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what’s up guys. be very welcome thank you for prestige, by the presence here in the channel you who are martial arts lover like me, were watching our channel, thank you. this is the Full Fight channel. is it guys. Today, once again Kung Fu with teacher Nando Lee. now the guy goes to a student showing In practice, step by step Kati which is a basic kati Kung Fu, what is called the 10 basic hand. It will be a step by step and then it will apply to the actual speed, which … Then you put in the comments what you think. okay? go to the video ?! This is a kati kati the second phase of Kung Fu, called 10 basic hand. is a work area with, coupled with a basic scams prepares cleaning … 1 : defense against attack, and the other side. 2 defense and breaks the arm, and the other side. 3 defense against attack … other side. 4 defense with kick, the other side. 5 … defense against attack other hand … 6 cleared … jump … striking the ground 7 defense and fast break the other hand … 8 defense down, advancing basic eight continued… 9 He defended … jumps creeping down … defense and counter attack, pulls air breathes. greets. and then personal, like it? Teacher Nando Lee, thanks again … thanks for the confidence in our channel on Full Fight channel if you like, share, subscribe in the channel … leaves her like in the video, and is it folks. thanks for always strengthen, Until next time, the Full Fight channel.

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  1. Eu que agradeço todo apoio e dedicação do canal em mostrar o melhor das artes marciais …. E para galera inscrita estamos organizando outros vídeos de alto nível como este aguardem e continuem acompanhando !!!!!!!!!!

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