Punching Drill to Improve Timing for Self-Defense

Hey. It’s Ando again from SenseiAndo.com. Today, I want to talk–what? Oh, the black eye? Yeah, I know. Well, you should see the other guy. Actually, he’s just fine, that dirty [BLEEP]. Anyway, today I want to talk to you about timing. You’re no fool. You know that timing is the secret to landing punches, kicks, and
takedowns. Now, I’m not just talking about the timing between you and the bad guy, I’m
talking about the timing between your own hands and feet. Today, I’m going to show
you a really simple drill to help you build that connection between your hands
and your feet, so you’re really aware of what’s going on. When you build up your
awareness, you gain more control. When you gain more control, you’re going to have more success. Of course, if you’re not interested in success, then ignore everything I have to
say. Okay. There are three basic ways you can time a punch, or really, any hand
technique. Foot-hand. Foot and hand. Or hand-foot. Let me show you what I mean. Foot-hand means that you would step
first, shift forward, then throw the punch second. So, foot-hand. Foot and hand means that they will travel at the same time. Step and punch. Step and punch. Same time. Hand-foot means you would send out the punch first and then shuffle in your body behind it. So, hand-foot. Now, don’t get the idea that one of these is better than the other. These are different tools for different situations.
But you can’t use any of them if you can’t do them. So, here’s an easy way you can practice all
three. Practicing in the air is just fine, but if this is the first time you’re
running this drill, I highly recommend that you find a bag or something you can hit. That way, I
can feel and hear the exact moment when my hand makes contact. For the same
reason, I’m going to add a stomp every time I step. I want to be able to feel and hear that
exact moment when my weight shifts. That will keep this drill really clean and
really honest. So, let’s say for example, we’re just throwing a punch here. So, we’ll start off
with foot-hand. Open up that timing a bit, so, 1-2. You can tighten that up a little bit. Now, we’ll do foot and hand. Those two sounds, in my brain, I’m trying to get those things to land at the
exact same moment. And then of course, hand-foot. 1-2. And then you can tighten it up. Once you feel comfortable with your punch, well, then go ahead and try every handstrike you know. If you’re feeling really crazy and you don’t care about your brain, I suppose you could even try foot-head, foot and head, head-foot. But I don’t recommend that. Traditional martial
artist can practice the exact same drill when running through kata and forms. Say
you have a movement where you turn and drop a fist. Well, you can do that three
different ways, right? You could do that as foot-hand, you could do that as foot and hand, or you could do that as hand-foot. Typically, beginners are taught to lead
with the foot and then follow with the hand. Why? Well, because it gives them a
sense of balance and structure, and now I have the confidence to really throw my power into
this technique. When you throw the hand first, there’s a tendency to knock yourself off-balance and now I’m not in a good position for follow-ups. But over time, if you practice,
over time, you will develop the ability to throw your hand out and have your body
snap into position no matter what’s going on. Now, that’s not so easy to do. The trick
here is to lead with the hand, not lean with the hand. That’s most people’s
natural tendency. I’ve talked about this before in my video, “How to Land More
Punches.” If you haven’t seen that, I’ll put the link below. Make sure you check it out. When you feel
comfortable throwing an individual technique with all three timings, then
it’s time to kick it up a notch and start throwing some combos. How about some
shadow boxing? Set your timer for two or three minutes. Pick one of the three timings. And then
have at it. Just throw every hand technique you know with that one timing. Then run round two and round three with
the other two. Same thing with kata. Pick a kata and run it three times in a
row. First time, lead with your foot on every movement. Second time, have your hand and
foot land together. And the third time, lead with your hand. The funny thing is
you’re probably already using all three of these timings, you’re just not always
aware of it. That’s the problem that we’re trying to fix here. The goal is to
know exactly what you’re doing at all times, so that you can set rhythms, break
rhythms, and do the right moves at the right times. As I said, awareness leads to
control and control leads to success. So, get up and try this drill. Start building up that
awareness and that control. And hey… be afraid of success. Only be afraid of
sucking and dying. And that’s all I have to say about that. Hey, if you liked that tip, don’t forget to hit
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and keep fighting for a happy life.

45 Replies to “Punching Drill to Improve Timing for Self-Defense

  1. very good video ! I always see your videos. they are awesome and very useful and helpful ! 🙂 Keep making good videos! thank you, sensei ! 🙂

  2. Great video Ando! Very important topic! Could You do a video about distance in a fight? Thanks! Greetings from Brasil!

  3. Only be afraid of sucking and dying?
    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Sorry, but I picture something funny everytime I read that.
    Here's a hint of what I imagine: Adult Entertainment.

    I know, I have a dirty mind.

  4. Man, from all the Self-Defense videos i´ve seen all over youtube, you´re the first instructor that comes up with a black eye, lol… that makes one think you´re totally legit… not saying the other channels im subbed are not, but man you talk the talk and walk the walk.

  5. simple yet affective I train alone so these type of tips help a lot Do you mind sharing your take on distancing or angles My footwork drills are lacking

  6. can you do a full punching bag drilling with all the important/useful techniques, please?
    Thanks, sensei (courtesy bow)

  7. Wow… this info is absolute gold! It's been almost a year since you posted it, and only 9.1k views? Damn shame.

    Then again, most people are into hip and stylish moves that make them look cool, as opposed to actually skilled, so I really shouldn't be surprised. Ah well… humans.

    Thanks for this, Sensei!

  8. Thank you sensei. This is all very helpful teachings. The world of kungfu and MA is still new to me. Videos like this help guide me.

  9. In boxing i always thought that you had to do the hand+foot variation or else you 're doing the step jab wrong . Thanks for clearing it up for me

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