Pregnant Dog Escapes Over A Huge Fence To Follow Her Owner | Kritter Klub

one two Leads an escape sneaks and secretly re-sets another escape.. Kaiser Soze dog, Sani Owner: Sani, you were waiting for me You’re so mature. You didn’t cause any trouble a prick of conscience;; But! one two one two All Sani does after escaping is just.. without even blinking staring at him..? When Sani couldn’t see very well hurriedly A little bit closer.. Hey ! How did you get out?! Ended up getting caught;; The truth is.. “Your dear Sani is the leader of this escape” Shocked!!! Owner: I never imagined Sani could jump from such a height. What if you break a leg! You! You! The bigger problem is..! Owner: Sani is not alone. She’s not alone squirming there are babies inside! With such a heavy load and risking such a great danger Why would Sani escape..? Owner: Sani really likes me I faced a lot of hardships and Sani was great at being there for me She has a great personality and seems like she can even read my mind.. The two were always together But as he got busier and their time together decreased perhaps Sani started escaping because she wanted to be with him.. sneaking Following She quickly follows I guess so, She wasn’t sleeping after all The good news is! Sani’s deep love towards the man will naturally carry over to the puppies after Sani gives birth..! Vet: The fetus is very healthy the decrease in amniotic fluid could indicate that she will give birth soon This is so cool Bang bang A space for pregnant Sani Thank you.. A few days later, A wonderful news! Sani gave birth to cute puppies that look like her.. Sani~ Stop escaping! Live happily with your babies

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  1. Hermosa Sani leal y amorosa con su dueño, NO le gusta sentirse lejos de él. ??? así son las mías 3 tanto me siguen que casi me hacen caer a veces.???

  2. 다리 다칠까 조마조마 해요…정말 대단한 아길쎄~~~~영리하네~~~뱃속의 아가를 생각해서 자제 좀 해주면 안되니^^*

  3. He is such a kind owner…I am happy to see such wonderful people and my blessings to the man and the dog and the puppies…stay happy and blessed always…and this is called beautiful life…

  4. Solo vi el principio pero como pueden grabar como salta desde arriba de la reja y no hacer nada pudo haber caido mal… ????

  5. Emocionante a relação da canina grávida com seu pai(responsável) e as fugas escalando as grades termina tudo bem e de forma mais linda e emocionante ainda. Parabéns canina fofa,que nosso Deus te proteja muito mais na nova moradia com seus filhotinhos e seu pai digno ser humano que soube retribuir tanto amor,bênçãos em suas vidas ???????????

  6. Melhor programa…amo saber que vocês são ?❤️? amáveis ,protetores e amigos das criaturas mais bacanas que já conheci os gatos, ??cachorros, coelhos, pássaros… parabéns pelas atitudes … todos os meus animais são de condição de rua…

  7. What an adorable dog Sani. Shows her unconditional love for her parent. Yes. He's her loving and caring parent. May they be blessed by our almighty God.

  8. ?lindos demaissss! O dono e a cachorrinha…lindos! Parabéns pelo seu amor e cuidados….esses são realmente nossos amiguinhos de quatro patas!?❤⚘???????????????????????????⚘?❤

  9. Yo creo q deberìan esterelizarlos a [email protected] en especial a esta perrita.. yà està viejita para q siga teniendo bebès es un peligro xq se desgastan mucho se descalcifican y ella ya no puede màs..

  10. Dogs are extremely special loving and faithful to those who loves them ????Love is always sooo beautiful ???

  11. O amor desses anjinhos me comovem. Ainda bem que ela recebe carinho e amor também. Assistindo em 30/7/19.

  12. Her life was not complete when she didn't see her owner time by time so that she escaped from their cage. The two souls are connected to each other.

  13. O por Dios ? cuando la vi hacer eso me dio terror de que se golpeara su pancita. Pero gracias a Dios el veterinario dijo que todo estaba bien ?gracias por cuidar de ella en sus últimos días, están hermosos ? los baby's ?

  14. Ya tiene que cuidar de los perritos ella sabe que que tiene que alimentarlos ?????????????????♥️♥️♥️♥️

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