Praying Mantis Kung Fu Blocks : Praying Mantis Kung Fu: Low Circle Block

My name is Wes Rhodes. I’m from the Chinese
Kung Fu Academy for Expert Village and this is how to do the palm block in the preying
mantis style. And the palm block is done moving the arm from the outside to the inside using
between the knuckles and the heel of the palm to block a punch. When they do a punch the
idea is to block between the wrist and the elbow and guide the punch past you. When you
do the palm block you want to make sure you pass the body so that they don’t hit you and
you want to make sure you don’t move too far past the shoulder because you don’t want to
push their technique out of the way. As they punch, just guide it past you. Do one more
slow. Slow, o.k. And do one kind of fast. Very easy. The palm block again should be
used in succession with many other techniques. You don’t always just block. The idea is to
be able to block and then counter, using any technique. You can use punch, kick, knee,
whatever you like. But in order to be able to counter you must first block. So you always
practice this block as much as you can. You can use a mirror. You can practice this by
yourself. Just make sure you do a smooth technique from the outside to the inside, outside to
the inside. Stay relaxed, keep your shoulders down and don’t get too excited. Just stay
loose. And that is how you perform the palm block in the preying mantis style.

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