Rare 1983 Betty Ting-Pei Interview on Bruce Lee Death

Umm… I believe there are a lot of friends that
would like to know about ah… Actually, I must say a little something on an
issue in the opening of this segment. A human being’s body, to die is inevitable.
Furthermore, after 10 years, Bruce really hasn’t
been gone so long. And to this day, there are so many people still
saying, Bruce Lee… How did he die? It happened in
Ting-Pei’s apartment! – Ok, do you want me to ask it? Because I’ll be
that voice to ask the question that is basically
taboo. And it doesn’t matter because it was ordered
by the higher ups anyway haha…
– Good, that job is yours then.
– haha whatever that means. How I see it is, there’s no harm in asking a question
if you’re wholeheartedly, direct with yourself. Because, I think in the past 10 years, with Bruce
also being my idol and all. However, I think I and
some viewers out there have an unanswered question
in our minds, that is he died in your apartment, is it safe to say… I
mean, everyone is thinking the same whether it’s the
newspapers, or the press writing this for no apparent
reason… Bruce died because of strenuous sexual activities on
the bed. It’s what a lot of people think. – I’m sure a lot of people won’t dare to ask, but,
I’m going to ask it anyway.
– It’s very late.
– And I hope you directly answer it because the
viewers and I share this interogation here. – I won’t answer this question. (chuckling)
– You won’t answer? I don’t think so… I think what you don’t know is… Will it cause you mental stress?
What stress? – I mean, me asking this question will give you any
mental stress?
– It wouldn’t, because I’ve already suffered for 10
years… 10 years I’ve continued on, and I already don’t…
because I didn’t do anything wicked, so it didn’t
bother me and I lost a very, very good friend which I’m already
saddened. Today’s question you ask me I can answer
you because I, Ting-Pei… is a, uh… upstanding person. meaning if I did it, so be it. And if I really ‘did
it’ with Bruce, which is make love… with him dead
already, I would still admuh… admit it. Because I have nothing, uh, I need to hide. The truth
is I didn’t do, means I didn’t do! A lot of people, probably like you, I don’t know how
one can think in that direction but, when you’re together, they’ll insist on thinking
of that question. I would say to me, it’s not fair, but to Bruce, it’s
even more unfair, because he is no longer here with
us, no longer in this world. – Also, he really… me and him was not like that.
– Mmm…
– That’s why I… – Please finish what you were going to say, I’m sorry.
– No problem. In these 10 years, I’ve suffered a lot
of pain and I don’t like to talk… Earlier, you even said, just bringing up this question,
I’m very anxious and annoyed. Mmm. That’s why, I hope you don’t ever be annoyed. In other words, let us clear up this issue once and
for all, to the fairness of you and Bruce. And of course, this ever so sensitive question has
been thrusted upon you so sharply, truly confirms
your courage might I say. So, ok then. Since this is what it is, I’m going to
ask you further, please don’t blame me, ok? Although you said now, you didn’t do it (with him)
from your own mouth through the television broadcast
that it’s absolutely not true, and if it were true,
you would admit to this sensational allegation. – But, Bruce Lee was at your apartment… uhh… had
a problem… that was real, right?
– Yes, it was real.
– So what happened that night? That day, the situation was… uh… He and Mr. Chow
came to my apartment together to discuss the
screenplay, which was the Game of Death. Then, It was decided that I would star opposite to
Bruce. Then, who’d guess that he really played the Game of
Death, not even me. Then… uh… discussing the screenplay, he
complained of a little headache. So I gave him one
headache tablet, and then he said he’ll go to my
bedroom to rest. Then… this is a very simple situation isn’t it? I
didn’t know he would die. If I knew he was going to
die, I wouldn’t say, oh you’re ok, just take a rest. – Right.
– Right? It’s very normal, and suppose if your friend
came to your house, Mr. Ho Bee, your house and said
his head hurt you would let him rest wouldn’t you? – Aha
– Right? And his… uh… doctors said his body was
in top condition and kung fu was so powerful. Couldn’t dream of a possibility that anything would
happen to him right? So I let him rest for awhile.
Then he… – I thought I should turn off the bedroom light too.
– Mmm. Thinking to let him have a comfortable nap. – A little bit later, I had to call him, couldn’t
wake him, so I immediately called the doctor…
– Oh oh. – Like that.
– So at that moment, he…
– He was already in a coma. When Bruce was resting, you and Mr. Chow were still,
still discussing some things and had no idea what
had happened. – Of course. How would I know.
– Right.
– Afterward, you went to him to talk about something
and then, then, then realized that something grave
had happened to him. That’s right. Now, when I see people sleeping I feel
scared, to be honest. – It could be anyone.
– Slept, and can’t wake up anymore right? No, I mean it’s just unfathomable. This is… this
is very… not… I want to know what happened. – The reason right?
– Right, why did it happen? I mean, a person so
healthy going to bed, napping for a little bit and
then the worst happens… and not waking him yet. This, in my view, I think the stress I suffered far
exceeds the average person by a lot. These past 10 years, I won’t ever forget. Yes. That’s why, this one point I spoke with my
associate on earlier in the day is that from the bottom
of my heart I admire Ting-Pei is for this reason alone. Because deep within your heart carrying an incredible
amount of stress to your mind and spirit for 10 years,
you still have the same courage and continuing to shine and grow and now, people are saying you’ve become more beautiful.

