Preparing Psychologically for Fear & Violence | HOW to FIGHT

so we’re trying to deal with violence and this is the whole point of what we’re looking at the mental side of the mental preparation for that I’d like to make a significant statement your training doesn’t have to be as realistic as you think it does it’s about the emotional side that it that it elicits and this is where I want to introduce this here it’s a simple idea here and it gives you the idea exactly what I’m talking about it’s a performance versus arousal graph so to explain performance performance could be anything it could literally be your ability to kick a ball to throw a ball to punch the fight in this case we’ll talk about fighting so performance we’re looking at your ability to fight and defend yourself arousal is a technical term within psychology but we’ll refer to as focus intention and alertness and I’ll come back to what I mean by that when we’re talking about how to prepare how to fight but generally as the model works and is a very simple model to explain if for example you are under aroused so say you’re here then as a general rule of thumb your performance is going to be quite low so the other extreme of the of the model if you’re over aroused okay you also find that your performance will also be quite low so in layman’s terms if I’m having a fire and I’m facing off against someone basically over aroused okay over stimulated basically excited maybe too aggressive you’re probably fine then this is quite a reliable model that you won’t perform too well in that fight you’ll drop the ball you’ll get punched in the face something will happen you’ll get distracted and likewise if you’re under aroused as you’re half asleep you’re standing there the guys in your faces I’m going to go step up to me you know he’s like and then because you’re under arrest for sake up bang catches you quite quickly and this is again you’re not alert okay you missed that level of alertness so ideally to be able to fight and defend yourself you need to be in this region here you get a higher level of performance so your ability to fight but you’re not essentially over or under or over over aroused but you’re in the optimum point of performance so this is where ideally and this is what we’re going talk about today ideally you want to be in your training so let’s come back to my original point that I started with that your training doesn’t have to be as realistic as you think if for example I don’t know we pour this knife and this isn’t a real knife it’s a wooden knife but this is going to stir this is going to be the point I’m making I give this to my partner two things can actually happen in training I can face the knife I think well it’s a wooden knife is not real and then I’ll be back to this point of the of the model are we under aroused so essentially I’m thinking I was not real try to stab me of we have hearted my defense or half-hearted and how I get to the to the knife but then if we look at the other extreme if I keep my partner a real knife then the risk is that I will be on this end of the model and then I’ve got to fight and flight syndrome so the issue really is about getting the balance of it it’s just a mental issue it’s not a physical issue it’s not about standing there someone punching you so a couple of things I often say to my students and I see this a lot I don’t know if you will agree when we’re in the class but since I’m punching for example in Wing Chun one of the things we tend to do is we tend to punch the air quite a bit bang bang bang bang bang and one of the biggest problems you’ll see is that guys are looking around are they just throwing their hands for no reason literally throwing their hands for no reason and they’re just sort of looking around and they’re punching and this is an exercise as a movement whereas where’s the mind-body link because when you fight it’s about getting your mind to switch on and act with your body and you’re essentially conditioning yourself but because if you watch any of that any material that we’ve released if you throw a punch me for something ok 1 2 3 4 5 I always move one actively with intention I never move and go like this look around slow pace it there’s always an intention I won’t say a venom I don’t want to hurt my partner and the reason being is because you have to be in this position of the model when you’re moving you have to have focus you have to have intention and that is sense alertness so my focus is my focus on what I’m doing if I shadow boxing whatever I’m moving I’m not just popping throwing my hands out thinking about what I’m going to have boom for dinner when I get in what’s on TV what I’m thinking about is hitting a person I’m thinking about getting weight to my hands I’m trying to get myself to the optimum point of arousal where essentially when the punch comes in doesn’t matter body is one and I’m moving to I’m actually switching on so the general point of what I’m trying to get across it’s not what you do this is the biggest problem now people say well this martial arts better than that Marsha it’s all rubbish you can have the best martial art going but if you do not train in a focused way with a focus intended way to apply what you want it will not work and when you’re out there in the street that guy he doesn’t care you don’t care what you do he’s just coming for you so the point is is to try to level and it doesn’t matter what you do to this point of the model you

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  1. What a great video. This was very informative, and in my opinion rings 100% true. Thank you for posting.

  2. Could you do a video explaining the concept of the Mushin mental state?
    My old Kenpo teacher told me stories about it and how it was simply unbeatable.

  3. I have seen some of your videos and I am impressed with what you teach…It reminds me of a scientific approach and continually refining the art.  Excellent sir.

  4. I think the best part of this video is when you realize that the guy in the beginning fight is wearing a thong, lol

  5. Really great quality videos! One of the very few youtube channels that aren't lies.
    When I am on a real situation I feel as I am useless, that if I punch it wont hurt the attacker and that my whole plain will fail and I am going to end up dead, as a dude who trained for years martial arts I don't know what to do. Thank you in advance

  6. Great video. Focus, intention, and maintaining a sustainable state of optimal stimulation are key factors to excelling in pretty much most things, I find- whether it's in your work, yoga, competitive sports, or martial arts.

  7. I love these videos. They are intelligent, practical ,and extremely helpful.
    When are you going to visit Southern California?

  8. Great video, people tend to really under estimate the physical aspect of fighting, which is arguable more important than the physical aspect. Cus D'Amato once said "boxing is 75% mental and 25% physical" I'm sure the same applies for street fighting.

  9. Besides practice is there a key way to avoid forgetting what you were taught? Does that come with experience? Why do you got to get beat up a couple times to not be forgetful. I don't mean forgetful but letting emotions getting to you? You know that saying punch a black belt once he becomes a brown belt punch him again he becomes a red belt and so on and so fourth.

