinda don’t give a shit anymore… *Wild animal orgasm* Lets spin right round right round. *After sex sounds* I could totally go on I could get him If I had 10 more sec! Encho?! Oh fuck off I can’t move my anything. I’m gonna puke on you. I’m SIRUS! Like now! *Invisible puke no Jutsu!* You pukey now! Run away from PukeMan! *Will animal sounds 6* Holy shit! There’s something in this “Closed eyes” kendo! YES!! Hail ME! I totally had it all along! Bye PukeMan! Sorry for stabbing and puking all over you. *Latex sex toys sound*

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