Rapier & Dagger Stage Combat : Rapier Fencing Cross Parries

So our next move in our fight is going to
be what is called a cross parry. That’s using both of my weapons, like so, to block an attack.
You can do these down, or up, to the side, or to the other side. It doesn’t matter. But
for our fight, I’m going to be going up. So I’m going to be going to the high center line.
So, if you recall, she just, I just bind, binded her over there, and so then she’s going
to attack me, and I’m going to cross parry the high center line. Now when I got this
here I pretty much have control of her blade, so I can do that, and get it out of my way.
So now this opens up all of that for me to attack. I could do whatever I want at this
point. I can lunge at her, I can slash her head, I could do whatever I want because I
got her blade out of my way. So if we do it again, if we start from the beginning of our
fight, En Garde, get eye contact, advance, two, five, quase, three, bind, cross parry,
quase. And now I’m ready to attack her, which we’ll do in our next clip.

6 Replies to “Rapier & Dagger Stage Combat : Rapier Fencing Cross Parries

  1. Most of the "techniques" for "sword fighting" or "self defense" i have seen come out of Expert Village will get you killed. Look up their idiotic demonstration of how to block a baseball bat with an extensible baton. I can think of a few reasons in seconds why that is a horrible…HORRIBLE idea, and it's not listed as "Stage Combat."

  2. It looks cool, which is great on stage, that's exactly what you want. You want it to be dramatic and tense, but please don't come into a HEMA fencing class and try this, to put it as democratically as possible; it just does not work in any situation.

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