Hey girls, nice costumes! Oh, thanks Billy, you too! What are you?? I’m a pirate! Uh, Zack, what are you wearing!! I’m a power ranger! You can’t wear a power ranger suit for Halloween! See! I’m not the only one. Zack, you can’t wear an advanced highly tactical suit of immense power out on the streets for trick or treating! fine! I though you might do this, so I came prepared… try this on. Whoa! That was fast!! Cool, I’m a pirate! but, I’m a pirate! Hey guys, Cool costumes! we match!!! GREAT! anyone seen Tommy?? Hey guys, I guess I didn’t get the memo about coming as a pirate…. Trick or Treat! Aaaah, you guys are sooo cute! Thank you! Trick or Treat! Such adorable little children… You better enjoy your candy.. While you can…. Happy Halloween! Now Shew! Hey, isn’t that where the Tarr family lives? Yeah, I thought so, that new woman really creeps me out… Hey, don’t say that! she’s really nice! Do you know her Tommy?? Ummm. NO, I just think we should be more respectful to our elders. YOu’re right Tommy, hey guys, we’re almost to my house!! Sweet! mom said she would make us hot chocolate and cookies! What! Lets go! Halloween should be everyday… What? Stop crying, or you will be next… Hi guys! How was trick or treating?!? good, great, amazing! good, well how about some hot chocolate and cookies?? yeah!!! You can sit here Tommy… Oh, Thanks! OOOh, I want the cookie that looks like a ghost! I got a pumpkin! Why can’t ghost tell a lie? Cuz you can see right through them! You guys aren’t that bad! Not that bad?? We’re the best! Did someone tell you otherwise?? Uh, no….I was just saying… Halloween is my kind of Holiday! laughing and cackling… Dude, check it out! I got a present for you…A Skull for Skull, get it? Tommy…I need you now… Tommy….I need you right now!! guys, I gotta go… Thanks for hanging out!! do do do do do do do do…..creepy…. But still really cute… I’m refreshed, time to get this bucket filled! Why stop with one bucket, when you can fill two!! Tommy left his! Whoa, why is everyone staring at us?? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…. Can’t we get a night off?? Run!!! Whats going on?? They seem to be under some sort of mind control… Don’t hurt them too much, they are just kids!! it’s not them I’m worried about!!! I’ll get Bulk and Skull I’ll get captain America! I’ll get Darth Vader I got Batman! I guess Igot the T-rex! Oh crap… what happened? where am I? Where are we?? They are starting to come out of their trance! How are we supposed to explain this one?? I don’t know! Lets go! Hey guys, it’s our park! This is where it all started.. race ya up the slide! Who’s that?? Dude, that’s a sweet power ranger costume! Zack, are you ok?? What the heck just happened? Is he under some sort of mind control like the other kids?? No, there is something different about this one… Jason, what do we do now?? We fight! I was hoping you would say that! whoa, dejavu totally.. Now can I wear my power suit?? Yeah, I think this qualifies… It’s Morphin Time! Mastadon pteradactyl triceratops sabertooth tiger teranasaurus finally, you’ve morphed, now I can defeat you at your full power…. I don’t know what your problem is man, we didn’t do anything to you! Yeah, who are you anyway? I thought it was obvious! I’m the green ranger! Wait, there’s a green ranger? Zordon never told us about you… AAAAh yes, Zordon, the interdimentional demon… Once I defeat you , I will destroy Zordon and save the earth! Save the earth from who?? We are the ones saving the earth! You lie! NO more talking, we fight NOW! By my calculations, your odds of success is less than five percent! We’ll see about that You messed with the wrong team! We’re the power rangers! You guys are better than I thought you would be, but you are evil, and I will destroy you!! I don’t know who told you that, but we are NOT the bad guys… Empress Rita told me you would say that. I’ve heard of Rita, she’s that evil witch Zordon warned us about. Your lying, she’s not evil! excellent Tommy, now…finish him! Let go of him you big meanie!! We’ve got your back Jason! You can’t beat us all, because we are a TEAM! Where’d he go? He’s gone! I though we were the only rangers… great, an evil ranger…do you think there’s more? How many more could there be? Well, there’s already green, maybe purple orange, fulvis…. fulvis! That’s not even a color! is too! What’s wrong Jason, you ok? burnt amber, magenta, white turquoise, brown… There’s something familiar about him, I feel like I have fought him before…. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the green ranger…. That was SO pathetic! I should have never given the green power coin to a child! Do you even comprehend the consequences of your failure! I almost had them empress Rita! Why did you stop me?? I stopped you because you failed! You are weak, your not ready! NO, I am! You had the chance to deliver a finishing blow to the red ranger, but you blew it, you hesitated! Why did you hesitate!!!! Maybe we can capture them, and teach them! Teach them the truth, Like you taught me! That is impossible Tommy! Because they are evil! Evil must be destroyed… Do you understand?? They just don’t really seem evil…. They were really nice to me! I want to save the earth from the clutches of Zordon and his evil power rangers…. These kids who seem nice, are under the influence of a demon from another dimension… and you Tommy… you want to save the earth… don’t you?? Yes Empress Rita. I’ll do whatever it takes to save the earth. YESSSS! Now, you are ready! Take this dragon dagger. Take it… and your training will be complete. and you will be MINE! This is too easy! Perfect. Thanks for watching episode 4! Check out our awesome new merchandise! Just click the link in the description!

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