98 Replies to “Rare 1983 Betty Ting-Pei Interview on Bruce Lee Death

  1. @MrTamerlan1980 I don't think she didn't want to help Bruce. She just had no choice in that moment. She probably was under the influence of a chemical substance and tripping when Bruce was overdosing. if she had called the hospital, she would have implemented herself and then the big dangerous question of all would be asked: who is the supplier? So she called her personal doctor instead and Raymond Chow.

  2. @MrTamerlan1980 Betty had said she became a drug addict after Bruce's death, dealing with schizophrenia, depression and death threats by fans of Bruce. The result of her drug abuse led to brain damage and severe memory loss. She converted to buddhism to overcome the addiction. But, what I believe is she was a marijuana user already, as was Bruce. So where does the poison theory connect to all this? The marijuana was probably laced with a stronger, harder drug unknown to Bruce or Betty.

  3. @MrTamerlan1980 That's the point I was making. She didn't call immediately was because she was still high. At that time in the 70's, doing drugs in Hong Kong was a serious offense and with her being a celebrity, it would've been scandalous, especially with Bruce Lee dying in her house. So this is where my belief of her acting out of panic rather than for the sake of saving Bruce's life. This is only my opinion, sadly, the truth is only with her.

  4. @MrTamerlan1980 Yes she was frightened, by who? Possibly Mr. Chow. Also Betty wouldn't dare to tell my version of her using drugs at that time because she was still working as an actress, and her reputation was at stake. So she waited over 30 years later to tell about her drug addiction. However, the drug addiction was dealing with the aftermath of Bruce's death.

  5. @MrTamerlan1980 I wrote more on Raymond Chow on my Facebook page that I'd like you to read. Other users also shared their opinion on Mr. Chow and unanimously they believe he is the prime suspect. Go to the Bruce Lee in Preserved Dragon Facebook page and find in the Rare Photos Album, Linda Lee's letter to the Hong Kong media. Read the comments and you'll know what I really think of Mr. Chow, Betty and Bruce.

  6. @TamerlanKuzgov Didn't Betty make that horrible movie, Bruce Lee and I? Even that couldn't help her popularity. Also, her career ended in 1985 when she quit the movie industry. If it wasn't because she was on drugs at the time, then what reason was it not to call for an ambulance immediately? Murder? Please tell your reason. And if was murder, how did she expect not to be the prime suspect?

