Radio Swords Cuba’s DIY fencing equipment | Arriba Cuba

DO IT YOURSELF – CUBAN STYLE) It’s no secret that
fencing is an elite sport. It is very expensive, so we have to be imaginative and find ways to
fix the equipment. This is the armoury where the swords are repaired. Our goal is for the athletes to have all the
resources they need to practise their sport. Sometimes the weapons are not exactly
how we would like them to be but it gets the job done. For example, the top part from
a broken stereo, we recycle it and use it
to fix the electrical plug so the athlete can
continue training. Given our situation,
we lack resources. Most often, we find a solution so the training and
the competitions can go on. Our sport is Cuba. I’d say nothing can stop Cuba. (FENCING

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  2. The fact that they have to fix their weapons by recycled parts shows how dedicated they are to the sport, as a fencer the equipment is really expensive, so this should motivate and inspire everyone in their sport to never give up. Thanks Olympic channel.

  3. Mí nombre es henrit planos proll soy profesor de esgrima de North Carolina y recuerdos mucho los años de esgrima en cuba

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