Randy Couture Clinch Techniques & Cage Takedowns MMA Breakdown Highlights

Randy Couture, one of the pioneers of the
UFC. He came into the game already with accomplishments in folk style and
greco-roman wrestling and these allowed him to lay the foundational elements of
what a good wrestler would look like in mixed martial arts. While starting out
shooting blast doubles, his greco-roman influence led him to develop an active
clinching style that used a lot of dirty boxing techniques. His dirty boxing
system is an area I will analyze in a future video, so please subscribe to the
channel if you’d like to see that. For now let’s look at his takedowns and cage
techniques. One of these techniques is what I like to call the bump and dump
and I consider it a fundamental takedown to know against the fence. Based off a
double leg takedown position you use the natural flexibility of the fence to
generate momentum to help off balance and lift your opponent in the air. This
is achieved by driving your energy into the opponent and the cage which will
force them to be rebounded back towards you. When this happens you use that
generated momentum to help lift their legs out from underneath them securing
the takedown. This can be achieved from running your opponent into the fence
from a distance or by stepping back and bumping into them if you’re already
pressed against the cage. When clinching against the cage Randy would prefer to work for double underhooks high across his opponent’s back and neck secured with an S grip and lifting their arms in the air to then chain this together with
an inside trip. The high under hooks open the opponent up for knees to the
floating ribs and may also force them to react to the lift by trying to drop
their weight down which will assist in the takedown. The high under hooks also
prevent the opponent from being able to defend by securing a tight over hook or
Whizzer and the extending of their body helps off-balance them for the trip. If they have a foot posting off the edge of the cage then he would look to trip It with
the inside trip across the back of their calves but the trip itself could be
performed from the over-under position. Another option Randy used from the high
double underhooks is to twist his opponent’s down onto the mat stepping in
and lifting his under hooks to load his opponent’s hips on top of his own he
could then twist his upper body in a steering wheel like motion that would
spin his opponents onto the ground. Instead of double underhooks if he had
an over-under body lock position against the cage he would now look to grip low
on his opponent’s back to capture control of their hips he would
then look for a step around throw where he would step around to his underhook
side and place his knee behind his opponents then rotate their body over
the blocked knee to complete the takedown. One more option from the body lock is
the twisting suplex where he rotates the upper body while stepping in and
twisting with his hips here he is performing it from the back against Tito
Ortiz. If he had to drop his level he would look for a high crotch takedown
this is where he would squat and join his hands together then step in to lift
he would make sure his hands are locked high on his opponents thigh so that when
he’s lifting its their hips he’s lifting into the air and not just that leg, once
in the air he would look to step around behind the opponent and put his head on
their chest to knock them all over the positioned leg so that they fall backwards
to the mat. And while we’re talking about dropping levels and takedowns how can we
forget about the classic low single that Randy hit against James Toney to
completely avoid the boxers punches. From the early days of the UFC to the modern
era Randy was able to use his wrestling base to challenge all comers and take
him to the UFC championship title in both the light heavyweight and
heavyweight division. He set the standard for what a wrestler
boxer should look like in the Octagon and laid the foundations that many after
him have followed. In the future I will do a deep dive taking a look at his dirty
boxing clinch so please subscribe to the Youtube channel so you don’t miss out. I hope you
enjoyed this look at Randy’s cage techniques please comment down below
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  2. I hope people are keen for the future instalment of the dirty boxing analysis? A lot of subtle movements so it will take me a fair bit of time to go through all the footage.

  3. I think you missed the main reason he was so successful with takedowns. It's the pummeling in the clinch to get his opponents moving that setup his takedowns. Great video on the technical aspects of his takedowns.

  4. Randy Couture was an absolute anomaly! The Ultimate cage fighting warrior badass nonetheless! And yes mr. Brown I just subscribed to your Channel and so far so good thank you and I look forward to the dirty boxing analysis

  5. In a real street fight…he would beat his opponents with ease…all he has to do is just throw them opponents with them greco-roman slams to the concrete floor and thats it buddy LMAO

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