  10. Cool videos fight science. I was wondering what's the best way to fight if you have asthma? took martial arts many years and sometimes when we sparred it started to bother me. also any tips on self training for reflexes? thank you sir

  11. some of my school friends think im a psycho cuz when i get in a fight i bite or SCRATCH WELL EVER HEARD OF YA MUMS SAYIN DO WHATEVER YOU CAN IN A FIGHT TOM WIN (im 10 btw)

  12. yes,it is like you said. you have to concentratet and be focused. not only in fight. like Bruce Lee said. if you don't think you'll gonna make it , you won't make it. I think it's got a lot to do with your thoughts. in everything 😉 sorry for my English is not the best 😉

  13. New to watching your videos, great attention to detail and well explained throughout, topped off with a trademark smile. If I was in the UK I would look to train with you. Keep up the great work guys

  14. Yes indeed you do have to be in a fighting mind state in order to perform regardless of what your style of fighting is. But to add on to what was already said in the video I think a person should physically work themselves up to the reality of fighting by shadowing boxing with that fighting mind state. Next hitting that punching bag(real contact) with that fighting mind state. Later play boxing with a partner(no physical contact, but building & or testing reflexes, speed, and etc.) with that fighting mind state. And sparring with that fighting mind state in which this and all of the above should build up confidence, and comfort with the ideal & practice of fighting.

  15. I am gonna go into a fight very soon against someone who is much stronger and we both have no experience in fighting styles, any suggestions on what to do and not to do? ( the fight is inevitable so don't say try
    and avoid it, I already tried )

  16. good video.. makes sense.. and yes there is no martial art which is superior to another, it's how you train your mind and body. I've seen people who ve been training for years freeze in a street fight. forget about knocking the other person they failed to defend themselves in that situation.

  17. if ever i learn a martial arts. And i want to know if i can apply it as a self defense on the street. Do i need to get in trouble? i mean i want to test my skills in fighting and chances of survival. i have basic knowledge in Taekwondo only a Yellow belt during college. i just once get into a fight. when i was highschool hand to hand and i win.the second is i threat by a knife with someone i know. but i know he dont want to kill me. sorry for my english. its not my 1st Language. also im 24 now and dont have much time to enroll and promote my belt.

  18. man its simple. If you know that the brawl its going for real and not just verbally , hit first , hit hard , hit fast , and hit the fucking chin .
    If you are lucky or good the guy goes ko and you get the hell out of there . If not just hope can outskill or outpower him . So go train your ass

  19. I trained hard I felt ready alert not to stimulated. I just checked my graph to see where I was on the spectrum and I got knocked the fuck out.

  20. when that adrenaline kicks in (and I mean fear)some say it's the stamina that to fight physically mentally and psychologically,your mind and body has to be prepared, like it was expected it.The normal reaction is to run,but only few face it.

  21. I really appreciate this video sifu, psychology is a huge factor in being able to defend yourself and also the most challenging even with years of training.

  22. The problem is I've trained in a martial art for 9 years but I never felt confident using it for real even though we did learn some useful techniques.

    Even though I'm pretty flexible, and gained knowledge I know my fear would totally freeze me.

  23. These fucking tamarraw are far too aggressive and violent in my village, its hard to spar with em they hard as fuck

  24. Ok. I really like this video, but… I want you to address the concept that Gary Blauer is publishing in his Spear defense. Sometimes he is connected with Crossfit. He is capitalizing on the fight or flight response. He wants to win the first two seconds when violence is initiated in order to proceed to use the WC or BJJ or whatever training and performance tactic we have. He asks why do people have arm wounds when attacked by knife? Because our flinch response is fast enough to intercept a stab or slash. Interestingly, to me his "spear" reminds me of a Man Sau and Wu Sau . His spesr is a flinch inspired bridging technique. It sounds so very WC lile to me, and I would greatly like to see some dialogue with his concepts from a WC perspective. Hey, if you can handle Master Wong on your tube, why not get Blauer as a guest?

  25. How do you defend yourself from someone who has nothing less in mind than killing you when you have no desire to kill the other person? Do you have to be a remorseless killer in order to survive?

  26. Very informative! I have ADHD and am often on the far end of that graph as over aroused. I do better when I'm drunk, now it makes sense

  27. I am living in China and just an hour ago some girl in a bar wanted to take a picture with me and a really drunk aggressive guy who didn't like that threw a bottle which bursted on the wall just above my head. His friends held him back immediately and i got out safe, so nothing bad happened, but I was genuinely scared at that point. I don't want to fight over such a benign thing, I have done some Wing Chun in the past and still practice my forms and wooden dummy and friendly sparring, but I am a peaceful person who lives a very relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, so that fear I felt that moment kinda made me think that I really should learn how to cope with fear more. Thanks for the video!

  28. I get over excited and so much anger to the point where I want to just KO someone and ofc it gets obvious and they at least can evade it or block it because I am so easy to read, Im over confident of my strength so I tend to under estimate anyone till I'm provoked enough or even hit, I worked on changing that and I did but I found that any fight that I have lost before is due to psychology only.

  29. It's not the martial art or whatever art you train. It's really how you train. I like your point on that one. Street rats know this for sure and will use it. The color of the belt is for holding up your pants. Thank you.

  30. … you wrote "aLTerness" on your white board instead of "aLerTness" … but still your tutos are brilliant. Thanks you're a great teacher. I was wondering : have you done any on de-escalation ?

  31. Thank you sir..that's so very true..i was blessed to have an awesome teachers in both my styles and they said and taught exactly what you just demonstrated…thank you again…and for your videos

  32. @Fight SCIENCE:
    I feel two things when I get into fight and I want to know why –
    1. A twisting in my stomach, mainly lower abdominal area
    2. A burning sensation in the back part of brain and neck joint
    And I always feel ok let it go, instead of throwing the punch which I regret later. How can I overcome this? Any suggestions and explanation please.

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