  7. @TheRiobezerko I believe things happened as she had told but details such as Bruce appeared sleeping and couldn't be awaken seems illogical to me. Why? Because instinctively, an adult should know if a friend is dead or not. Don't you think she would've placed her ear to his heart and listened for a heartbeat? If there was nothing, and no response from opening his eyelids and shaking him, then what else could it be?

  8. @TheRiobezerko Yes, if you're in a darkened room and your friend peeks in probably wouldn't suspect anything but sleeping, however, Betty tried to wake Bruce she said, and since she couldn't, had to call the doctor.

  9. Come on guys she wasn't That bad. She was just having an affair with bruce and got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time when he died of that weird brain swelling.

  10. @martendep I suppose they also forgot he had already an 'attack' weeks before his death? If I knew my friend had such an attack I would be extra carefull if he feels ill after this!! (just my opinion on this)

  11. @Nonnel81 Right, he suffered an attack at the studio about three months prior. I'm not sure if Betty knew because it seemed that nobody, not even the media had knowledge of that incident. On top of that, Bruce stayed in hospital in France for a week as told by Raymond Chow, the day after his death.
    So by the time Raymond had reached Betty's, I believe Bruce was already dead.

  12. @AtorTheFlyingEagle To my knowledge there seems to be no commentary from Linda regarding Bruce's alleged affair with Betty.

  13. @martendep Some source I read said she came out with it in detail from a radio interview a year or so ago. There was also mention of a potential tell all book in the works. Would be interesting to hear the response from the other side.

  14. @AtorTheFlyingEagle right I've read about that too, but I won't trust those reports until I hear from her own words on admitting to the allegations.

  15. I've been pretty lucky to find these gems I think. You know, it'll be great if TVB broadcasts these rare footages relating to Bruce on the anniversary of his death. I'm sure it'll bring them high ratings…

  16. it's obvious she deosn't want to talk about it, it's publicity for bruce.

    Bruce should NEVER get involve with this chic, she's pioson, she's a bad omen for somebody like bruce.

  17. I just think its so sad that one of the most inspirational men on the planet of the last 100 years is dead. and he died at his peak, at the top of his game by a silly little headache tablet. apparently it produced a Cerebral edema (brain swell) This woman Betty ting Pei might be telling the truth or she might be lying but she is the only woman in the world who knows why Bruce passed for sure and maybe she is telling the truth but we might never ever know. Rest In Peace Master Bruce Lee. <3

  18. I really think she was lying.. this portion of the shows, seems pre-plan. and her eye contact is so… unnatural. It was known that if one's eye ball moves towards the top right, means that one is lying. not sure how true though, but when she was 'repenting' saying how uncomfortable this incident had brought to her these years. definitely shows her honest truth…

    I guess she had underestimate the media attention that this incident could have brought to her. all the way.. till today.

  19. Yes, she was clearly lying… after ten years, having had quite a long time to tell the same story over and over again, which have always been suspicious to the majority to begin with–she still gets tongue-tied… smh

  20. I don't know how Betty could live knowing that she was the one who caused Bruce Lee's death by giving him the pain killers clearly not prescribed for him.

  21. is she telling truth or not only she knows….to me what makes the most sense and whats truly believable is that they slept together !

  22. Ding Pei has much more integrity than these scum-bag interviewers. Imagine what this woman has been through at the hands of the shit HK press, and still, 10 freaking years later, they ask her this kind of low class crap.

    Some things never change in HK.

  23. Devemos perguntar a Linda Lee Cadweel o que ela acha disso tudo, alias, ela naum acha nada, ela sabe de tudo… deveriamos perguntar tbm o que a sra. Linda Lee fala sobre o sr. Adrian Marshall, bem, casos ao acaso…

  24. Shes obviously lying dude… Every1 knows about the affair already… YEt shes still trying to cover it up.

  25. Yeah she literally killed one of the most loved and highly praised human being, who had such a huge influence on many different areas. Such a shame.

