Quando a Criança Não Leva Jeito Para as Artes Marciais

Many parents and teachers of children, when they realize that a child is not developing as expected get frustrated and sometimes end up believing that the child has no way of doing the given activity. I am Jeronimo Marana, martial arts teacher and in this video I’ll explain what to do when it happens; Many children, sometimes, just can’t keep up with class development, their teacher and parents see that he/she can’t concentrate, understand the exercises, can’t do it and end up believing that the children doesn’t have the “gift”. This is very common, people say “oh, he/she doesn’t have the God’s gift, that child doesn’t have the gift, has no way of doing it”. Of course is much more comfortable for the teacher saying that the child has no way than ask him/herself about whether his/her work has being done correctly. But, anyway, parents and teachers so frequently believe that the child has no way of doing that, so he/she can’t do it right. But, I want you to stop thinking like this from now on because it doesn’t exist, it is a myth. There’s not God’s gift, there isn’t something like a child who can handle something and another who can’t. Stop believing it from now on. What happens are 2 things. When a child doenst have any disorder, deficit, sickness or syndrome affecting learning, development and growth, what happens are 2 things. One:he/she’s not being stimulated correctly or maybe his/her maturation happens in a different time. Well, let’s go slowly, step by step, first I’ll talk about stimulus. What happens is that many children sometimes doesn’t receive enough simulus for his/her development. Stimulus in this case has nothing to do with motivation, I’m not talking about motivation [stimulus in Portuguese sometimes means motivation]. I’m talking about activities that stimulate development of certain abilities and also activities that stimulates growth, because when we exercise we stimulate liberation of certain hormons that helps growth. So this is what I mean with stimulus. So, related to stimulus I’m gonna give an example from my family. In the maternal side of my family, almost everyone plays an musical instrument or sings. And in paternal side also may relatives has a very good relationship with music. So me and my sisters grew up being exposed to music for our whole lives. It made us easier to learn music related to other peopl, we developed an musical intelligence beyond other people who didn’t have this stimulus. So all of us play something. One of my sisters is singer and guitarrist, the other plays piano and flute, I play guitar, sing reasonable, even if you want I can put a link to my other channel, which is a hobby, about music just for curiosity. Anyway, we developed this intelligence for music, so we have better ears, we learn music easier that other people who didn’t had this simulus in childhood. And it works with everything. In the school, for Math, for History, football, it works with everything. If the children is exposed to simulus to develop a given ability, it can be martial arts or some other thing, she/he will learn easier because she/he will develop this intelligence. And also the problem, which is not a problem actually, can be related to maturation, because children doesn’t mature, doesn’t develop at the same time, so if we take several children in the same age, for example 6 years old, not all of them are in the 6 years average. Some will grow and have a development… A development and growth under the avergae, for example, 5 years old even though theirchornological age is 6 years old, and some will develop above the average of the age. So, a child can be 6 years old, but be as developed as a 7 years old, as high as a 7 years old, 7 years a hlf kid, for example. So, maturation happens in different rates, no one grows and develop at the same time. Each one has his/her own time and this time needs to be respected. So children can’t stop receveing simulus, their parents can’t just take them out of a certain modality, take them out of martial arts if they like it, just because they think they can’t handle or can’t learn. No, children needes to keep receiving stimulus because maybe they take longer to learn because of the time of maturation, which is different to each individual. But it doesn’t mean that because their learnig curve is higher, that is, they take more time to learn, they will develop less. Because so many times it happens that those children who develop faster reaches a point of stagnation and doenst’ develop much more than that, while other children who take longer to develop ends up developing more throughout the years than thos who develop faster. So the point is not that the child doesn’t have the God’s gift for that, it doesn’t exist. What happens is related to simulus and maturation. So, parents must to pay attention to check whether teachers are respecting the children time and teachers must check themselves wether they’re giving the stimulus that children need. And the best way of knowing whether teachers are doing it or not is talking to a professional of physical education, specially someone skilled in teaching of children and watching my channel’s video’s. So, subscribe to my channel, thumb up if you liked this video, leave me your comments, questions and share this video so that it reaches other parents and teachers who work with children. And if you think is worth transmitting this video or some other of this channel is in other countries and you know another language, you can add subtitles through the links in the description. So that’s all, I’ll end up here. Thank you so much for watching this video ’till the end and I wait for you in the next. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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