Renzo Gracie Arm-in Guillotine Secret unveiled

(spirited music) So when I got Akira in a guillotine with the arm in, and I
said this is it, it’s done, ‘cuz I was already finishing four or five out of ten people that I was able to put the guillotine on, and I remember he was like making noise like (gasping), being unable to breathe, and at that moment I add extra pressure and I did in the old way. I extend my legs and I stretch my body. Him being shorter than
me, his head popped out. – [Commentator] and I could hear him clear because everybody was quiet. It was the perfect strategy. Here we go, for the front choke. – [Commentator] Yeah, Renzo’s
got the guard, but he’s got one of the arms in and
Shoji’s using a lot of energy here trying to stay up. Uh, he could possibly win by submission. Shoji’s trying to smother Renzo. Renzo’s got Shoji’s left arm in, and – – You know it was, and then I said I can’t believe it took me a while to get him in this strong position
that he was able to stay. The basic – I love to do it from my knees or I do the same standing up. The basic thing and one of
the most important things is once you lock it, the
grip is the common grip, like this and you go to your wrist. I get to the point where I was finishing guys holding even my forearm even like this. so by having the hand here, I
turn my body, I would jump in and the hand will be here the whole time. Keeping the pressure. Once he was on, I’ll pull him in and I’ll add the pressure to finish. – The common mistake which
I was talking about before is when you get it here,
then I go to pull guard, look and I lay and then once I lock I try to stretch, look. Especially if the guys
is shorter than you, his head pops out if he
resists a little bit, but instead of like me pulling in. I will push and I will
arch my body this way, and that’s why it was so easy even when I got him here, he would grab my wrists, and I wouldn’t be able to finish, look. I couldn’t finish him, because his body was laying on my wrist, and by just locking, using the hand, that’s why people thought it was impossible to submit someone using the guillotine
with your arm inside. So I had him here, look, arm and head. Lock it. I always turn my body slightly to make like a scoop, look,
it’s already tight now, and the hand is high, as
high as I can bring it. Now look, I will allow myself to slide and bring it, look, it’s already on. I’m going to make a little bit looser now, so we can show the whole motion. Turn the body, bring it – slide, one leg in, look. Bring it to finish.

14 Replies to “Renzo Gracie Arm-in Guillotine Secret unveiled

  1. With his left leg not fully across the back in guard, wouldnt it be easy to nullify the choke by stepping to the right into side control? Can somebody explain this please?

  2. Renzo. I seen some matches you had where you fall on your back with your legs in the air calling a fighter to lay down on you. what the fuck is that about? if a guy don't want to lay on you get up & fight, don't just lay there like a loose date.

  3. Good not armes artes macias revistes armys all plants nt use ates wars.. armys not register kareate jiu jtsun all golpes reviste us navary uk russia all assin chineses etc.. não uso nem joelhao para sair.. não sei nem golpe blz..

  4. My first bjj match was this weekend and I had someone in this deep and couldn't finish cuz I extended and his head popped out after about 20 secs. He got the 2 points for takedown because of this and I lost. Wish I had seen this video earlier! haha

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