Rapier & Dagger Stage Combat : Movement in Rapier Fencing

So now I’m going to show you some of the different
techniques and ways that we move when we’re fighting. If you want to start you want to
get in your stance. So you’ve got yourself all, all low in your center, and then what
we have, what I’m going to show you first is what is called an advance. It’s just where,
simply move forward. With your lead foot forward, you never switch legs, so I’m just advance,
advance. Now, do the opposite, it’s called a retreat. So I simply go back, back. That
is what’s called a retreat. So we have advance, and retreat. Then we have what’s called a
pass forward, which is where you switch which foot is the lead foot. Simply, pass forward.
Pass forward, and then the opposite would be pass back. Pass back, pass back. Both work
wonderfully, you’re going to be using both throughout the entire, throughout our entire
fight. We also have what’s called an avoidance. If someone is going to slash at my head, I
want to get out of the way, right? So I’m going to avoid, so that it doesn’t hit me.
I can avoid right, and I can avoid left. I can, there are so many different avoidances,
if she cuts at my stomach, I can avoid that way. If she cuts straight at my head, I can
duck and avoid that way. So, what have we learned so far? We’ve learned advance, retreat,
pass forward, pass back, avoid. And now we can begin our fight.

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  1. I teach fencing and you'd be amazed at how often people mess up these steps. Especially in the heat of battle.

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