  26. fucken liar!!!! she gave him some antibiotics that mixed with bruce's back pain medicine causing a bad chemical reaction in bruce's brain chuck norris says it himdelf look it up he says it and also says if people ask that is what happened..but why did she give him antibiotics she knows the truth it sounds to weird

  27. I'm BL's super fan and she doesn't look very good, but at least it was good death.. It's not easy to die while doing night sports

  28. Everyone kind of looked for a scapegoat & someone to blame for Bruce's death & Betty unfortunately filled that void. Everyone knows Bruce was Porking Betty, and even before any Porking went on, they had met and friends of Bruce's said he thought she was very Porkable.  The cause of Bruce's death is still unknown or cannot be pinned down to one factor for certain, the hypersensitivity to aspirin (Equagesic) seems unlikely.  Everyones Physiological make up is different day to day. Bruce's Estate / Family still want nothing to do with Betty and will never mention the Porking sessions that went on between them, it has been over 40 years forgive & WALK ON!

  29. KEEP LOOKING AT HER E Y E S… Maybe they are saying something, or maybe not…Either way…I am a Bruce Lee fan from the sixties…And if there is one sad truth we can all learn is that if he had been home with his wife Linda…The first thing she would have done is call, AN AMBULANCE…Not Raymond Chow,,, Think about it… To conclude…Bruce Lee was a great man…May GOD rest Bruce Lee in peace…

  30. Would people please stop spreading rumors and conspiracies without actual facts to back it up.

    Its likely this woman is telling the truth, atleast the part about giving him the pain killer and letting him rest in her bed.
    Poisons, dim maks, triads, and raymond being involved and all that rubbish is just that; rubbish. especially when you look at the logic and motives(or lack thereof).

    Raymond is still an asswipe, but I see no reason for his involvement in Bruce's death.

    Whether Bruce and Betty had sexual relations….Im not gonna throw it out the window. lol

    But on that fateful night, Her only fault was that she did not call the ambulance first…she called Chow.
    But it is my belief that Bruce was already dead before she even came to wake him up.

    In her defense tho, In panic situations, people often dont think rational.
    Just like MJ's doctor didnt think to do CPR with him on the floor, he did it with him on the bed……

    You cant say its a conspiracy and a plot to kill someone(famous people specifically) when someone around the dying person does something irrational in a state of Panic.

    Now the only thing ill give you is that the official cause of death by the pain killer probably was not the cause of his edema.
    Why? because he suffered the same Edema symptoms in a May collapse incident of that year and there was no aspirin found in his body during his physical after that may incident but there was hash found…

    The docs(with the limited technology they had) may have thought it could have been the hash in his system(which was found on BOTH occasions of his edema; May and his death)that may have caused his edema but due to some financial and insurance situations and claims with bruce and family, it may have led them to cover up the "illegal drug" aspect of Lee's death and instead go with the aspirin thing.

    Then there is the latest suggestion that Bruce had an epileptic seizure that night and it(along with other health factors) caused his edema.

    These are all educated guesses and suggestions based on the facts and evidence given in his medical and autopsy reports.

  31. Bruce Lee was poisoned by the triad hired by Raymond chow. They used this woman Betty to do the set up and poisoned him with arsenic b/c Bruce was gonna leave Chow for Hollywood after enter the dragon.

  32. All it takes is 25 seconds to see the evil eyes and know what she truly did and what she has held inside her soul. Anybody can have a good story but eyes do not lie.

  33. Her story maybe creditable because Bruce Lee had fainted once while filming Enter the Dragon and was taking to hospital. Doctor said had he came 10 minutes late, he would have been gone. They diagnosed him as having edema. Bruce remembered he was in a well and hearing his wife calling his name and that was when he woke up. SO two months later, same thing happened and was too late this time.

  34. She said she didn't have an affair with him yet 7 years previous had made a film called Bruce Lee and I where she has sex with Lee

  35. When someone dies and the only witness waits waits and waits before calling the emergency, how can it not be a murder?

  36. Bruce Lee died of a brain aneurysm caused by glioblastoma(brain cancer).His Hong Kong doctor never bothered to run an MRI on him the first time he passed out in may of 1973.If he had,he would have found a cancerous mass in his brain.He had brain cancer people.No conspiracies needed.His massive weight loss and passing out twice in a month were classic symptoms of brain cancer.Myth busted.

  37. Whatever happened that night, what happened on the last hours of Bruce Lee, it’s either she knows the truth or she was used to do such things. If she happened to know the truth behind Bruce Lee’s death, karma is real…

  38. keep in mind that bruce kept complaining of a headache. one day actor yeung sze (muscular guy from Enter the Dragon) pay Bruce a vist at his home and found Bruce training with a electrical machine with its cables connected around his head that produced electrical shocks. perhaps that what killed him.

  39. I think a lot of people missed what she said in another interview when she was a lot older she said "how could i refuse him he was so special". bingo.

  40. Bruce Lee collapsed of exactly the same thing 2 mths earlier he barely survived that Betty ting nower around that day

  41. No tears …No nothing it is obvious this fucking lady name Betty knows exactly what she was doing back then her apartment room with Bruce Lee. Just look at her ugly damn face. Are you going to tell me that she's is telling the truth ??? BS… And I don't believe anything this woman is saying to them is true on TV. In it looks like those guys believe anything what Betty is saying to them. They are not even serious at all…when they are asking questions to Betty, cause I see little bit smile on her face when she speaks about what happen to Bruce Lee, At the end
    we all know exactly how Bruce Lee died. She's the one that poisen him…but I guess she's so stupid to admit that on Television. It is so obvious that she's fucking lying on TV. Daaaaaaaaah !!!

  42. Betty' s eyes are suspicious, Bruce Lee died when he was working in Hong kong film industry. Bruce had a meeting with Raymond chow and Betty, after meeting Bruce went to Betty' s house and started complaing of headache, betty gives pills, after taking pills Bruce goes to bed for sleep. After someiime Raymond calls Betty.and suspiciously inquires.about Bruce lee. As Bruce lee was not waking up she calls Raymond instead of ambulance, Chow arrives, checks Bruce lee was dead and calls for ambulance. This is conspiracy

  43. Well bruce lee did or did not had an affair with her ?? She said that Bruce wanted to have an affair with her like he had with the blond actress from enter the Dragon ( words of   Betty Ting Pei) know is this true? ??

  44. She actually called Chow before the doctor and wasted a lot of time. Also, Chow had left the apartment and wasn’t there discussing the script when Bruce went for a lie down.

  45. Bruce was murdered by advance biochemist to spike his drinks or food, and kill him slowly deteriorate the nerves system , finally it hits the brain! Bruce was too perfect for Raymond chow to lose to Hollywood! Better Bruce die!!

  46. That is very rude to assume Bruce Lee was the sexually frivolous type. There isn’t objectifiable evidence that he was the type to cheat albeit everyone believe Betty Ting was his mistress. Can’t a guy have girl friends? Or even have a clean work relationship with a female colleague? I’m willing to consider he might have maybe hugged or peck a few girls but in the movie industry that is to be expected (friendliness). But my understanding being of someone with family from Hong Kong.. that Cantonese people are usually open and direct about their honest thoughts, and mean no disrespect…but I personally feel it is disrespectful even if is consider normal banter over there

  47. Like so many great man in history Bruce Lee died in the arms of a deadly woman. Woman are deadly remember this kids. Love and respect your wife’s but never trust them 100% , woman will stab you in the back and take everything from you, even your life, thats their nature. Only woman you can trust is your mother.

  48. Who make joke & laugh at such sensitive Matter of death of legend & shamelessly Admit too my idol,urgh! Disgusting to see that chilling manner

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